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Tax Update 2013 Ronald N King CFP® Head: Technical Support Services PSG Wealth.

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1 Tax Update 2013 Ronald N King CFP® Head: Technical Support Services PSG Wealth


3 National Development - 10 Point Plan 1.A social compact to reduce poverty & inequality 2.Address poverty, by access to employment, social wage, public transport & rural income 3.Professionalise the public service 4.Boost private investments in labour intensive areas 5.Improve education 6.National Health Insurance 7.Public infrastructure investment @ 10% of GDP 8.Environmental sustainability 9.New spatial norms & standards – redevelop cities 10.Reduce crime

4 How is it funded? Personal Income TaxR306bn Companies TaxR170bn Dividend TaxR 23bn Property TaxR 9bn VATR243bn Fuel LevyR 45bn Electricity LevyR 8bn Custom DutiesR 42bn Excise DutiesR 34bn Other TaxesR 18bn TOTAL TAX REVENUER898bn increase 10.86%

5 Personal Income Tax


7 In Summary: 45.6% of Personal Income Tax comes from 5.5% of taxpayers Or 15.5% of Total Tax Revenue comes from the salaries of 0.7% of the population

8 Excise Duties Malt BeerIncreases by 7.5c to R1.08 per 340ml can Fortified WineIncreases by 19.5c per 750ml bottle Unfortified wineIncreases by 15c per 750ml bottle Sparkling wineIncreases by 56c per 750ml bottle CidersIncreases by 7.3c per 330ml bottle SpiritsIncreases by R3,60 to R39,60 per 750ml bottle CigarettesIncreases by 60c to R10,92 per packet of 20 Pipe tobaccoIncreases by 32c to R3,54 per 25g

9 Medical tax credits & deductions Tax credits increased from: R230 to R242 for taxpayer and 1 st dependant R154 to R162 for each additional dependant Deduction of so much of aggregate of medical aid contribution in excess of 4 x tax credit and all expenses not paid by medical aid that exceeds 7.5% of taxable income For disabled persons medical aid contributions in excess of 4 x tax credit as well as all expenses not paid by medical aid Persons over the age of 65 are still able to deduct all of their medical expenses

10 Interest Exemptions Interest Exemptions increased to: R23,800 for under 65 R34,500 for over 65 Probably capped at this level 2015 will see the introduction of Savings Investment Plan where growth within the fund as well as withdrawals will be tax-free. R30,000 contribution per annum and R500,000 over life-time. Once withdrawn cannot replace Will play an important role in financial planning

11 Retirement fund contributions The date is still unclear Might also see some future changes in final legislation Contributions to all retirement funds will be deductible up to the highest of 27.5% of taxable income/remuneration or R350,000 Contributions not deducted will roll over to following year. At retirement will increase tax-free lumpsum Remainder deemed to be deduction against pension

12 Preservation of Retirement funds At resignation all money must be transferred to a Preservation fund Will be allowed to withdraw 10% per annum of original investment Withdrawals from retirement annuities are also being considered After 2015 all new contributions to a provident fund will be treated the same as a pension fund Retrenchment still taxed similar to retirement

13 Trusts Trusts are again being targeted In stead of the abolishment of estate duties steps will be taken to prevent estate duty avoidance through trusts The flow through principle of trusts will be removed Distributions from offshore foundations will be fully taxable in the hands of the beneficiary

14 Foreign exchange profits Taxation of CGT on exchange profits have changed from 1 January 2013 for natural persons and non-trading trusts On direct investments the currency profit/loss is not taken into consideration On asset swap transaction the currency profit/loss is taken into consideration

15 Foreign exchange profits Invest R1,000,000 at exchange rate of 10:1 After 5 years the investment has grown from 100,000 to 120,000 Exchange rate now 20:1 Direct Investment:120,000-100,000 = 20,000 profit @ 20 = R400,000 Asset Swap:R2,400,000 – R1,000,000 = R1,400,000

16 Other changes Income protection policies will no longer be tax deductible Re-insurance loophole to be closed Reduction of debt by way of a donation will no longer have a CGT effect Small Business Corporations will now have a R20m turnover threshold. Their tax brackets have also been improved substantially Donations above 10% can be carried over Removal of means test for old age grants will result in changes to primary and secondary rebates in 2016 Hedge funds will be regulated as CIS, but their earnings will be revenue

17 Other changes Green taxes Carbon tax to be introduced from 2015 CO2 emissions tax increase Plastic bag levy increase from 4c to 6c per bag Incandescent bulb levy from R3 to R4 per bulb Fuel levy now 26% of pump price VAT payable on all foreign digital purchases

18 Questions? Ronald N King PSG Wealth

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