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SAP System.

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1 SAP System

2 SAP System Architecture
Dispatcher Queue ICM Memory Pipe SAP Web AS Java Web Browser HTTP, HTTPS SMTP, SOAP, XML,… SAP GUI DIAG SAP Application Server(SAP Instance) Web Dispatcher M Queue SAP Buffer (Shared Mem) D D B V S E G Oracle Informix DB2 MS SQL Server MAX DB Database Server

3 Starting and Stopping SAP System

4 Starting SAP System

5 Start SAP : Windows Server

6 Windows Service : SAP/Oracle RDBMS

7 SAP Start Process

8 Starting SAP System : Windows Server

9 MMC DEV Start DB right-click send message via name-pipe SAPDEV_00 read
Startup Profile strdbs.cmd msg_server.exe disp+work.exe sapstart.log SAPDEV_00 (service) read Start alert_DEV.log DB (if not) dev_ms Message Server read dev_disp Dispatcher Default Profile Start Instance Profile Start dev_rd Gateway Start dev_icm ICM dev_w0..w<n> WPs Connect DB DB

10 SAPDBA (Release <= 4.6C)

11 BRTOOLS (Release >= 4.7)

12 Start SAP : Command Line
C:\startsap name=<SID> nr=<System Number> SAPDIAHOST=<Host Name> Example : C:\startsap name=DEV nr=00 SAPDIAHOST=sap

13 Remove/Reinstall SAP Service for Windows Server
Remove SAP Service C:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\exe\run\ntscmgr remove SAPDEV_00 Reinstall SAP Service C:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\exe\run\ntscmgr install SAPDEV_00 -b c:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\exe\run\sapntstartb.exe -p pf=c:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\profile\START_DVEBMGS00_sap

14 Start SAP : UNIX Server

15 Starting SAP System : UNIX

16 Starting SAP System : UNIX Server

17 DB $ startsap start startdb script read sapstart Start
SAPosCOL(if not) alert_DEV.log startdb.log startdb script Startup Profile msg_server disp+work read startsap_DVEBMGS00.log sapstart Start dev_ms Message Server read Default Profile dev_disp Dispatcher Instance Profile Start Start dev_rd Gateway Start ICM dev_icm WPs dev_w0..w<n> Connect DB DB

18 Checking Oracle Database Status using brtools

19 SAP Work Process : ps –ef | grep dw

20 Starting SAP Options : UNIX Server
Startup Database Server $ startsap db Startup SAP Instance $ startsap r3

21 Stopping SAP System

22 Before Stopping the SAP System
Check the status of List users : SM04,AL08 List Active processes : SM50,SM66 Send a system message : SM02

23 Stopping SAP : Windows Server

24 Stopping the SAP System : Windows

25 Stopping SAP System : Windows Server

26 Stopping SAP : UNIX Server

27 Stopping the SAP System : UNIX

28 Stopping SAP System : UNIX Server

29 Stopping SAP Options : UNIX Server
Stop SAP Instance $ stopsap r3 Startup Database Server $ stopsap db

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