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What you need is Swift and the e-generis communication solutions Swift R3 Product presentation  Menu.

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1 What you need is Swift and the e-generis communication solutions Swift R3 Product presentation  Menu

2 2 The new SME’s stakes w In today economic world, the competition changes and the technologies evolve always quicker. w The customer is an advised consumer and becomes the focus point of the companies concerns. w Markets are more and more open w The new technologies stimulate exchanges and competition.

3 3 The new SME’s stakes w The customer is the focus point of the company concerns ► The loyalty The customer’s loyalty is one of the first company concern. In the today world he is more and more attracted. It is important to know them to be able to answer their needs, to anticipate it and avoid the failure in the commercial relation. ► The satisfaction have the best customer relation Provide the best customer satisfaction to the customer : from the first pre-sales contact to after sales one.

4 4 The new SME’s stakes w To handle with the best customer relation, the SME’s need tools that: ► give to the customer the first position in the organisation. ► customised the commercial relationship ► improve the phone greetings and extend the business hours. ► optimise the resources.

5 5 The new SME’s stakes w Mobility ► The nomad period it is possible today to be reached anywhere and anytime, to communicate worldwide No to be reached seems to be a nonsense ► To be closer to the customer in a world where internet and the virtual office is part of daily life, the nomad workers can stay connected to the company and to customers. customers wants to reach the company at anytime.

6 6 The new SME’s stakes w Costs and audit needs ► Audits needs The SME’s do not have, in their staff, telecoms specialists. The SME need partners which provides the best customised solution for them with the best price. ► Cost control Each investment is caculated in relation to its return. THE SME need to control and understand their costs.

7 7 Swift Innovations w The power of the «object» technology ► A half dozen of patents ► New concepts ► original software technologies w A very flexible architecture ► Rich and flexible operating scenarios ► Applications that fit into the specific needs of the companies. w Basic and advanced features for the users With Swift, each call gets an answer

8 8 Swift Innovations w A very high features level ► User concept ► Advanced calls operating system ► Very powerful routing plate-form ► Multiple Applications for each company w Specific Integration ► Announcements card MAC ► Messaging card M500 and high capacity M1000 w Windows Administration software w Architecture open to the future ► Integrated TCP/IP, Call Center, Portable software to an other hardware platform

9 9 User concept w The user is not anymore linked to a phone User An user can have several dedicated voice terminals ► Manager A voice terminal can be dedicated to several users ► Hot line Phone An user can be linked to a phone ► Administrative people An user without a dedicated voice terminal ► Sales person

10 10 User concept w Each user has : ► A call number ► A name w Each phone has: ► A call number ► A name Attendant 2001 James 301

11 11 Which number should I dial ? I call a place with the phone number I call a person with his user number User concept An user is not a phone

12 12 User concept 2 kinds of user w The declared users’ ► A user can be linked to 1 to 3 phones with the same number (Duo/Trio) ► Up to 4 users can be linked to one phone. w The nomad users ► Temporary Connection/disconnection ► Only one ‘nomad’ use on a phone ► 3 nomad connections for one user w Properties linked to the user ► Properties of the user declared ‘prioritary’ ► Properties of the last connected nomad ► Properties: ringing, mailbox, coverage, etc...

13 13 Phone dedicated to a same multitask user MO-23-JAN 15:35 For Marketing MA-23-JAN 15:35 For Sales Call for Mary, on the marketing division the DID number Call for Mary, on the sales division DID number User Concept Multi-task work w Calls related to a specific feature can be identified. w A did Number can be associated to an user to display call information.

14 14 User Concept DUO/TRIO/DECT w 2 or 3 phones can be dedicated to an user, he has a wide mobility within the company Mr White can be joined with a single number on both phones N° 302

15 15 Mike’s coverage Mo-23-JAN 15:35 for Mike Phone dedicated to several users MO-23-JAN 15:35 For Mary Mary ’s mailbox Mike ’s mailbox Mary’s coverage User Concept Call Coverage w Each user has his own call coverage The call coverage is related to the user and not to the phone

16 16 User concept Absence A user is declared absent in the system, his calls will be re-routed with the coverage ‘absence’. Coverage on absence Coverage on no-answer or busy Present Absent 3 Absence modes management ► forced by the system ► forced by the user ► According to the schedules

17 17 Call foward Basic forward Receive here (« Follow-me ») Forward activated from the user ’s phone. This user wish to froward his call to another destination Forwardactivated Forward activated from the phone where the user wants to receive his calls. Forwardactivated

18 18 Call list w The last 10 calls received by an user, a group or an operator group. w Can be set on a button 0241562389 1 Next? Jones 2 Next? Call Back? MO-08-JUL 12:15 Next? TU-09-JUL 08:05 Next? Call Back? OK, Caller call back Call date and time Number of calls received from this caller OK Caller name (if registered in the directory).

19 What you need is Swift and the e-generis communication solutions Mobility

20 20 User concept Internal mobility w To be free to work anywhere ► The user can log on any phone ► He will receive his calls anywhere he is w Free to be «nomad» ► The nomad user can connect when he is in the company location ► The user has customised announcements, a mailbox... ► This feature is very useful for a sales person or for a remote worker.

21 21 User concept Nomad Connection w Nomad Connect or disconnect ► Connection and disconnection are made with a pre-set button or with a display proposal validation MO-23-JAN 15:35 NOMAD ? User number : 4221 4221 MARC Code : **** NOMAD ACTIVATED ►Marc ’s DID incoming calls will ring the phone (external DID and internal) ►Marc ’s outgoing calls will be made with his own rights (restriction, CDR,…)

22 22 User concept External mobility w The user, even if he is most of the time out of the office, exists in the system. w He gets, with a single number, all the system ’s feature. ► Supervised external forward to a mobile ► Call coverage scenarios ► Customised announcements ► remote mailbox management

23 What you need is Swift and the e-generis communication solutions Call Management

24 24 Call on L02 For Mr Masker Call coverage Mr Masker is on line, the call is re-routed to the Mrs David Phone, then to his mailbox Mr Masker did not answer, the call is reoriented to his mobile, then to Mrs David phone. Mr Masker is not in the office, the call is routed to his mailbox. Mr Masker Mailbox Busy Absence Mr Masker Mailbox No-answer

25 25 Call distribution ACD Applications For each need, a specific call distribution Evenly Most idle agent Iin a cyclic sequence Even call distribution All simultaneously Response speed In an adminstered sequence According to the experience level

26 26 3 Welcome announcement Patience Announcement On-hold music We apologise for the waiting time, please hold the mine, we are looking for your correspondant Welcome to e-generis, Previously Avaya...  You will be connect with our technical support  Please hold the line, we try to connect you….  Announcement card MAC w PCMCIA Announcement Card ► 4 ports - 12 announcement synchronised of 1 minute ► Remote announcement modification ► Waiting list management ► Several diffusion ability ► Excellent audio quality ► Bell Labs technology

27 27 M500 Messaging w PCMCIA voice messaging card ► 2 ports - 28 mailboxes ► 100 minutes recording ► Only answer mode or answering/recording mode ► Automatic attendant ► Excellent audio quality ► Bell Labs technology Good morning, you have reached John ’s mailbox, sorry I can not take your call, for any emergency press0 to join the attendant or leave me a message after the tone.

28 28 Messagerie M1000 w 2 basic ports, 4 and 6 ports with hardware addition w 200 voice mailboxes w Hard disk: + than 100 recording hours w 4 automatic attendant on 2 levels w 99 announcements for each automatic attendant w Large feature diversity ► out-calling, transfer, diffusion lists ► Excellent audio quality w Bell Labs Technology The only one high capacity messaging system in the market!

29 29 Messaging Calls takeover w Answer mode only or answer/recording mode according to the mailbox user choice Hello, you have reached Mary ’s mailbox, I will be on vacation until August the 25th, please call Mike at ….. Good morning, you have reached Mike ’s mailbox, sorry I can not answer your call, please leave me a message after the tone, I will call you as soon as possible...

30 30 Messaging Calls takeover w The caller can, during and after the greeting,: ► join the operator ► be transfered to another phone. Good morning, you have reached Mike ’s mailbox, sorry I can not answer your call now, in case of emergency press 0 to speak to an attendant or leave your message after the tone... Hello, you have reached Mary ’s mailbox, I will be out of the office till the 25th, press *8 41 to reach Mike ’s phone.

31 31 Welcome at Transitco Press  for the airfare Press  for the boatfare Automatic attendant w Automatic attendant routing ► A single call number ► ACD group selection ► Information bulletin w M500 Solution ► 2 ports ► 1 level (9 choices) ► Greeting Message of 2 Min w M1000 Solution ► 2 to 6 ports, 4 automatic attendants ► 4x2 levels of de 9x9 choices ► 4x99 announcement ► Greeting Message of 2 Min Automatic attendant Number 0800... AirfareBoatfare  

32 32 Messaging Automatic attendant w Callers receive an announcement message that invites them to select the called destination or the called service. w The feature is very useful ► if the attendant is overloaded ► if a division needs the attendant feature

33 33 Welcome to e-generis, press  for the marketing division  for the support division.  for the accounting division Messaging Automatic attendant w Transfer to user or to division numbers w 9 menus available   Marketing Division Technical assistance

34 34 Messaging Automatic attendant w Direct transfer to the user, with the DXD feature Welcome to e-generis hot-line, if you know your destination number, dial # and the number, or press  for the messaging specialist press  for the IT specialist…. #41 #42

35 What you need is Swift and the e-generis communication solutions Company Applicatoins

36 36 Multi-location Company Uniform dial plan Distant factory Dial plan. 21XX Number dialed: 2187 Automatic dialjng the the whole number 02 99 84 21 87 Mike DID Headquarter Dial plan. 20XX Distant location Dial plan. 22XX The AAR feature is used to have a same dial plan and an easy number access for a company with several location.   

37 37 Multi-company Location Attendant From 2 to 5* independent companies are able to share the system (*) suivant la capacité mémoire

38 38 Mr Durant Varia Nantes 02 43563289 Paul Saumur 42 Mr Dupont Et. Leroux Paris 01 65981232 Jean Saumur 443 Ext. Numbers: xx..2550 Ext. Numbers: xx..3060 Operator call: 9 Own directory P.O. Multi-company Location w The split into the system can be total or partial ► The calls from one company to the other can be forbidden ► Dedicated Operators and directories. ► Dedicated ACD group, park group, interception and announcements groups. ► Coverage profiles dedicated to each company ► Specific outgoing trunks and trunk groups

39 What you need is Swift and the e-generis communication solutions Swift R3 System Info  Menu

40 40 Cabinets Swift Family 9 + (2x8) = 25 slots 8 slots in each extension rack 5 slotsBasic board: 2BRI + 8 phones 1 or 2 extension board from 3 to 6 access from 12 to 24 phones 13 slots no extension VS 24CS 64ACS 128CS 200

41 41 New CS200 Cabinet w 13 slots for equipment boards w 250w Supply w 13 slots available for: BRI, 8/16 PS, 8 PN, 4 PN/4 PS, E-Dect, M1000 w Specific slots : PRI in X=0 and GAA in X=1 4 PI, 4 LR, 4 PS in the slots X= 2 to 5 Only one GAA located in X=1 w Setting to optimise the capacity (228 ports) : ► 12 x 16PS Boards 192 Voice terminals ► 1 x PRI board30 trunks ► 1 x M500 board2 ports ► 1 x MAC board4 ports

42 42 Swift R3 Galilée Phone range Galilée 960 alpha Galilée 910 Galilée 930 alpha Galilée 920D

43 43 Swift R3 Solaris and DECT Phone Solaris alpha + 1 basic DSS (24 buttons) + 2 ext. DSS (24+24 buttons) Combiné WT9001

44 44 Up to 8 Stations Up to 24 handsets Radio coverage up to 300 meters E-DECT Board Handover E-DECT Board CS64/ACS128/CS200 Cabinets Up to 6 external and 12 internal calls in the same time

45 45 New ‘under windows’ Administration Software w Very easy to use w Local and remote administration w Alarms historic w Software with 3 different customised levels w Flexible and progressive Software w Under windows software setting ► At least a Pentium configuration + CD-ROM + Win95 ► New administration protocole ► No more conversation needed from a version to another

46 46 Swift R3 Upgrade From V660, V670 Software download via PCMCIA Extra large memory card (if more than 48 phones) Additional Kit Swift R3 Licence Users Documentation packs New System configuration From V600-V658 PAC Card SIMM Flash card Large and extra large memory card (if more than 48 phones) Additional Kit Licence Swift R3 User documentation Pack New System configuration

47 47 R3 : Administration and Download via TCP/IP Intranet Switch Browser & Download Ethernet 10/100 Mbps  Switch Browser & Download  Public Network BRI/PRI ISDN Adaptator Switch Browser & Download 64 Kbps TCP/IP via ISDN: available without any supplementary equipment TCP/IP via Ethernet : needs a PCMCIA Xircom and a modified processor

48 48 VSVS CS/ACS CS/ACS/CS200 1Mo1,5Mo 2Mo 4Mo Uses2450 80 250 Phones3232 48 128 / 210* Tickets01000 1000 8000 ACD Groups510 15 40 Operators Groups 22 3 5 Call Lists2025 50 100 Directory200200 400 800 DDI Numbers8080 150 250 Coverage Profiles1010 30 60 Software Capacity * 210 postes supportés par le logiciel sur coffret CS200

49 49 External numbers60100 100 300 External forward numbers 3030 60 170 Speed dial60100 100 300 ARS Schedules11 1 1 Analyse tables48 8 8 Routing tables1030 30 30 Messaging profiles33 5 10 Automatic attendant55 10 20 Announcement2020 20 20 Buttons2626 98 98 Macros3050 60 80 VSVS CS/ACSCS/ACS CS200 1Mo1,5Mo 2Mo 4Mo Software Capacity

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