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Program Management Organization

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1 Program Management Organization
Verification & Validation Summit Date: October 11, 2012 May 16, 2012

2 PMO / Test & Evaluation (T&E) Alignment
Vice President Program Management Chris Metts Executive Director Jim Eck (AJM-0) PMO / Test & Evaluation (T&E) Alignment Air Traffic Systems Vinny Capezzuto Director Vinny Capezzuto (A) Deputy Director (AJM-2) Air Traffic Systems Test & Evaluation Services Division Paula Nouragas Division Manager (ANG-E5) Enterprise Services Test & Evaluation Division Mike Greco Division Manager (ANG-E6) Enterprise Services Malcolm Andrews Director Steve Dash (A) Deputy Director (AJM-3) NVS IVSR CCS-W TVSR ATC Voice Communications Tom Culp (ANG-E64) Terminal Field Operations Support Joan Somogy (AJM-24) Terminal Automation Angel Hassan-Miller (ANG-E57) STARS LCM TAMR Phase 1 (STARS) Phase 3, Segment 1 Phase 3, Segment 2 Communications, Information & Network Programs Suzanne Styc (A) (AJM-31) N-VIT VoIP BWM STDDS SWIM Network Communications Radame Martinez (ANG-E65) Air Traffic Management Programs Jim Linney (A) (AJM-21) DATACOMM FDPS NEMS NEXCOM (A/G) Air to Ground Communications Steve Malitsky (ANG-E62) Data Communications Sandra Anderson (A) (AJM-34) En Route Second Level Engineering Steve Reynolds (AJM-25) En Route and Oceanic Automation Olethia Lawson-Brown (ANG-E58) ERAM R2 (Baseline) R3, R4 Future NextGen WAAS GPS GEAS ILS 420 DME Navigation System Verification & Monitoring Bill Wanner (ANG-E66) Navigation Programs Phil Leman (A) (AJM-32) TFMS (CATMT) Release 7 WSD-CCSD Repl. Release 8 TFDM Decision Support Programs Rebecca Guy (AJM-22) Traffic Management Systems Rich Mendell (ANG-E59) AIM 2 Alaska FSM DUAT FFSS NWP OASIS Aeronautical & Weather Services Verification Jim McCullough (ANG-E67) Aviation Weather & Aeronautical Services Programs Jacqueline Hill (AJM-33) Surface Surveillance Jeff Livings (ANG-E54) ASSC RWSL ASDE-X LCGS Power Support Surveillance Services Bobby Nichols (A) (AJM-23) Separation Standards Analysis Dale Livingston (ANG-E61) AFS & AJE Sponsors ATC Surveillance Mike Prata (ANG-E55) SBS ADS-B Natl Impl ERAM Ground Vehicle WAM Navigation System Performance L.C. Lowman (ANG-E63) AFS & AJW Sponsors Mode-S SLEP ATCT/TRACON Mod ASR-9 SLEP

3 Early Involvement

4 Integration

5 Where the Rubber Hits the Road

6 Leadership: Doing the Right Thing

7 Challenges

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