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Jožef Stefan Institute THE WORLD OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY HeadquartersReactor centre.

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1 Jožef Stefan Institute THE WORLD OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY HeadquartersReactor centre

2 1949 – Institute of Physics 1959 – Jožef Stefan Nuclear Institute 1969 – Jožef Stefan Institute Jožef STEFAN, 1835-1893 2007 – 854 EMPLOYEES Anton PETERLIN, 1908-1993

3 1. NATURAL SCIENCES 2. LIFE SCIENCES 3. ENGINEERING The mission of the J. Stefan Institute is the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge at the frontiers of science and technology to the benefit of society

4 NEW TECHNOLOGIES Production and control technologies Communication and computer technologies Knowledge technologies Biotechnologies and biomedicine New materilas Environmental technologies Nanotechnologies Nuclear Engineering

5 1,8% EU + ERDF Revenue 2007 40,817.000 EUR 9,2% EU Pro. 13,7 % Projects SI 71,6% Budget 28,4% Market 9,0% Young Res. 7,8% Projects 13,6% Overhead 4,9% Inf. programs 31,1% Programs 1,5% Services 4,0% Export 3,4% Projects CRP +Infrastructure 2007 1,150.000 EUR

6 INSTITUTE CO-FOUNDER Polytechnics Nova Gorica – University of Nova Gorica The Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School Technology park Ljubljana Erico Velenje Research Institute Valdoltra

7 RESEARCH DEPARTMENTS PHYSICS, REACTOR TECHNOLOGY, ENERGETICS F1 Theoretical Physics F2 Low and Medium Energy Physics F3 Thin Films and Surfaces F4 Surface Engineering and Optoelectronics F5 Solid State Physics F7 Complex Matter F8 Reactor Physics F9 Experimental Particle Physics R4 Reactor Engineering

8 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND ELECTRONICS E1 Automatics, Biocybernetics and Robotics E2 Systems and Control E5 Open Systems and Networks E6 Digital Communications and Networks E7 Computer Systems E8 Knowledge Technologies E9 Intelligent Systems

9 CHEMISTRY, BIOCHEMISTRY ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, MATERIAL K1 Inorganic Chemistry and Technology K3 Physical and Organic Chemistry K5 Electronic Ceramics K6 Engineering Ceramics K7 Nanostructured Materials K9 Advanced Materials B1 Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology B2 Molecular and Biomedical Sciences B3 Biotechnology O2 Environmental Sciences

10 CENTRES Science Information Centre Centre for Networking Infrastructure Reactor Centre Centre for Electron Microscopy Energy Efficiency Centre Nuclear Training Centre Milan Čopič Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies Microanalytocal Centre...

11 CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Nanoscience and Nanotehnology Materials for the Next Generation Electronics and Other Coming Technologies Environment Technologies Advanced Control Technologies



14 NANOMATERIALS – BUILDING BLOCKS FOR NEW TECHNOLOGIES nanowires nanoparticles nanotubes biological molecules fullerene derivatives


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