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SV8100 – Delta R4 –R5 Pre-Sales Support Release 5 Doc. Version 5.01

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1 SV8100 – Delta R4 –R5 Pre-Sales Support Release 5 Doc. Version 5.01
UNIVERGE SV8100 Release 5 Doc. Version 5.01

2 Agenda SV8100, from release R4 to release R5 Enhancements in:
Non-licensed items Individually licensed items : Skill Based Routing, XMLPro R5 Advanced Features licence

3 R5 Non-Licensed Items R5 Non-Licensed Items
Feature Description License IP Address Collision Alarm Checks for conflicting IP Addresses to CPU and VoIP None – Free with R5 Upgrade IP Address of 3rd Party TAPI device Command to show IP Address of device connected to 3rd Party TAPI connection of SV8100 Minibar confirmation Minibar confirmation Tones when entered on Guest phone. Gives better comfort to Maid entering items Guest IP DECT In a hotel, if a guest calls an IP DECT phone, the guest name is shown Non-licensed Item. The above items are available simply by upgrading the System Software.

4 IP Duplication Non-Licensed Items IP Duplication can cause several issues, one typical issue is one way speech. The SV8100 will monitor IP duplication of CCPU IP address and VOIPDB(IPLA) IP addresses periodically by using “Gratuitous ARP”. Alarm will be raised on duplication. ARP CPU: /09 VOIPDB(IPLA):84-26 Non-licensed Item. The above items are available simply by upgrading the System Software.

5 CTI device’s IP address
Non-Licensed Items The SV8100 will show the IP address of CTI device which is currently connected to the 3rd party CTI interface. CTI Server Non-licensed Item. The above items are available simply by upgrading the System Software.

6 Minibar Confirmation Tones
Non-Licensed Items Confirmation Tones will be given when entering MiniBar items on Guest phone. (Gives better comfort to Maid entering items) Non-licensed Item. The above items are available simply by upgrading the System Software.

7 Individually Licensed Items
Feature Description License Code ACD skill base Routing Skill based routing addition to the InACD LK-SYS-ACD-SKILLBASE-LIC BE110869 XMLPro Data Programming interface for Applications. Allows applications to read and write data. Initially meant for MyCalls and BCT (they will have free access) LK-SYS-XMLPro-LIC BE110868

8 ACD Skill Based Routing
Individually Licensed ACD incoming call to be distributed to the agent based on by skill level of the agent. Skill Based Routing can set to each ACD group. Skill Based Routing supports Normal Login and AIC Login. Priority range is 1 to 7. Priority 1 is highest priority. Priority 1 Idle Incoming Call (3rd) Priority 3 Idle Ring 3rd Call Ring 1st Call Incoming Call (1st) ACD Group Trunk Priority 2 Idle Incoming Call (2nd) Ring 2nd Call Requires BE LK-SYS-ACD-SKILLBASE-LIC

9 XMLPro Individually Licensed XMLPro is a programming interface
Allows partnered applications such as MyCalls to access SV8100 System Data, etc allows applications to self import areas such as extensions, DDI’s etc makes installation easier, ultimately approaching near self configuration. allows applications to make changes to data, so give more control from the application user. The interface is as powerful as the application driving it! System Data Requires BE LK-SYS-XMLPro-LIC

10 SV8100 R5 Enhancements Feature Description License Code IP DECT enhancement 2nd Call (Call Waiting), CLI on Transfer. Makes IP DECT Phone more usable. LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC BE110867 NetLink: Multi-SIP carriers Allows multiple SIP carriers (number to be determined) when using Netlink. Gives local breakout and resilience possibilities Callback to Cell Phone Mobile Extension enhancement where SV8100 calls back allowing cost free calls from the mobile (call charge is against SV8100) Memo function related to incoming call list Allows up to 84 digits to be displayed against an Abb-dial . Give a kind of value screen pop, by giving some details on the phone. Name history of outgoing call Name (+ number) rather than just number in Outbound history on phone Automatic Access to VM by Caller ID If a user calls into his mailbox from external (CLI matched) then bypasses request for mailbox and password, jumping straight to your messages. KCCIS callback Can perform a callback (campon) over KCCIS Paging Enhancement (VRS) Allow recorded VRS prompts to be used for paging All above items are included in a single purchasable License : R5 Advanced Features.

11 SV8100 R5 Enhancements (continued)
R5 Advanced Feature License Items Feature Description License Codes Transfer of un-dialled ISDN lines Allows an operator to give an outside line with relevant toll restriction to a extension. LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC BE110867 Call-forward on one key. Allows multiple forward keys with preset destinations to be set as keys. Key light if in use. Note: The R5 Advanced Features is a new concept. This Bundles of features is enabled by the purchase of a single license. Each future version of Software (Major release) will have an Advanced features license. Each new version will also enable any features from previous advanced feature licenses. For example R6 Advanced Feature Licenses will also enable the features in R5 Advanced features.

12 IP DECT 2nd Call Indication
R5 Licensed SV8100 R5 will support a 2nd call indication. Whilst on a call a tone can be heard, the answer button/* can be used to toggle. 2nd call 1st call Ext B Ext A AP 2nd call (Indication) Requires: BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

13 IP DECT CallerID after transfer
R5 Licensed Currently the transferring party number is displayed to an IP DECT phone. SV8100 R5 will support the original CallerID display after a call transfer for both Supervised and Unsupervised transfer. AP PSTN Caller ID: 297XXXYYY Ext100 Caller ID: 297XXXYYY Requires: BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

14 NetLink: Multi SIP Carriers support
R5 Licensed SV8100 R4 or lower supports one SIP carrier connection per system. R5 will support multi SIP carries with Netlink. NET LINK NET LINK SIP Carrier SIP Carrier A Primary Primary SIP Carrier settings are independent each other. SIP Carrier B Secondary Secondary Requires: BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

15 Call back to Cell Phone R5 Licensed
Extending the Mobile Extension functionality remove outbound call charges. One ring Any call charges are billed to system Number matched in Speed dial bin and system Calls Back Answer and receive dialtone Note: Digital trunks only. Requires: BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

16 Memo related to incoming call list
R5 Licensed This function can display pre-programmed information when incoming caller ID matches Common speed dialing. The information can be displayed automatically or key operation while ringing/conversation. ・Up to 84 characters.(28char x 3line) ・The information can be edited by PC programming or Web Pro. Incoming Call matches with CallerID entry LINE 001 1st SMB Group System data Additional data (Abb Dial) Text 001 Addr:XXX ABC St., Dallas, TX Store:2010/2/12 Press right key to see extra memo info Addr:XXX ABC St., Dallas, TX Store:2010/2/12 Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

17 Name history of outgoing call
R5 Licensed Pre R5: Name was only shown as for Incoming history. This new function can display Speed dial name (Default) or Speed dial name and Extension name for outgoing call history. Pre R5 R5 Match to Common speed dial REDIAL-01          0312345678   ↑   ↓   Store  DEL REDIAL-01      ABC Company          0312345678   ↑   ↓   Store  DEL REDIAL-01                  234   ↑   ↓   Store  DEL REDIAL-01        James                  234   ↑   ↓   Store  DEL Match to Extension Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

18 Auto Access to VM by Caller ID
R5 Licensed This function enables automatic log in to pre-programmed mail box when incoming caller ID matches Common speed dialing. You have 7 messages PSTN Number matched in Speed dial No need to enter mailbox number and password Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

19 KCCIS Callback R5 Licensed
This feature allows an extension to set KCCIS Call Back when the extension dialed across KCCIS is busy. When this feature has been set, the setting extension will receive call back as soon as the busy extension becomes available. Busy TEL 101 TEL 201 (1) Outgoing (2) Busy (3) Set Call Back (4) Call Back OK System A System B Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

20 Paging Enhancement R5 Licensed
This function enables a VRS Message to be played while external paging. Useful for repeated messages. Dial External Paging code: Enter External Page Group No: 1 Dial VRS number: VRS External speaker Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

21 Call Forward with Destination Key
R5 Licensed A new CFW Key function with destination. Allows multiple CFW keys to be programmed each having own forward type and destination. Available key list: 10: call forward - immediate 11: call forward - busy 12: call forward - no answer 13: call forward - busy/no answer 14: call forward - both ring Operation: Dial service code 851 Press Programmable key Dial 2 digits Key code (10,11…) Dial number to be transferred Press Hold Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC

22 Dial Transfer R5 Licensed Will give the ability for a managing phone
e.g. Operator the chance to transfer trunk dialtone to other extensions. Uses Walking Toll Restriction PRG21-14 New Key: #04: Change Restriction Class Operation: Ext101 calls operator (100). Operator answers. Operator presses the programmable key. Ext 101 receives dialtone with toll restriction assigned by operator for that single call. PSTN Operator Ext 100 presses toll restricted transfer key Dialtone Ext 101 Receives Dialtone and can make external calls Requires BE LK-SYS-V5000 Enhancements-LIC


24 Document History 02-02-2011 . 17-03-2011 . Copyright statement changed
Guest IP DECT added to non-licensed R5 feature Copyright statement changed

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