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VISIT OUR BLOG: TWITTER: adforminsideradforminsider  08/12/2011  Agile Testing.

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1 VISIT OUR BLOG: TWITTER: adforminsideradforminsider  08/12/2011  Agile Testing

2 Agenda  Challenges in Agile testing  “Must’s” of Agile testing  Testing as a team  Path to Agile testing  Going the path  Measuring traveled distance

3 Challenges C1Fast feedback C2No documentation C3Old practices are inefficient C4Sprint start/end problems C5Agile way of quality C6No metrics C7Lots of regression

4 Testing against documentation Good documentationGood testingQuality

5 Product owners User manuals Developers Existing product Testing against documentation information Good documentationGood testingQuality

6 Regression eats time Feature testingFeature regression testing

7 Regression eats features Development Packet creation Regression Development Packet creation Regression

8 New team member - robot 8 A1Unit tests A2Automated regression

9 Quick wins 9 ManualAutomated

10 Quick wins 10 ManualAutomated

11 Quick wins 11 ManualAutomated

12 Quick wins 12 ManualAutomated

13 Exploratory testing 13 Scripted testingAd hoc testingExploratory testing

14 14 Step 1Plan testing activities Step 2Execute tests Step 3 React and adapt Make regression test cases

15 The Must’s 15 M1Automate regression M2Use traditional practices if needed M3Exploratory testing – main way of manual testing M4Test as a team M5Risk / priority based testing M6Code review / pair programming M7Continuous integration

16 Being agile – being part of the team 16 DeveloperTesterTeam

17 Agile tester 17 R1Plan / take metrics in the beginning of sprint R2Learn from / help with unit tests R3Execute manual testing and regression R4Make regression test cases R5Drive testing process R6Constantly gather information R7Maintain test cases R8Execute pair testing / pair programming

18 Agile programmer developer 18 R1Create unit tests R2Automate regression tests R3Execute manual regression R4Code review / pair programming

19 Scrum master 19 R1Use influence to get regression automation R2Provide balance

20 Product owner 20 R1Review regression test cases R2Provide information about priorities / risks

21 Path to Agile testing 21 S1Empower people S2Automate regression S3Start practicing traditional practices S4Start practicing exploratory testing S5Start reading unit tests. Pair programming / pair testing S6Optimize. Be Agile

22 Going the path 22 Each team at own phase Learning from leaders Common process and tools Testers knowledge sharing Measure and adopt

23 23 “You can’t control what you can't measure.” Tom DeMarco

24 Measuring traveled distance 24 TM1Test success rating TM2Code coverage % TM3Test automation % BM1Defects – fixes ratio

25 References     for-unlearning for-unlearning   25


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