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STOP Read this first Enable Macros STEP 1:

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1 STOP Read this first Enable Macros STEP 1:
(see slide notes) Windows ONLY version STOP Who is this presentation for? Small to midsize businesses (up to 1,000 users) that need a solution for business communications and collaboration Both business and technical leaders When should I use it? Use this after qualifying your prospect as a good potential for an Avaya IP Office solution. How can I customize it? Add your slides before this presentation for an overview of your company and the value you bring Add slides after this presentation on your services, specific offerings, contact information, or any call to action What if I’m not completely sure that IP Office is the right solution? If you want to support messaging for both IP Office and Aura Midsize Enterprise to a mid market audience, you may use the slides located at the back of this deck (slides 56,57) to set the tone that Avaya offers CHOICE. Slides supporting further Aura ME messaging can be located on the sales portal on the mid size enterprise page. Document is titled: Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise ppt IMPORTANT NOTE: You will see “Security Warning” above the slide with a box for “Options”. Click on Options. You must choose “enable this content” upon opening this file for the links to function. You can also go to slide show mode and Powerpoint will prompt you to enable the macros. If you accidentally chose to disable them, close the file and reopen it to enable the macros. Once you have enabled them, turn on slideshow mode and begin. Once you have gone through the deck, you can go back using standard mode to read the script notes. If you do not get this prompt and cannot get the videos to run, go to the Macros settings in PowerPoint Options (in Trust Center > Trust Center Settings) and make sure you have “Disable all macros with notification” checked. Then close and re-open the file.

2 Are You Ready? X I know my prospect’s needs/issues/opportunities. I have updated slide 5 to reflect that understanding. Partner services slides have been added to the IP Office Support Services section. I have the basics – know the # of employees, sites, what they use today and their growth prospects. I have all the necessary audio/video equipment. I am ready to demo one-X, Flare & Scopia in a way that my audience can relate to as part of their daily work. I have fully tested the demo prior to this meeting; And I will be logged into their guest WIFI if that is required. X X X X CHECK X There are only 3 anchor slides in this deck – all else is back-up. Navigation is driven by “just clicking” on the graphics or icons. Note on Icons featured in this presentation: Home Icon – takes you to main conversation page Home Icon (Yellow) – takes you back to the sub home page for a particular element of the conversation Home Icon (Play symbol) – takes you to a dozen case study videos Info Icon – takes you to a page with links to collateral pieces your customer may request during the meeting Forward arrow – takes you to next slide Back arrow – takes you to the last slide viewed X X Yes, I’m ready!

3 Go! You Got the Power! GO!

4 Discussion for Proposal for: Name of Company

5 Your Success Is Our Goal
Did You Know … What We Heard from You … “we can lower your costs by $x in next 3 years” “this is issue #1” “this is issue #2” “we can improve your service by …’” Prior to this meeting you need to gather the key objectives for your prospect. This chart would enable you to kick off the meeting by confirming what their issues and goals are and what the collaboration solution can do for them. It is recommended you have specifics that align with collaboration and customer service. For the right side, use metrics wherever possible. Remember, we have ROI and TCO tools for IP Office. If you can gather the inputs for those prior to this meeting you can demonstrate real return estimates. “this is the opportunity you seek” “we can do this within budget and by (date)” *Avaya Commissioned Study

6 The Avaya Solution Flexible for your workforce Simple and Scalable
Working in the office, at home BYOD, Device Integration Conferencing, Connecting Groups Flexible for your workforce Expanding and Networking Ease of Management Improving, measuring service This is your home page – the foundation for the entire SME solution story. Just click on any graphic to drill down to more information. You have complete flexibility to address all customer issues and opportunities – with just a click. Every slide in the deck has a home page icon enabling you to return here and continue your probing, informing and up-selling. If you are WIFI enabled and have plugged in a speaker to your laptop, you can also play the embedded Your Tube videos along the way. Avaya makes solutions that are flexible for your workforce. Whether you need to make people more productive in the office, enable them to work from home or from anywhere with the device of their choice, we can help you do that. It’s also becoming more critical to connect groups together to enable collaboration with the right people and Avaya continues to innovate here with ways to connect, share and meet. Our solution is simple and scalable. From the modular and resilient design of our communications and networking infrastructure, to the easy way to manage sites or customer service. And we do all of this with a perspective about your future – to enable you to be ready for what’s ahead. Whether it’s about keeping your TCO low by preserving investments, ensuring you are prepared for the unexpected or staying abreast of the lastest software upgrades and having the ability to integrate them with your business applications, you will be ready. (At this point you can steer the presentation toward whatever your customer wants to hear. The home icons on the top left of each slide will take you back to this page. The home icon with the play symbol will take you to the case study videos. The “info” icon will take you to a page with links to key collateral. Most of these are PDF files that you can easily to your customer on the spot by simply right clicking and choosing “send file”.) Simple and Scalable Securing business continuity Preserving Investments Getting Support Integrating Applications Future Ready

7 Proven Success Stories
Featured on Legal Dallas, TX Advertising St. Louis, MO Finance NYC & San Francisco Retail London, UK Accounting Bloomington, IN Hotel Pantin, France Entertainment Toronto, Canada Transportation Branson, MO Use this slide to tell your customer that we have thousands of customers around the world who achieve their goals using Avaya solutions. Make the point that they are across states, countries verticals … and come in all sizes. Customers with success stories are the most compelling introduction to your prospect for what we can do for them. Take the time to become familiar with the content of each of these videos. With a dozen different verticals, examples of all sizes as well as various geographies you have a solid starting point to choose something that gives them solid insight into the success they can achieve. In addition, these videos cover work from home, mobility, hybrid, migration, call center, receptionist, conferencing, system admin, multi-site resiliency, green technology and many other capabilities so you also can showcase the technology. Once you do, choose the video that relates most closely to your customer – as noted, you can either play it up front or just talk to this slide as an example of the many successes we have. Note: You must be WIFI enabled or have these videos downloaded to your laptop for the videos to play. You should also have plugged in speakers to your laptop. Transportation Burlington, MA Media New York, NY Legal Guildford, UK Events Duluth, MN < 20 Employees 21 to 99 Employees 100 to 1,000 Employees

8 Back-up

9 Touch A Screen or Just Browse
Being productive in the office or at home means staying connected to tools that will save time and enable staff to collaborate effectively. Avaya has a wide variety of desk phones to help you match the right price/value for each job type in your staff. Similarly, you can choose to access these same capabilities from your pc or MAC through our browser-based applications. (Now click on either to drill to feature list) Touch A Screen or Just Browse

10 At the Desk, Or from Home Brilliant audio quality/acoustics
Large, high-res touch screen Bluetooth and DECT ready Access to IM, presence, calendar and web apps Avaya has a large portfolio of feature-rich, high audio quality business phones. Explore a range of models that suit employees at every level. The 9600 series is our premier series of powerful IP Deskphones. They offer brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizability and performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touch screens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional desk phone experience. These 9600 phones can easily be administered at home offices with a simple Internet connection ... making work from home seamless and efficient.  Note: the administrator would need the user license and firewall configurations to turn on the phones’ remote capabilities. (Click on the You Tube video for an overview of how these phones deliver superior energy efficiency) *Avaya 9600 Series Voice over IP Phones: Energy Consumption Evaluation versus Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series; Tolly Group, September 2010 Avaya IP Office ‘hot desks’ to IP, digital or analog phones Toggle to your mobile phone with the push of a button 40-60% more energy efficient* At the Desk, Or from Home

11 IP or Digital IP Phones Digital Phones 9621 9608 1608 9611 9508 9504
1408 1416 IP or Digital

12 I.E., Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Turn any phone to your office phone – via a Web browser Access directory, IM, & presence Set up, control conference calls Listen to and forward your voic messages The browser-based applications included in the IP Office user solutions for Office Worker, Tele-worker and Power User enable any staff member with it to work from home as if in the office. Think of all the unavoidable hurdles employees face in their everyday lives that prevent them from physically getting to the office … sick child or parent, inclimate weather, car trouble, home issues, etc. Now imagine a scenario where they don’t have to be stressed to get to the office and can instead turn up their browser and be connected as if in the office. The browser allows them to turn their home or cell phone to their office phone, access the corporate directory, set up conference calls, get voic – even record calls. They don’t get stressed or lose time – you don’t lose the productivity. (Note: Assuming a worker is paid $40k annual salary – one day of enablement will pay for the license. On average, most employees have 3 or more unexpected absences per year.) Click on the You Tube video for an animated scenario of the Office Worker solution. Record calls and share recordings later Customize Web ‘gadgets’ I.E., Safari, Firefox, Chrome

13 Let me show you how. PC or MAC!
Live demo of oneX portal and/or a 96xx deskphone. Representative should relate the key features to the customer’s business. Alternative video clips as a back-up option.

14 IP Office easily and securely integrates with most popular smart devices, bringing full desktop communication capabilities to employees no matter where they go. Employees can be more productive. Businesses can save by reducing company-owned mobile devices. In addition, our IP, digital and SIP wireless phones are sleek and durable and let you take all the capabilities of IP Office with you when you roam large facilities where cell service signals are insufficient. Click on any of these devices to drill down to feature overviews. Extend Work Anywhere

15 Power Up iPhone or Android
Your company directory in the palm of your hand. Set up, manage conference calls. Take your phone extension with you. Map and track mobile workers. Your company directory in the palm of your hand. Bring your company directory everywhere for instant access to all your contacts. Call, , IM and check presence for more meaningful collaboration. Set up, manage conference calls. Take full control of conference calls. Tap to add, mute or disconnect callers to manage conferences as easily as if you were at your desk. Take your phone extension with you. Calls to your office ring on any designated device, so you never miss a call. Log on to any IP desk phone in your network and it becomes your phone; get calls, messages, speed dials and more. Map and track mobile workers. Need to get a service tech to a client quickly? With geo-presence, you can track the location of sales or service people right from your smartphone. Use Presence to find and reach the right people. Tap your smartphone to let everyone know you’re available, on the phone, or in a meeting. Automatically get notified when colleagues’ Presence status changes for speedier collaboration. Easily escalate an IM to a call. When that yes or no answer suddenly becomes a full blown conversation, it’s easy to convert the next response to a call. Use Presence to find and reach the right people. Easily escalate an IM to a call. Power Up iPhone or Android

16 Let me show you how. Mobile Runway
Live demo of one-X (either version). Representative should relate the key features to the customer’s business. Alternative video clip as a back-up option. Use case example – Transportation company would likely be very interested in monitoring the location status of shipments in transport. Show a “before” illustration of what could happen if an important shipment were not monitored; then show the “after” scenario where the foreman is able to see that a truck had not moved in a two hours – and was able to circumvent a bad situation. Use case example – Healthcare facility often has social workers missing key calls from care centers who are awaiting vital information to ensure patient transport. In the “before” scenario, the social worker is on the hospital floor while the care center calls her office repeatedly at the request of the family member who is anxiously awaiting news of the details of transport. By the time, the connects are made, it becomes too late to move the patient to the facility – the patient misses the window of insurance coverage and later disputes the bill with the hospital causing countless hours of admin for the hospital and much angst for the patient and her family. The “after” scenario calls the social worker at her office and it rings on her cell. The info is passed immediately the first time and the patient transport is all on schedule. Mobile Runway

17 Your tablet, your business phone.
Now you can make and receive business calls right from your Apple iPad device. Check colleagues’ presence and instant message (IM) to stay connected. Enhanced desktop communications. Streamline communications— in the office or at home. Click to dial, see who’s available with Presence, sync your calendar and more. Communications-enable desktop apps like Microsoft Outlook and Your tablet, your business phone. Enhanced desktop communications. Light Up Tablets, PCs with Flare®

18 Let me show you how. Live demo of Flare. Representative should relate the key features to the customer’s business. Alternative video clip as a back-up option.

19 to WIFI or mobile coverage:
D100 Simple, quick install No IP Office hardware required DECT R4 Can add up to 384 DECT handsets and 128 base stations Limited only to WIFI or mobile coverage: Flare on iPad Adds point-to-point video Includes IM & presence There are several ways to solve for in building mobility. Depending upon the range or number of phones you need, Avaya has a solution for you. For those businesses that need to take notes, inventory or access business applications, with a WIFI set-up you can use an Apple iPad to do all of that while roaming around. The Flare experience will add video, IM and of course, call control. Roaming Around

20 Efficient Connections!
Connecting to groups or bringing them together is all easy with Avaya. Whether it’s collaborating on an audio conference bridge or in a video chat room, you can just click to get all the right parties together in a way that most effective for what you need to do. Or … if your receptionist needs to connect parties, whether they are in a single site or across multiple locations, Avaya has an easy way to make that happen with our Receptionist software. (Click on any of the graphics above to see a feature overview) Efficient Connections! Collaborate With or Connect Groups

21 “Just Click” Video Collaboration
Engaging people in a way that transforms what productivity can look like. Avaya video is as simple as clicking a link to see your colleagues. Our solutions offer a wide array of hardware and software options to suit virtually any need. From soft clients that can be easily downloaded to desktop and mobile devices, to room-based video systems and Multipoint Communications Units (MCU), we deliver sophisticated and flexible video solutions for enterprises of any size. Video makes people pay attention, discourages multi-tasking and truly drives effective collaboration. Click on the You Tube video for more information about the Skopia product line. “Just Click” Video Collaboration

22 Meet, Share, Smile, Focus! Instant meeting room, anywhere.
See up to NINE parties. Share a document at a moment’s notice – no hassle. Circle, highlight, annotate … in real-time. Talk or chat … have sidebars. Let’s take a deeper look at the Skopia application. What does it enable your teams to do? For starters, you can create an instant meeting room anywhere on the spot. No need to get on a plane or even leave your office, go down a flight of stairs and walk to the other side of the building (which will make you 10 minutes late). Instead, you just click and you are with all parties in a way that is engaging … and let’s not forget that those parties can all be in different cities or countries. You can see up to nine of them on the screen with you – best in the industry. You can share a document at a moment’s notice – no more calling someone to bring over a slide projector or fumbling for half the meeting to get one to work. Share, circle, annotate, have sidebars where appropriate … and as a moderator you can control and change your meeting settings. It makes for the most effective use of your people resource – their time and attention together deliver results. That’s the power of we. Moderate, control, change. Meet, Share, Smile, Focus!

23 Let me show you how. Now engage your audience in a Live demo of Skopia. You should relate the key features to the customer’s business – have ideas of how they can make the most of this in a transforming way. Alternative video demo clips are accessible as a back-up option.

24 Intuitive call handling Streamlined Operations
Ready for large call volumes Visibility to all See each caller’s status (e.g. DND) Streamlined Operations One receptionist for multiple site or businesses Think of the Receptionist application as a control panel that enables you to receive large volumes of calls and have visibility to all to make the right connection. Want to talk to Mr. Smith? I’m sorry, but I see he’s in a meeting and asks to not be disturbed. Or, you’ll see that he’s on the phone. A quick IM is also another way to check on whether your senior management wants to talk to the incoming caller or not. The application can also help you free up resource to focus on other things. For example, if you have 3 locations and a receptionist at each, then you can consolidate all three to route to one receptionist. This frees up time for two individuals who can now take on additional tasks. Another way to boost productivity with this highly effective software. The Ultimate Reception

25 Team Talk Low Bandwidth, 360° Surround Sound
Filters out static background noise Plug and Play Simplicity Avaya B149, B159 and B179 conference phones are the ideal way to leverage the built-in Avaya IP Office conference bridge. They’re equipped with exclusive Avaya OmniSound® technology for crystal-clear voice transmission, plus features that make setting up, managing and participating in conference calls a breeze. Team Talk

26 The approach we take to hardware is all about making life simple and scalable. Unlike other players in this industry, we don’t have a myriad of boxes, platforms and switches. We design our solutions to minimize any need for rip and replace and high maintenance costs due to complexity and multiple potential points of failure. This approach is proven to keep our customers’ costs low over time. Note: Stacking of the ERS 3500 is due cQ Grows With You

27 Scale functionality with IP Office User Solutions
Same Server For 5 users, 50 or 200, etc. For IPT, Mobility, UC or CC. Simply Add Expansion modules slot in as you grow. It’s HYBRID. All IP or mix with digital and analog. Highly Reliable No fans. No moving parts. The IP Office 500 is a unique product in that a business can start with 5 users and scale to 384 users with the same box. That means more than 99% of all businesses around the world can be perfectly satisfied with this single server. Expansion modules make it affordable every step of the way – no need for rip and replace; just add. And it supports a mix of IP, digital and analog – which is very important for many small businesses who want to leverage existing wiring and don’t have the need or budget to reconfigure for an IP network. It’s highly reliable – 5 nines and has no fans or moving parts – another big requirement for businesses like yours. Lastly, you can scale not just in users but in functionality. The UC module enables a small business to add up to 50 Power User solutions without the need of a server! Just a simple slot in card … Easy UC Option No server required. Pop in card for up to 50 power users. Scale functionality with IP Office Editions and IP Office User Solutions One box

28 Midsize Scalability 2½ X the Scale Linux based Easy Admin
At a single site. 1,000 (Vs 384). Linux based Easier, more cost-effective. Lower TCO e.g. vs Windows While the IP Office 500 satisfies 99% of the market, there is a huge opportunity remaining in that other 1%. In particular, businesses with 100 to 1000 employees often have sites where they need scale beyond the 384 user capacity of the IP Office 500 – this is where IP Office Server Edition comes in. It provides a capacity that is 2 ½ times that scale at a single site. It’s Linux based to lower TCO and make management easier – and it provides a centralized solution for both licensing and management. While it is an IP only solution, it easily connects to the IP Office 500 server to allow for the mixed digital environment our customers have come to rely on. In that scenario, the IP Office 500 acts as a gateway for the Linux server. Lastly, it is interoperable with Avaya Aura -which allows any customer to grow well into the hundreds of thousands of users. Easy Admin Centralized licensing. Centralized management. Scales to Large Interoperable with Avaya Aura® Midsize Scalability

29 Got 500 users? FIVE TIMES 25% LOWER Just MINUTES Avaya IP Office
Competition Lots of Servers Lots of Platforms FIVE TIMES Less rack space with Application sharing servers. 25% LOWER Total cost of ownership*. Also, more energy efficient. The result of this is a highly differentiated solution. For example, if you have 500 users, the competition will cause you to either deploy 5X the servers or to configure multiple platforms and software codes. With IP Office, it’s better (less rack space), faster (installs in just minutes), and simply cheaper (much lower TCO). Tolly Test Report vs Shoretel – 2010. Just MINUTES To upgrade. Less disruption for installs. Got 500 users?

30 Big Biz Networking. Small Biz Price
Auto Setup Pre-configured for IP Office. One simple command connects to IP phones. Stackable With next release (due cQ1 2013). Six resilient, best-in-class switches. Energy Efficient Fanless Ethernet switch. 70%+ lower cost-per-gigabit Tolly Test Report Offers a cost-per-gigabit of throughput that is almost 72% lower than Cisco products tested - $70 vs. $250 for the Catalyst 3750G-48PS and $153 for the Catalyst 3560G-48PS. Certified one-minute plug and play for IP phones – Miercom 2011 If your business requires a data networking solution, Avaya’s Ethernet Routing Switches are built for small to midsize business and they auto set-up with IP Office, saving you time and money. The switches power supplies are more than 80% efficient, reducing power consumption and heat, important for your growing business. “One” minute setup for IP phones, making installation of new IP Phones for new users a cinch. Avaya’s data networking switches + IP Office + Avaya’s IP phones provide an incomparably simple and turnkey solution for your business. Cost effective Gigabit and Fast Ethernet connectivity for SMEs Gigabit uplinks 80 Gbps of virtual backplane capacity(v5.1) Fanless operation for open environments (retail, hospitality) PoE and PoE+ capabilities ERS 3500 Lower Price List price up to 50% lower than equivalent models. Big Biz Networking. Small Biz Price

31 Mid Market, Midsize Branch
SME, Small Branch Mid Market, Midsize Branch Auto-setup for IP office (available early 2013) ERS 3500 5–200 users ERS 4800 users Tolly Test Report Offers a cost-per-gigabit of throughput that is almost 72% lower than Cisco products tested - $70 vs. $250 for the Catalyst 3750G-48PS and $153 for the Catalyst 3560G-48PS. Certified one-minute plug and play for IP phones – Miercom 2011 If your business requires a data networking solution, Avaya’s Ethernet Routing Switches are built for small to midsize business and they auto set-up with IP Office, saving you time and money. The switches power supplies are more than 80% efficient, reducing power consumption and heat, important for your growing business. “One” minute setup for IP phones, making installation of new IP Phones for new users a cinch. Avaya’s data networking switches + IP Office + Avaya’s IP phones provide an incomparably simple and turnkey solution for your business. Cost effective Gigabit and Fast Ethernet connectivity for SMEs Gigabit uplinks 80 Gbps of virtual backplane capacity(v5.1) Fanless operation for open environments (retail, hospitality) PoE and PoE+ capabilities Resilient Easy to Install Compact Pay as You Grow Energy Efficient Made to Right Size

32 Choices based on Business Needs
CC and Analytics Advanced Edition Call center analytics and reporting Password protected call recording with search, replay and archiving Interactive voice response PC Wallboard Alarm notifications Linux-based UC Server Edition Includes all Preferred Edition features plus: Supports up to 1,000 users at a single site or across 32 networked locations Centralized system management and licensing Linux-based Unified Comms(UC) Preferred Edition Secure “Meet Me” audio conferencing (with user passwords) Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred* Call recording User solutions Unlimited multi-level auto-attendant IPT + Mobility Essential Edition IP PBX functionality Avaya one-X® Mobile Essential (for all users) Basic call control on mobile devices 128-party ad hoc conferencing Available Avaya Flare® Communicator for Apple iPad device Telephony Basic Edition Key system and PBX features, including voice mail Single-site deployments 64-party ad-hoc conference bridge Each IP Office Edition adds to the features of the previous Edition. Simply build on to what you have to cost-effectively enhance your communications capabilities as you need them. (Note that Advanced Edition is not available as an add-on for Server Edition.) *Optional with Power User and Mobile Worker licenses. Avaya IP Office Editions

33 Customer Service Agent Customer Service Supervisor
Choices based on Job Functions Avaya IP Office Power User Also available: Power User - The ultimate in communications accessibility for busy executives. Office Worker - Desktop integration helps employees quickly convey critical information throughout your business. Mobile Worker - For staff working out of the office without a laptop. Teleworker - Enable home and remote workers to be as accessible as employees in the office. Receptionist - Manage calls via easy-to-use PC interface. One receptionist can handle multiple offices. Customer Service Agent - Intelligent call routing helps agents deliver highly personalized service. Customer Service Supervisor - Real-time call status and customizable reports help create efficient and productive call centers. Receptionist Office Worker Mobile Worker Tele- Worker Customer Service Agent Customer Service Supervisor Avaya IP Office User Solutions All user solutions, except for Receptionist, require Preferred Edition software. Customer service agent and supervisor require Advanced Edition.

34 Your Central Command Intuitive, Point & Click Central Management
Automatic Failover IP Office provides you with a central command post to manage your network. It’s designed to be intuitive with many elements web based. It is also easy to manage across sites due to its centralized licensing and management structure. Lastly, it makes management worry-free by virtue of the automatic failover built into the product software. Your Central Command

35 Create templates you can
Select by User or Task Create templates you can re-use later Web Manager Available today with Basic Edition; Expanded Server Edition functionality due c2013 Context-away help screens Enable UC with a single click Select the user > Click the feature > Select ok Offline configuration and template create once and apply many times Context-away help screens Click help and the help topics for that screen appear Integrated error checking Will tell you what the error is and where to fix it before submitting Copy and paste anything Users, trunks settings, specific fields Note: The simplicity of our Web Manager software, available today on Basic Edition, will be extended to Server Edition later this year. Integrated error checking A Better Way to Manage

36 * With IP Office Server Edition
Single Location Can control all One Administrator Frees up bandwidth for key personnel Centralizing provides optimal efficiency – one location can control all and that drives consistency and speed. It also means that there’s less of a chance for any errors. It also affords you the ability to assign one administrator. In a less is more world, that frees up much needed bandwidth to give you back productivity and savings. Consolidated Updating* Drives consistency, speed; reduces error Optimal Efficiency * With IP Office Server Edition

37 resiliency can be set to any identified alternate location.
With Avaya IP Office 500, resiliency can be set to any identified alternate location. NY London Singapore Sao Paulo To Sao Paulo To London To NY To Singapore With IP Office 500 resilient multi-site networking (SCN) , a prescribed location can fail over to another specified location. In this example, if the New York location houses centralized voice mail and IP phones are connected to either New York or Sao Paulo, then if the New York system were to fail then: Sao Paulo will automatically take over from New York and support Avaya IP telephones. Voice Mail pro will re-register to Sao Paulo. Peace of Mind

38 And Preserved Business
With Server Edition, resiliency is centralized. Headquarters has redundant back-up. Secondary Server London Primary Server New York Singapore With IP Office Server Edition, resiliency is centralized at the headquarters location. With the addition of a secondary server, any phones that are registered to the primary will automatically fail over to the secondary. IP Phones on expansion systems, at various locations, can failover to either the Primary or Secondary server. The primary and secondary server can each support up to 1000 users in resilient mode. Note: The primary and secondary servers can be co-located or can be located at separate locations for Geo-Redundancy. Sao Paulo And Preserved Business

39 Manage Service Quality Measure Agent Productivity
Automate Service View Agent Status Manage Service Quality Measure Agent Productivity Avaya can help you improve service by automating it, impacting it in real-time or simply by measuring it so you can see exactly where you need to make improvements. Retail Service Hello. Can We Help You?

40 Screen, Route, Serve, Save
Automate Service Customize Self-Help Allow customers to place or change orders, check status of shipments and more. Create 24/7 Operations Self-help options can drive revenue in off-hours Free up employees For more critical, customer-facing tasks Automating service will help you create a more efficient operation for your customers and staff. Screening calls or routing them to the right place alone can improve satisfaction levels and shave costs. With Avaya you can customized menus for customers so they can help themselves. This also enables you to serve them round the clock – and free up employees who won’t have to field those calls and can therefore work on more critical tasks. Screen, Route, Serve, Save

41 Green for acceptable, orange for warning and red for alarm
View Agent Status See their Phone Status Who is busy, available or “logged out” Easy Color Codes Green for acceptable, orange for warning and red for alarm Your service agents are the lifeblood of your brand when they interact with customers. Avaya makes it easy for you to see their status so you can act on the knowledge it provides. IP Office makes it easy for Agents to log in and out of one or multiple groups, enter reason codes and more, right from their PC with an intuitive browser based PC interface. Sort by Call Share Shows you which are performing better Quick Check

42 Manage Service Quality
Customize The Display e.g. Add queue statistic Wallboard Messaging Add, display and specify time The wallboard is the ultimate in knowledge for any call center. With the display you can see your stats and impact them with your actions. Potential actions: Improve customer experience – provide highly personalized customer service with speed and efficiency. Manage staff more effectively – understand the peaks and valleys of call volumes so you can staff accordingly and communicate to agents via wallboards. Improve training – make better use of agent call recordings to enhance sales techniques and service skills. Grow revenue – detailed data on calling patterns helps drive more effective sales campaigns and day-to-day selling performance. Learn, Act

43 Measure Agent Productivity
Agent Summaries, Call Details With Graphical Displays Work in progess Alarm and Trace Select targets, hours and view The solution offers easily customized reports to display specific information that is most relevant to your business: Create a caller identification report to see where the most (or fewest) calls originate from (by area code, country code, prefix, etc.) See how many calls have been taken over a period of time, the length of calls, and more Set and adjust thresholds to trigger alarms to suit changing objectives and campaign targets Schedule automatic report delivery in preferred formats Detailed, actionable data helps supervisors schedule staffing for peak times, provide relevant agent training (including recording and archiving of calls for later review) and to improve overall business performance. Easy Exporting Excel, Word, PDF, etc. Intelligence for Impact

44 DevConnect Compliant Recommended Partners Features Features Features
Media Blending Full control and tracking Intelligent distribution of messages to agent Auto Reply Draft reply automation Multi-Media contact traceability Reporting Features Outbound Dialer Progress Dialer Predictive Dialer Call Control Campaign tracking CTI integration to support campaigns Features Real Time Reporting Historical Reporting Custom Reports CC Performance Management IVR / Self service Connectors (CRM integration) Multi-media / Multi-channel Features Outbound Dialing Inbound Call Routing Call Recording Multi-site reporting Web Based Client (future) Desktop for Agent/Supervisor Real-time Monitoring While the IP Office Advanced Edition does not include multi-media/multi-channel capabilities. Avaya Aura Midsize Enterprise solution does. Or you can simply add one of these third party solutions. Both have been certified compliant through Avaya’s DevConnect program. DevConnect Compliant

45 Employee Safety, Lost Productivity
Securing Key Assets Business Continuity Avaya solutions can actually help to keep employees safe and prevent them from losing productivity. It is a secure solution offering additional ways to further protect business from hacks. And it also builds in resiliency to automatically failover to another system in the event of an outage. Are You Prepared?

46 Employee Safety, Lost Productivity
Anywhere Office Snow or storm days don’t stop business when your people can turn their tablet, pc, mobile or home phone into an office extension. Keeps them off the dangerous roads. Employee Safety, Lost Productivity Avoids traffic delays that can otherwise be work time. A simple thing like ENABLING staff to work from home can make all the difference in the world. Your people are likely your biggest investment and with a very small investment you can ensure that you get the maximum in productivity from them. Whether it’s whether related or a sick child, sick parent or just some personal emergency, every employee will have several days each year when they cannot physically make it to the office. When that happens you lose productivity and results are impacted. By enabling them to work anywhere as if in the office, you eliminate a large part of that risk. Our own study showed that this costs small businesses between $20k and $50k per year in lost productivity. Can easily give you back days of productivity per person per year. Enabled to Work Safely

47 Avaya Identity Engines Simply Apply Policies Based on Identity
Employees Guests Partners Devices Avaya Identity Engines Control “who gets on, to do what, to go where” Recommended Ignition Server - Identity and Role based network access (Cost effective, Highly flexible, Vendor agnostic) Ignition Guest Manager - Secure & simple guest access, Provision guests in <10 seconds, Self provisioning kiosk, Traceable Ignition Access Portal - BYOD on-boarding, No special client-side software, Device finger-printing, Detailed auditing and tracking Advanced Options Ignition Posture - Health & Posture checking for MS-NAP, Single Avaya license – covers all end user PCs, Easy to deploy Ignition Analytics - Powerful reporting application, In-depth analysis of network activity, >25 preconfigured audit, compliance & usage reports Simply Apply Policies Based on Identity Lock Up BYOD

48 Security for SIP Trunks:
Security choice for your hardware – Linux vs Windows environment with the new Server Edition. You can choose Linux or the proprietary hardware of the IP Office In addition, you can also mix the two. Enterprise-class SIP security, connectivity, and quality of service (QoS) Faster service resolution and quicker upgrades Integrate your desktop applications—such as Microsoft Outlook or—with IP Office to bring a greater level of collaboration to your business. It’s compliant with over 300 third-party Avaya-certified applications. Avaya also offers you the flexibility to choose from a number of technologies—IP, digital, analog, SIP or any combination—so you can select the right infrastructure for your communications needs and budget. Secure Choices: Hardened Linux and/or proprietary OS Security for SIP Trunks: With Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise Secure remote management & support: SSL-VPN Securing Communications

49 Reuse existing cabling infrastructure.
Avaya has the industry’s strongest record for investment protection. Avaya IP Office is a great example of that. Over the years, we have worked to bridge old technology with new to help customers save as they move forward. We also took steps to be “green” with our builds and ensure they were as energy efficient as possible. Lastly, we strive to make them work with what you have –whether that’s your existing wiring or certain applications you use, we make our solutions connect so you won’t need to figure out how to connect them yourself. Reuse existing desk phones. Reuse existing cabling infrastructure. We protect investments

50 See Upgrade: BCM to IP Office
Merlin Magix BCM PARTNER® Integral Merlin Legend Norstar ® For customers with (Nortel) BCM: Popular third party UC apps and SIP trunking providers with BCM are compliant with IP Office Easy to move your information (i.e. Phone extensions, users, greetings, voic ) Integration and reuse of existing Avaya/Nortel phone sets Deployment technology choices that reduce or eliminate rewiring costs Investment protection as you—and Avaya—innovate for the future *Reusing the phones from your existing Avaya system (Note: May be branded Lucent, Nortel, Tenovis or other) when you move to a new Avaya IP Office can save you up to 60% off the price of the new IP Office components. Reuse existing desk phones. See Upgrade: BCM to IP Office Up to 60%* Savings

51 Telecommuting 1 day/week
Saves the avg employee 1,030 lbs of carbons & 78 Gal of gas per year Using Avaya IP Desk Phones Conserves up to 40-60% less energy (vs competition) Telecommuting saves money, time and the environment. In the U.S., the average commuter spends more time commuting each year than on vacation. Using an average commuting distance of 18 miles each way and an average highway mileage of 23.4 mpg, the daily fuel consumption due to commuting is at least 1.5 gallons for a round trip. A five-day commuting workweek releases at minimum 5,154 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, per employee.[15] Having one employee telecommute for only one day per week would save an average of 78 gallons of gas and 1,030lbs of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year. According to the International Telework Association, the number of employed Americans who worked from home at least one day each week grew from 41.3 million in 2003 to 44.4 million in 2004, a 7.5 percent growth rate. Technology advances such as high-speed internet, VoIP, and collaboration tools such as , Instant messenger, and Web and video conferencing make it possible for an employee to stay connected without physically being in an office. [16] In addition to the environmental benefits, telecommuting increases employee productivity and quality of work. "Productivity increases reported from various studies average around 10 percent to 20 percent, although some reports are as high as 40 percent. The literature reports productivity gains ranging from percent found in a wide variety of telecommuting situations, even where researchers (or workers or managers) had not expected them, and higher quality work was also reported throughout.”[17] A compressed work schedule, such as working four ten-hour days per week, also reduces gas consumption and CO2 emissions. A compressed work week has also been shown to boost employee morale. During a six-month pilot program in Thurston County Washington, 205 employees worked a compressed workweek schedule, which eliminated 238 commute roundtrips each two-week period. Eighty-three percent of the participants reported an increase in morale, and 94 percent of their supervisors said they would like to continue the programs after the pilot."[18] Support public transit and try implementing a commuter benefits program. The IRS allows employers to subsidize employees' cost of commuting to work by public transit, and employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for any kind of publicly or privately owned transit services, including bus, trains, subways, ferries, etc. To measure your carbon footprint, defined as a “ measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide,” go to EPA . Tolly Test Report – Feb 2010 (Avaya ERS 8300 vs Cisco Catalyst 4500) Tolly Test Report – Sep 2010 (Avaya 9600 desk phones vs Cisco 7900 desk phones) Using Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches 12% More energy efficient than the market leader Saving Carbons Saves Energy

52 Hybrid Advantage all IP or a mix saving thousands “Pure IP”
can be purely expensive. Buildings with existing cabling do not need re-networking… saving thousands The Optimal Choice. IP Office can be all IP or a mix of digital and analog Rewire 40 year old building? A unique advantage that Avaya delivers is the ability to be “pure IP” or a mix of digital, IP and analog. Why is that important? For customers that have older buildings with pre-wired infrastructure, changes to the network to accommodate “pure IP” will be costly. If you like, listen to this customer – one of the reasons they chose Avaya was because we were the only vendor who would not force them to rewire their 40 year old building. Hybrid Advantage

53 Supported by Avaya Partners,
Backed by Avaya Remote Support and Software Upgrades Upgrade Options and Quality Assurance Our service and support is provided with Avaya backing. With their support option, not only will you have their help with remote support but they also provide ongoing access to future software releases and patches to keep your system current so you can stay connected to the latest technology. We’ve got your back -- And forward

54 Technical support for hardware and software
Includes future product software upgrades 8am to 5pm (You can upgrade to 24x7) All software patches and updates are included The Base IPOSS Offer is simple, yet flexible, and is optional. There is one fee per server/node. The base offers includes: 8x5 ,Monday through Friday Remote Technical support and Upgrades. Any time day or night access to our support site and tools, which includes access to patches ,updates and Upgrades. We have enhanced our security to allow Secure Remote Access through an SSL/VPN enabling partners the ability to perform upgrades , updates and Moves, Adds and Changes for the customer in a quick and secure manner. Available in a 1, 3 or 5 year prepaid term, allowing for increased flexibility To suit customer and partner needs there are various Parts coverage options: (NBD or Onsite delivery within 4 hours) and in the US for the Wholesale model, Onsite parts installation. IP Office Support Services is the going forward offer for IP Office R8.1 and future releases. The existing SME TSP Block of Hours offer remains available for SME legacy products, (including IP Office R8.0 and prior releases). IP Office R8.1 warranty is: 3 months for SW; and 1 year for HW, (not Advanced Parts Replacement). Choose from one, three or five year prepaid plans Maximum Uptime and Upgrades

55 Strategic Stocking Locations (SSLs)
Upgrade Options 24 X 7 Coverage Parts Replacement (US Only) NBD, 4 hour delivery Parts onsite Installation by technician 3 year Plan 5 Year Plan Strategic Stocking Locations (SSLs) Canada 11 US 142 EMEA 52 CALA 14 APAC 27 246 Warehouses in 43 countries Additional options … More Value

56 Exclusive Access Simple Search Web Ticket Status Live Agent Support
Product Documents “How to” Videos Video Chat You’ll also be able to get information directly from the Avaya website … Exclusive Access

57 Compliant with 300+ third party applications
The Avaya IP Office solution is tested compliant with over 300 3rd party applications. They can help you with industry specific needs as well as integration with your existing business applications. You can also communication enable Microsoft Outlook and – each of those has native integration which makes IP Office even easier and more cost-effective out of the box. And with our latest release, you can synch with Microsoft Lync. (click on the “new” button to advance to more information on Lync) Guest Services Integration Open for (your) business

58 Single sign on, Simple install Leverages Preferred Edition Server Click to call IM to Avaya phone call Phone presence No Lync voice licenses required Included with Office Worker, Tele-worker or Power User solutions If your solution has Preferred or Server Edition you can embed Avaya features into your existing Lync applications. Not only does this make it easy for your users but your likely to save a lot on voice licenses. Any user with Office Worker, Teleworker or Power User solutions will get this functionality – nothing extra to buy. Requires either IP Office 500 with Preferred Edition or IP Office Server Edition Synch with Lync™


60 Avaya Offers Choices One Size or Shape Does Not Fit All
Basic, cloud, no up front costs Simple, scalable, and flexible for the growing business High customization and best-in-class contact center

61 Small and Midsize Businesses Needs Different Price and Value Options
Avaya IP Office Avaya Aura® for Midsize Enterprise Simple, scalable, flexible for the growing business Rich UC and Contact Center, Virtualization, High Availability Best-in-class TCO, Simplified Management Avaya Aura® Applications Rich Management Solution SME & Mid Market-Class UC and CC Enterprise-Class UC and CC Custom platform integration options N+1 resiliency Virtualization, High Availability and Branch Survivability CTI and WebServices Integration via APIs Full UC Integration via Avaya ACE Up to 1,000 users - 500 users per system, 32 sites Up to 2,400 users per system - scales to hundreds of thousands

62 Easy Access to Additional Information
IP Office eBook IP Office ROI Calculator Fact sheet – Server Edition IP Office TCO Calculator Fact sheet – Preferred Edition Tolly Reports Fact sheet – Advanced Edition Fact sheet – Power User Fact sheet – Office Worker Fact sheet – ERS 3500





















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