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Summary of EDI Changes For DART Integration Three part transaction Contract path (threaded) Supply (unthreaded) Market (unthreaded) Fuel calculations need.

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1 Summary of EDI Changes For DART Integration Three part transaction Contract path (threaded) Supply (unthreaded) Market (unthreaded) Fuel calculations need to be reflected in nomination quantities Passkey Loc Prop will change to DART PIN (DRNs are not changing) All locations (PINs/DRNs)must balance Replacing contract with DUNS for counterparty transactions Upstream/Downstream Party may be either a DUNS or a DART GID Extended receipt and delivery nominations no longer use specific extended meters. The system will automatically recognize extended service. Use of the Kinder Morgan corporate level DUNS required in the http to/from for EDM communication connectivity 006943500 EDI files need to follow NAESB WGQ Standards version 1.5 or higher

2 FTA with Rank and Package ID Example 1 Deliveries are net of fuel Non-threaded Pathed Non-threaded Receipt PIN 411111 Qty = 9,250 Receipt PIN 412222 Qty = 9,327 Delivery PIN 422222 Qty = 10,000 Delivery PIN 423333 Qty = 8,000 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 9,250 TT 118 Upstream Rank=500 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Qty = 2.327 Pkg ID 1A, TT 118 Upstream Rank=400 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Qty = 7,000 Pkg ID 1B, TT 118 Upstream Rank=300 GHI Company DUNS 999999999 Qty= 4,000 Pkg ID 2A, TT 117 Dnstream Rank= 400 Service Requester DUNS - 000000001 GHI Company DUNS 999999999 Qty = 6,000 Pkg ID 2B, TT 117 Dnstream Rank= 300 Path 1 Path 2 IT Contract 12345 R Qty = 9,250 TT 01 Pkg ID 3A FTA Contract 22345 R Qty = 1,077 TT01 Pkg ID Path2 JKL Company DUNS 666666666 Qty = 8,000 TT 117 Dnstream Rank= 500 Path 3 FTA Contract 22345 R Qty = 8,250 TT 01 Pkg ID Path3 Del Rank = 200 Rec Rank = 350 Offsystem Supply Offsystem Market Rec Rank = 500 I H G F E D C B A Del Rank = 100 Del Rank = 300 Rec Rank = 650

3 FTA EDI Output HeaderQTY*38*7000*BZReceipt QuantityLQ*R2*650Receipt Rank ST*873*123456789Transaction No.PathedQTY*38*8250*BZReceipt Quantity BGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierD – Path 1N1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream Party DTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeDTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn DateLCD*1*MQ***SV*423333Delivery Location N1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSN9*CYI*ID2Cycle IndicatorLQ*R3*500Delivery Rank N1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSCS*12345-ITTGP***NMT*TContract ID SLN*N014**ITracking IDNon-threaded LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorG – Offsystem Market A – Offsystem SupplyLQ*TT*01Transaction TypeDTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn Date DTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn DateN9*PKG*3APackage IDN9*CYI*ID2Cycle Indicator N9*CYI*ID2Cycle IndicatorN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationSLN*N017**ITracking ID SLN*N011**ITracking IDLQ*R2*500Receipt RankLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorQTY*38*9250*BZReceipt QuantityLQ*TT*117Transaction Type LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartyN9*PKG*2APackage ID N1*US**1*777777777Upstream PartyLCD*1*MQ***SV*422222Delivery LocationN1*DW**1*999999999Downstream Party LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationLQ*R3*100Delivery RankLCD*1*M2***SV*422222Delivery Location LQ*R1*500Upstream RankE – Path 2LQ*R4*400Downstream Rank DTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn DateQTY*38*4000*BZDelivery Quantity B – Offsystem SupplyN9*CYI*ID2Cycle IndicatorH - Offsystem Market DTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn DateCS*22345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDDTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn Date N9*CYI*ID2Cycle IndicatorSLN*N015**ITracking IDN9*CYI*ID2Cycle Indicator CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID SLN*N012**ITracking IDLQ*TT*01Transact ion TypeSLN*N018**ITracking ID LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorN9*PKG*Path2Package IDLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyLQ*TT*117Transaction Type N9*PKG*1APackage IDLCD*1*M2***SV*422222Receipt LocationN9*PKG*2BPackage ID N1*US**1*888888888Upstream PartyLQ*R2*350Receipt RankN1*DW**1*999999999Downstream Party LCD*1*M2***SV*412222Receipt LocationQTY*38*1077*BZReceipt QuantityLCD*1*MQ***SV*422222Delivery Location LQ*R1*400Upstream RankN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartyLQ*R4*300Downstream Rank QTY*38*2327*BZReceipt QuantityLCD*1*MQ***SV*422222Delivery LocationQTY*38*6000*BZDelivery Quantity C – Offsystem SupplyLQ*R3*300Delivery RankI - Offsystem Market DTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn DateF – Path 3DTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn Date N9*CYI*ID2Cycle IndicatorDTM*007****RDT*201301082100-201301090900Nomn DateN9*CYI*ID2Cycle Indicator CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDN9*CYI*ID2Cycle IndicatorCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID SLN*N013**ITracking IDCS*22345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDSLN*N019**ITracking ID LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorSLN*N016**ITracking IDLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLQ*TT*117Transaction Type N9*PKG*1BPackage IDLQ*TT*01Transact ion TypeN1*DW**1*666666666Downstream Party N1*US**1*888888888Upstream PartyN9*PKG*Path3Package IDLCD*1*MQ***SV*423333Delivery Location LCD*1*M2***SV*412222Receipt LocationN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyLQ*R4*500Downstream Rank LQ*R1*300Upstream RankLCD*1*M2***SV*412222Receipt LocationQTY*38*8000*BZDelivery Quantity

4 SA with Rank and Package ID Example 2 SA contracts will only be used to nominate from the wellhead (physical receipt) to the pool PIN Buys/Sells to a pool PIN do not need an SA contract Fuel is not nominated on an SA contract Non-threaded Pathed Non-threaded ABC Company DART GID 1234 Qty = 1,000 Pkg ID 1A, TT 118 Upstream Rank = 450 ABC Company DART GID 1234 Qty = 3,000 Pkg ID 1B, TT 118 Upstream Rank = 350 GHI Company DART GID 3456 Qty = 1,500 Pkg ID 2A, TT01 Dnstream Rank= 400 JKL Company DART GID 45678 Qty = 4,500 TT 01 Dnstream Rank= 500 DEF Company DART GID 23456 Qty = 4,500 TT 118 Upstream Rank=500 GHI Company DART GID 3456 Qty = 2,500 Pkg ID 2B, TT01 Dnstream Rank= 300 Rec Rank Path 1 = 100 Receipt PIN 410173 Qty = 8,500 Delivery PIN 405345 Qty = 8,500 Path 1 SA Contract 81234 Qty = 4,500 TT 08 Pkg ID Path1A Del Rank Path 1 = 200 Service Requester DUNS - 000000001 Offsystem SupplySell Rec Rank Path 2 = 150Del Rank Path 2 = 250 Path 2 SA Contract 81234 Qty = 4,000 TT 08 Pkg ID Path2A C B A E D H G F

5 SA EDI Output HeaderQTY*38*4500*BZReceipt QuantityN9*PKG*2APackage ID ST*873*123456789Transaction No.N1*DW**SV*3456Downstream Party BGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierPathedLCD*1*MQ***SV*405345Delivery Location DTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeD – Path 1LQ*R4*400Downstream Rank N1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateQTY*38*1500*BZDelivery Quantity N1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorG - Sell CS*81234-SATGP***NMT*TContract IDDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date Non-threadedSLN*N014**ITracking IDN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator A – Offsystem SupplyLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateLQ*TT*08Transaction TypeSLN*N017**ITracking ID N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorN9*PKG*Path1APackage IDLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyLQ*TT*01Transaction Type SLN*N011**ITracking IDLCD*1*M2***SV*410173Receipt LocationN9*PKG*2BPackage ID LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLQ*R2*100Receipt RankN1*DW**SV*3456Downstream Party LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeQTY*38*4500*BZReceipt QuantityLCD*1*MQ***SV*405345Delivery Location N9*PKG*1APackage IDN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartyLQ*R4*300Downstream Rank N1*US**SV*1234Upstream PartyLCD*1*MQ***SV*405345Delivery LocationQTY*38*2500*BZDelivery Quantity LCD*1*M2***SV*410173Receipt LocationLQ*R3*200Delivery RankH - Sell LQ*R1*450Upstream RankE – Path 2DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date QTY*38*1000*BZReceipt QuantityDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator B – Offsystem SupplyN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateCS*81234-SATGP***NMT*TContract IDSLN*N018**ITracking ID N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorSLN*N015**ITracking IDLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLQ*TT*01Transaction Type SLN*N012**ITracking IDLQ*TT*08Transact ion TypeN1*DW**SV*45678Downstream Party LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorN9*PKG*Path2APackage IDLCD*1*MQ***SV*405345Delivery Location LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyLQ*R4*500Downstream Rank N9*PKG*1BPackage IDLCD*1*M2***SV*410173Receipt LocationQTY*38*4500*BZDelivery Quantity N1*US** SV*1234Upstream PartyLQ*R2*150Receipt Rank LCD*1*M2***SV*410173Receipt LocationQTY*38*4000*BZReceipt Quantity LQ*R1*350Upstream RankN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream Party QTY*38*3000*BZReceipt QuantityLCD*1*MQ***SV*405345Delivery Location C – Offsystem SupplyLQ*R3*250Delivery Rank DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorNon-threaded CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDF – Sell SLN*N013**ITracking IDDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID N1*US** SV*23456Upstream PartySLN*N016**ITracking ID LCD*1*M2***SV*410173Receipt LocationLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator LQ*R1*500Upstream RankLQ*TT*01Transaction Type

6 Example 3 Pathed Non-threaded One storage PIN will be used to nominate both injections and withdrawals Transaction type will be used to distinguish a storage injection or withdrawal transaction. Use TT 06 for storage injection. Storage Injection with Rank and Package ID Path 1 Path 2 FTA Contract 12345 R Qty = 6,000 TT 01 Pkg ID Path1 FTA Contract 12345 R Qty = 10,000 TT01 Pkg ID Path2 FSMA – 1234 Qty = 15,824 TT 06 Dnstream Rank =100 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 7,000 Pkg ID 1A, TT 118 Upstream Rank =450 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 5,000 Pkg ID 1B, TT 118 Upstream Rank =350 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Qty = 4,000 TT 118 Upstream Rank = 500 Service Requester DUNS - 000000001 Del Rank Path 1 = 150Rec Rank Path 1 = 100 Receipt PIN 411111 Qty = 16,000 Delivery PIN 460020 Qty = 15,824 Storage Injection Offsystem Supply Rec Rank Path 2 = 700Del Rank Path 2 = 250 A B C E D F

7 Storage Injection EDI Output HeaderSLN*N013**ITracking IDLCD*1*MQ***SV*460020Delivery Location ST*873*123456789Transaction No.LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLQ*R3*250Delivery Rank BGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierLQ*TT*118Transaction Type DTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeN1*US**1*888888888Upstream PartyNon-threaded N1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationF - Storage N1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSLQ*R1*500Upstream RankDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination Date QTY*38*4000*BZQuantityN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator Non-threadedCS*1234-FSMATGP***NMT*UContract ID A – Offsystem SupplyPathedSLN*N016**ITracking ID DTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateD – Path 1LQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateLQ*TT*06Transaction Type CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorN1*DW**1*000000001Downstream Party SLN*N011**ITracking IDCS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDLCD*1*MQ***SV*460020Delivery Location LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorSLN*N014**ITracking IDLQ*R4*100Downstream Rank LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorQTY*38*15824*BZQuantity N9*PKG*1APackage IDLQ*TT*01Transaction Type N1*US**1*777777777Upstream PartyN9*PKG*Path1Package ID LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream Party LQ*R1*450Upstream RankLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt Location QTY*38*7000*BZQuantityLQ*R2*100Receipt Rank B – Offsystem SupplyQTY*38*6000*BZReceipt Quantity DTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream Party N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLCD*1*MQ***SV*460020Delivery Location CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDLQ*R3*150Delivery Rank SLN*N012**ITracking IDE – Path 2 LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination Date LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator N9*PKG*1BPackage IDCS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract ID N1*US**1*777777777Upstream PartySLN*N015**ITracking ID LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationLQ*QT*RReceipt Indicator LQ*R1*350Upstream RankLQ*TT*01Transact ion Type QTY*38*5000*BZQuantityN9*PKG*Path2Package ID C – Offsystem SupplyN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream Party DTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt Location N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLQ*R2*700Receipt Rank CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDQTY*38*10000*BZReceipt Quantity N1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream Party

8 Example 4 Receipt DRN 139407 Qty = 20,000 Delivery DRN 333333 Qty = 19,298 Pathed Non-threaded One storage PIN will be used to nominate both injections and withdrawals Transaction type will be used to distinguish a storage injection or withdrawal transaction. Use TT 07 for storage withdrawal. FSMA – 1234 Qty = 20,000 TT 07 Upstream Rank = 100 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 15,000 Pkg ID 1A, TT 117 Dnstream Rank=400 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 3,000 Pkg ID 1B, TT 117 Dnstream Rank=300 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Qty = 1,298 TT 117 Dnstream Rank = 500 Path 1: Path 2: FTA Contract 12345 R Qty = 17,500 TT 01 Pkg ID Path1 FTA Contract 12345 R Qty = 2,500 TT 01 Pkg ID Path2 Rec Rank Path 2 = 600 Del Rank Path 1 = 100 Storage Withdrawal with Rank and Package ID Service Requester DUNS - 000000001 Storage Withdrawal Offsystem Market A F C B E D Del Rank Path 2 = 700 Rec Rank Path 1 = 250

9 Storage Withdrawal EDI Output HeaderC – Path 2LQ*TT*117Transaction Type ST*873*123456789Transaction No.DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateN9*PKG*1BPackage ID BGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorN1*DW**1*777777777Downstream Party DTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeCS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDLCD*1*MQ***DR*333333Delivery Location N1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSSLN*N012**ITracking IDLQ*R4*300Downstream Rank N1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorQTY*38*3000*BZQuantity LQ*TT*01Transaction TypeF – Offsystem Market Non-threadedN9*PKG*Path2Package IDDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date A - StorageN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateLCD*1*M2***DR*139407Receipt LocationCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLQ*R2*600Receipt RankSLN*N015**ITracking ID CS*1234-FSMATGP***NMT*UContract IDQTY*38*2500*BZReceipt QuantityLQ*QT*DDelivery Indicator SLN*N010**ITracking IDN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartyLQ*TT*117Transaction Type LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLCD*1*MQ***DR*333333Delivery LocationN1*DW**1*888888888Downstream Party LQ*TT*07Transaction TypeLQ*R3*700Delivery RankLCD*1*MQ***DR*333333Delivery Location N1*US**1*000000001Upstream PartyLQ*R4*500Downstream Rank LCD*1*M2***DR*139407Receipt LocationNon-threadedQTY*38*1298*BZQuantity LQ*R1*100Upstream RankD – Offsystem Market QTY*38*20000*BZQuantityDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date N9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator PathedCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID B – Path 1SLN*N013**ITracking ID DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateLQ*QT*DDelivery Indicator N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLQ*TT*117Transaction Type CS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDN9*PKG*1APackage ID SLN*N011**ITracking IDN1*DW**1*777777777Downstream Party LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLCD*1*MQ***DR*333333Delivery Location LQ*TT*01Transact ion TypeLQ*R4*400Downstream Rank N9*PKG*Path1Package IDQTY*38*15000*BZQuantity N1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyE – Offsystem Market LCD*1*M2***DR*139407Receipt LocationDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date LQ*R2*250Receipt RankN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator QTY*38*17500*BZReceipt QuantityCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID N1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartySLN*N014**ITracking ID LCD*1*MQ***DR*333333Delivery LocationLQ*QT*DDelivery Indicator LQ*R3*100Downstream Rank

10 Example 5 Park and Loan Transactions Transaction types go on the supply nom for loan and park withdrawal (TT 28 and 27) Transaction types go on delivery nom for park and loan payback (TT 26 and 29) Park Withdrawal Park Non-threaded Pathed 54321-ROLTTGP Qty = 12,000 Pkg ID 1A, TT 27 Upstream Rank=150 54321-ROLTTGP Qty = 12,700 TT 26 Dnstream Rank=600 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Q = 4,000 Pkg ID 1A, TT 118 Upstream Rank=250 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Q = 9,000 Pkg ID 1B, TT 118 Upstream Rank=350 GHI Company DUNS 999999999 Qty= 5,000 Pkg ID 2A, TT 117 Dnstream Rank=400 GHI Company DUNS 999999999 Qty = 6,869 Pkg ID 2B, TT 117 Dnstream Rank=500 Receipt PIN 411111 Qty = 12,000 Receipt PIN 411111 Qty = 13,000 Delivery PIN 422222 Qty = 11,869 Delivery PIN 423333 Qty = 12,700 FTA 12345 R Qty = 12,000 TT 01 Pkg ID LoanAB FTA 12345 R Qty = 13,000 TT 01 Pkg ID ParkBC Service Requester: ABC Company DUNS – 000000001 Rec Rank = 200 Rec Rank = 100 Del Rank = 550 Del Rank = 450 D C B A H G F E

11 Park and Loan EDI Output Park Withdrawal CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDQTY*38*4000*BZQuantity HeaderSLN*N013**ITracking IDF – Offsystem Supply ST*873*123456789Transaction No.LQ*QT*DReceipt IndicatorDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination Date BGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierLQ*TT*117Transaction TypeN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator DTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeN9*PKG*2APackage IDCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID N1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSN1*DW**1*999999999Downstream PartySLN*N016**ITracking ID N1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSLCD*1*MQ***SV*422222Delivery LocationLQ*QT*RReceipt Indicator LQ*R4*400Downstream RankLQ*TT*118Transaction Type Non-threadedQTY*38*5000*BZQuantityN9*PKG*1BPackage ID A – LoanD - Offsystem MarketN1*US**1*888888888Upstream Party DTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt Location N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLQ*R1*350Upstream Rank CS*54321***NMT*UContract IDCS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDQTY*38*9000*BZQuantity SLN*N011**ITracking IDSLN*N014**ITracking ID LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLQ*QT*DReceipt IndicatorPathed LQ*TT*27Transaction TypeLQ*TT*117Transaction TypeG – Path 1 N9*PKG*1APackage IDN9*PKG*2BPackage IDDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination Date N1*US**1*000000001Upstream PartyN1*DW**1*999999999Downstream PartyN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationLCD*1*MQ***SV*422222Delivery LocationCS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract ID LQ*R1*150Upstream RankLQ*R4*500Downstream RankSLN*N017**ITracking ID QTY*38*12000*BZQuantityQTY*38*6869*BZQuantityLQ*QT*RReceipt Indicator LQ*TT*01Transaction Type Pathed Park N9*PKG*PARKBCPackage ID B – Path 1HeaderN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream Party DTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateST*873*123456789Transaction No.LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt Location N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorBGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierLQ*R2*200Receipt Rank CS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDDTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeQTY*38*13000*BZReceipt Quantity SLN*N012**ITracking IDN1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream Party LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorN1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSLCD*1*MQ***SV*423333Delivery Location LQ*TT*01Transaction TypeLQ*R3*550Delivery Rank N9*PKG*LOANABPackage IDNon-threaded N1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyE – Offsystem SupplyH - Park LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateDTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination Date LQ*R2*100Receipt RankN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator QTY*38*12000*BZReceipt QuantityCS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDCS*4321***NMT*UContract ID N1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartySLN*N015**ITracking IDSLN*N018**ITracking ID LCD*1*MQ***SV*422222Delivery LocationLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator LQ*R3*450Delivery RankLQ*TT*118Transaction TypeLQ*TT*26Transaction Type Non-threadedN9*PKG*1APackage IDN1*DW**1*000000001Downstream Party C – Offsystem MarketN1*US**1*888888888Upstream PartyLCD*1*MQ***SV*423333Delivery Location DTM*007****RD8*20130108-20130110Nomination DateLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationLQ*R4*600Delivery Rank N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLQ*R1*250Upstream RankQTY*38*12700*BZQuantity

12 Authorized Overrun with Rank and Package ID Example 6 AO will be nominated as a separate transaction (Transaction Type 02) Service Requester DUNS - 000000001 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 5,000 Pkg ID 1A, TT 118 Upstream Rank = 450 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Qty = 2,000 Pkg ID 1C, TT 117 Dnstream Rank = 400 ABC Company DUNS 777777777 Qty = 7,000 Pkg ID 1B, TT 118 Upstream Rank = 350 DEF Company DUNS 888888888 Qty = 7,000 Pkg ID 1D, TT 117 Dnstream Rank=500 GHI Company DUNS 999999999 Qty= 2,869 TT 117 Dnstream Rank = 600 Rec Rank Path 2 = 650 Del Rank Path 1 = 200 Path 2 Path 1 FTA Contract 12345 R Qty = 6500 TT 01 Pkg ID Path2 FTA Contract 12345 R Qty = 5500 TT 02 Pkg ID AB1 Receipt 411111 Qty = 12,000 Delivery 421111 Qty = 11,869 Non-threaded Pathed Non-threaded Offsystem Supply Offsystem Market Del Rank Path 2 = 300 Rec Rank Path 1 = 550 B A D C G F E

13 Authorized Overrun EDI Output HeaderLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorF – Offsystem Market ST*873*123456789Transaction No.LQ*TT*02Transaction TypeDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date BGN*00*2*20130107****G1Nom IdentifierN9*PKG*AB1Package IDN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator DTM*102****DT*201301070945Submit Date/TimeN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID N1*SJ**1*001939164TSP DUNSLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationSLN*N016**ITracking ID N1*78**1*000000001Shipper DUNSLQ*R2*550Receipt RankLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator QTY*38*5500*BZReceipt QuantityLQ*TT*117Transaction Type Non-threadedN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartyN9*PKG*1DPackage ID A – Offsystem SupplyLCD*1*MQ***SV*421111Delivery LocationN1*DW**1*888888888Downstream Party DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateLQ*R3*200Delivery RankLCD*1*MQ***SV*421111Delivery Location N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorD – Path 2LQ*R4*500Downstream Rank CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateQTY*38*7000*BZQuantity SLN*N011**ITracking IDN9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorG – Offsystem Market LQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorCS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeSLN*N014**ITracking IDN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator N9*PKG*1APackage IDLQ*QT*RReceipt IndicatorCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID N1*US**1*777777777Upstream PartyLQ*TT*01Transact ion TypeSLN*N017**ITracking ID LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationN9*PKG*Path2Package IDLQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator LQ*R1*450Upstream RankN1*US**ZZ*N/AUpstream PartyLQ*TT*117Transaction Type QTY*38*5000*BZQuantityLCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationN1*DW**1*999999999Downstream Party B – Offsystem SupplyLQ*R2*650Receipt RankLCD*1*MQ***SV*421111Delivery Location DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateQTY*38*6429*BZReceipt QuantityLQ*R4*600Downstream Rank N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorN1*DW**ZZ*N/ADownstream PartyQTY*38*2869*BZQuantity CS*000000001***NMT*UContract IDLCD*1*MQ***SV*421111Delivery Location SLN*N012**ITracking IDLQ*R3*300Delivery Rank LQ*QT*RReceipt Indicator LQ*TT*118Transaction TypeNon-threaded N9*PKG*1BPackage IDE – Offsystem Market N1*US**1*777777777Upstream PartyDTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination Date LCD*1*M2***SV*411111Receipt LocationN9*CYI*TIMCycle Indicator LQ*R1*350Upstream RankCS*000000001***NMT*UContract ID QTY*38*7000*BZQuantitySLN*N015**ITracking ID LQ*QT*DReceipt Indicator PathedLQ*TT*117Transaction Type C – Path 1N9*PKG*1CPackage ID DTM*007****RDT*201301080900-201301090900Nomination DateN1*DW**1*888888888Downstream Party N9*CYI*TIMCycle IndicatorLCD*1*MQ***SV*421111Delivery Location CS*12345-FTATGP***NMT*TContract IDLQ*R4*400Downstream Rank SLN*N013**ITracking IDQTY*38*2000*BZQuantity

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