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Late Medieval Art Art History Unit Test #2 - Part 4.

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1 Late Medieval Art Art History Unit Test #2 - Part 4

2 Medieval Era a.k.a. The “dark ages” or “middle ages” Romanesque Gothic Early Medieval Migratory Hiberno-Saxon Carolingian Ottonian

3 The characteristics of Gothic architecture : Interior space becomes taller and “lighter”...... more open Interior and exterior ornamentation becomes much more elaborate and decorative Clerestory fenestration (windows) become larger and lighter. Extensive use of rib vaulting (look for variations). Sculpture appears more realistic, 3D and much less stiff as time progresses into the late Gothic. Italian Gothic looks to Byzantium for influence.

4 And now…….a quick word about VAULTING : Romanesque Gothic Clerestory windows Rib vaulting

5 A. archivolts B. jamb figures C. tympanum D. pinnacles E. rosetta (rose) window F. buttresses G. tracery

6 Notre-Dame Paris, France c. 1163

7 Chartres Cathedral Chartres, France c. 1145

8 1220 1150

9 flamma = flame (Latin) flambeau = torch (French) Rouen Cathedral Rouen, France c. 1124 - 1350 Late Gothic Flamboyant Style a.k.a. Rayonnant Style

10 Orvieto Cathedral Orvieto, Italy c. 1280


12 Palazzo Vecchio Florence, Italy c. 1305

13 Secular Gothic in Venice Doges Palace Venice, Italy c. 1350

14 Ca’ da’Oro Venice, Italy c. 1440 nice orientalizing

15 Virgin of Paris Notre-Dame, Paris c. 1330

16 Cimabue (Cenni di Pepo) c. 1225 – 1300 Madonna Enthroned c. 1280 The Uffizi Gallery Florence, Italy Italo-Byzantine Style

17 Duccio Madonna Enthroned The Uffizi, Florence, Italy Siena, Italy c. 1290

18 Duccio Maesta’ 13’ x 7’ 1308 - 11 Museum of the Duomo, Siena

19 Simone Martini The Annunciation 10’ x 9.5’ c. 1333 The Uffizi

20 Gentile de Fabriano Adoration Of the Magi The Uffizi, Florence c. 1423

21 The Limbourg Brothers (Les Tres Ricyhes Heures de Duc de Berry) The Book of Hours of the Duke of Berry c. 1413 January

22 Italo-Byzantine Style Manuscript Illumination International Style (panel painting) Roman Wall Painting Northern Renaissance (panel /oil painting) Giotto (fresco painting) Italian Renaissance (fresco painting)

23 Giotto Madonna Enthroned The Uffizi, Florence, Italy c. 1310

24 Scrovegni Chapel (The Arena Chapel) Padua, Italy c. 1305 - 06




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