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DateAssignment TitlePage # 3/1/12Recurring Theme (introduction)L1 3/1/12Recurring Theme (introduction)R1.

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1 DateAssignment TitlePage # 3/1/12Recurring Theme (introduction)L1 3/1/12Recurring Theme (introduction)R1

2 L1: Introduction What are the components in a five paragraph essay? 1.Introduction 2.3 Body Paragraph 3.Conclusion In your essay, the introduction is the very first paragraph. It tells your reader what you will be covering in the essay.

3 L1: Introduction General Statement Lead into the two stories being compared by giving the TAG Briefly describe the main characters and summarize the stories Tell what the main character learns Transform the lesson learned into a theme statement

4 L1: Introduction A thesis statement is a sentence or 2 in the essay that tells the reader what the essay is about

5 R1: Introduction Triangle Thesis statement: In the short stories, “I’m Not Mad Anymore” by Caroline B. Cooney and “A Bad Road For Cats” by Cynthia Rylant, the recurring theme is “Time heals all wounds.” Attention Getter/ General Statement: Often when we are hurt by others we become full of rage. We hold on to that rage because we feel betrayed by the person who hurt us. It is also true that we are able to heal as time goes by. This same experience is present in two stories, “I’m Not Mad Anymore” and “A Bad Road for Cats.”

6 L2: The Body The body of an essay is the center of the essay. It is divided into paragraphs and the paragraphs provide explanations and examples to help bring the point (thesis statement) across to the center

7 L2: The Body The format for a body paragraph in a recurring theme essay – Topic sentence – Lead in – Evidence – Explanation – Connection/conclusion

8 R2: Body Paragraph Organizer Topic Sentence: (Transition + title of first story + recurring theme) Lead in: A phrase or few words that explains where in the story you are pulling out the quote from Evidence Quotation/Citation from the text The words from the story Do not make it your own. Explanation Explain how your quotation proves that the recurring theme really is the message of this story Connection Explain how the recurring theme fits this story from begging to end.

9 L3: The Conclusion The last paragraph, also know as the conclusion, should make your essay sound finished. The concluding paragraph typically has three parts: summary statement -restate the thesis statement in a fresh way Main points- briefly and creatively restate the main points of each body paragraph in 2-3 sentences clincher -a final thought to wow! the reader.

10 R____: Conclusion Organizer Summary Statement Use a transition to let your reader know you are closing your essay Repeat thesis statement in different words, but keep the same theme statement Main Points for story 1: The main character, ____________, in “____________________________” Main Points for story 2: Clincher: This message of ______________________ is meaningful because

11 L4: Handout Sample SRC and Body Paragraph

12 R4: THE BODY: SAMPLE TEXT Topic Sentence:, ___________________________________, shows the recurring theme of Lead in: When Anne’s husband Gilbert gave her the news that she’d be leaving her beloved house she couldn’t bare to part with it, but at the end of the story and reflects and understands the truth. In that moment of truth, Anne tells herself, Evidence: Explanation: This shows Connection: This story is representative of the recurring theme _________________________ because “Farewell to the House of Dreams” “Even if you say goodbye, memories and special moments are never forgotten.” The first story

13 L5:

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