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ResiTrak – What’s New and Improved? Scott R. McCreadie Pharm.D.,MBA.

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1 ResiTrak – What’s New and Improved? Scott R. McCreadie Pharm.D.,MBA

2 ResiTrak Usage 200720082009201020112012 Residents Enrolled into ResiTrak 1,1501,8202,0692,3062,6193,012 Residency Programs using ResiTrak 4907308619851,1321,283 Total Users 8,00014,000+15,000+18,000+20,000+~30,000


4 What’s New and Improved?

5 Residents can upload files  Residents can upload files  Residents can delete files if: Resident added file File was uploaded <7 days ago  RPDs and preceptors can still delete all files


7 Evaluation Headers  Information added to headers when completing and cosigning evaluations Evaluation Due Date Learning Experience Dates Explanation of the scales used Date evaluation was submitted (cosignature only) Whether you are cosigning as the resident, the preceptor, or the RPD (cosignature only) Previous cosigner’s name, dates, and comments (RPD cosignature only)


9 Spell check added  Residency description  Learning Experience description  Custom evaluation question definitions  Comment boxes (completing evaluations)  To check spelling, click the spellcheck button in the header


11 Taxonomy  Taxonomy/Classification of objectives added throughout  Example: Objective R4.1.1 (Synthesis) Identify a topic of significance for a critical care pharmacy research project.

12 Questions Added to Evaluations  Preceptor Evaluation Overall Comments  Learning Experience Evaluation The preceptor(s) oriented me to the learning experience, including reviewing and providing written copies of the learning experience educational goals and objectives, associated learning activities, and evaluation strategies. Overall Comments  Will appear on evaluations that had not yet been viewed the morning of 12/1/2012

13 Added/Modified Reports  Excel reports are in Excel 2007 format  Current Status Crosstab: Corrections to color coding  Overall Evaluation Status: Added initial submission date


15 “Evaluations Sent Back For Edit” report  Records of sending evaluations back for edit available from 11/8/2010  Comments from sending back for edit available from 12/1/2012 – same comments as is included in email  Report available to RPDs, Site Setup Users, Residency Administrators  Send back for edit information also added to evaluation reports


17 Needs Improvement report  Includes all goals and objectives scored “Needs Improvement” (NI) for the resident.  Will include nothing if the ASHP Summative Scale is not used for summative evaluations for your program


19 Achieved for Residency Change Log  Shows all times the ACHR box has been checked or unchecked  Summative Evaluations and from the Customized Training Plan screen


21 Miscellaneous  Favicon added  PGY1 Managed Care Pharmacy E4 goals renumbered Reports for past, current, and future residents all change  Login screen will no longer time out  “Change Site” link If you are associated with multiple sites

22 Changes to ResiTrak 6/15 and 7/7  File storage space increased to 50 MB (was 20 MB)  New types of employment for graduate tracking  Goals Evaluated in LEs (TE) report added  Sorting added for Learning Experiences in Site Reports  Help and Support documents added; reorganized  Sorting added to task list and overdue tasks list  Copy resident schedule from an existing schedule  Spell check added to Customized Training Plan


24 Copying a resident’s schedule

25 FAQs

26 Residency FAQ We would like for our preceptors to be able to mark goals as “Achieved for Residency.” How/where do we set this option? RPD Menu  Residency Setup wizard  Residency Options screen  select/deselect the checkboxes for:  Allow preceptors to check ACHR (Achieved for Residency) on summative evaluations  When ACHR is checked, evaluating that goal on summative evaluations is optional

27 Residency FAQ The RPD did not add snapshots to the learning experience when it was placed on the schedule. How do we add them later? Snapshots may be added by either the RPD or the preceptor at any time to provide formative feedback to a resident about a selected objective. They are added from the Manage Tasks and Evaluations screen by clicking the Generate New Eval button.

28 Evaluations FAQ My preceptor and/or resident has not provided sufficient feedback in an evaluation. Can I ask him/her to add more comments? Yes. From the Manage Tasks and Evaluations screen, use the “Send Back for Edit” link to send the evaluation back without removing answers. Add a note for the evaluator, which will be included in the email.

29 Evaluations FAQ We have created a longitudinal learning experience for our residents. What evaluations need to be scheduled? While the four required evaluations will automatically be scheduled at the end of the learning experience, they will need to be added to the Typical Evaluation Schedule at each quarter, also. Follow the directions on the Learning Experience Setup wizard to add multiple evaluations for the Preceptor Evaluation, the Learning Experience Evaluation, and the Summative Evaluation.

30 User Roles FAQ We have a very small residency program. Who should we designate as the Residency Administrator? The Residency Administrator role may be used to add any user to a residency program who should be able to view reports for the entire program, but does not need edit rights. This may be a preceptor, or a user who is not part of the residency program. You may also list the program director as both RPD and Residency Administrator.

31 User Roles FAQ One of my preceptors is leaving, and we’ll replace her with a new preceptor. How do I do this? First add the new preceptor to ResiTrak (Residency Setup Wizard: Preceptors – New), then add the new preceptor to the Learning Experience(s) (Learning Experience Setup Wizard: General Information), and uncheck the old preceptor there. Finally, remove the preceptor using the “Remove from Site” link next his name on the User Manager screen (RPD menu).

32 User Roles FAQ Our RPD will be taking a leave of absence. How do we handle her tasks while she is away? Depending on the situation and the length of the absence, the RPD may choose to appoint an “interim RPD” and change the RPD role on the Residency Information screen (Residency Setup Wizard). This person will then be the RPD, with all of the responsibilities, and email notifications, that come with that role. If there is no need to assign a new RPD, it may be useful to designate a Site Setup User who may access all learning experiences, and view all evaluations in the Manage Tasks and Evaluations screen. Without the RPD role, however, this site setup user will NOT be able to cosign evaluations in place of the RPD.

33 Reports FAQ Where can I find a list of all overdue tasks in my program? The RPD may view overdue tasks by selecting the link on the home page. The RPD, RA, and site setup users may print a report of overdue tasks by selecting the Overdue Tasks report on the Resident-Specific reports screen.

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