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Open Source Programme Update Health Insights Peter Coates Open Source Programme Manager 08/10/2014 Achieving an Integrated Digital Care Record Open Source.

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1 Open Source Programme Update Health Insights Peter Coates Open Source Programme Manager 08/10/2014 Achieving an Integrated Digital Care Record Open Source Programme

2 Current challenges & issues Lack of satisfaction for clinicians with current system Issues of usability Speed and cost of modification and integrations 2

3 “To achieve a self-sustaining eco-system of communities developing, delivering and supporting a wide range of high quality Open Source digital services to the care community” The Vision 3

4 How this will be achieved 1.Create a market of viable Open Source solutions, for them to be considered equally with proprietary options 2.Provide evidence of the value of Open Source to the wider Health and Social Care Community 3.Ensure by default all code & assets created in the NHS is shared as part of a Library of assets for re-use 4.Ensure a level playing field for Open Source commodity & infrastructure services 4

5 What is Open Source? Based on 4 Software Freedoms: Freedom to useFreedom to redistribute copies Freedom to understand how it works and adapt it Freedom to make and share improvements with anyone 5

6 6

7 7

8 Custodian Model 8

9 NHS England Open Source Commissioning & Delivery Model 9

10 Recent highlights IDC Fund applications received – 61/224 Open Source All OS IDC Fund application assessments attended OpenEyes live at Salisbury Kick off for Code 4 Health (powered by HANDI-HOPD) & ePrescribing Proof of Concept Community Development structure OpenMaxims code published – Taunton implementation commenced 1 st May 10 June July August September

11 Integrated Digital Care Record 67 Open Source Applications 11 Total number of applications received 224 30% 70% IDC Fund Applications

12 Code 4 Health Powered by HANDI HOPD Building a strategy to utilise the HANDI HOPD platform to develop healthcare applications Establishing the Code4Health brand to bring together franchised user groups Make training available to run pilot initiatives to explore the art of the possible Creation of pilots starting with Sunderland University 12

13 Code 4 Health Powered by HANDI HOPD Oct-14 Nov-14 Dec-14 Jan-15 Feb-15Mar-15 Platform available Open Source Day Challenge Training made available Franchise opportunities available X Franchises established Y Users trained X Pilots completed Strategy confirmed Pilot groups formed & validated 13

14 NHS England Open Source Community Development & Market Opportunities Model Implementation & Support Services Procurement Technical Custodian Procurement Product Selection Community Formation Collaborative Planning Product Roadmap Development Community DevelopmentSME Entrepreneur Opportunities Solution Delivery 14 Trust Requirements

15 Open Source Communities Andy Williams 07920 535350 Code 4 Health Open Interoperability Open Dental Open Commodities Open Maxims Open Eyes Open PACS Open Minds Alan Fish 07900 715296 15

16 Open Source Communities Open Maternity Open Patient Held Record National Cross-Government Liaison International Collaboration Open ePrescribing Open eObs Open EDM Open Patient Admin List David Jobling 07818 522951 Peter Coates 07798 725131 16

17 OpenMaxims Secure funding Community Interest Company Formation Further development of functionality and integration using HOPD 11 Trusts applied to IDCF for an Open EPR IMS OpenMaxims 17 Next Steps

18 OpenEyes 18 Secure funding Work with Moorfields to support development of governance structure and implementation to initial sites 9 Trusts applied to IDCF for an OpenEyes Moorfields/ Neova Health Potential for additional vendors to learn code and be accredited / procured for implementation / support services Next Steps

19 OpenPACS 19 Work with HSCIC colleagues to understand existing demand (collaborations), procurement timescales, supplier market (including new entrants e.g. O3) 46 Trusts: -Group A – 11 ‘independents’ ready to re procure within the next 18 months -Group B – 6 (NEEEM) trusts ready to re procure within next 18-24 months -Group C – 18 trusts from 3 separate consortia ready to re procure probably at consortia level within next 18 months -Group D – 11 NHS SC Agg deal trusts exited July 14 on 3 year short term extension -London exits 2015 -Remaining NE & YaTH to 2016 Engage with existing suppliers O3 To engage HSCIC to leverage intelligence and experience in this sector Next Steps

20 OpenMinds 20 -Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust -NELFT -Chairman Chief Clinical Information Officers Leaders Network -MH National Network Steering Group No existing OpenSource solutions known Potential to develop bespoke module from either OpenEyes or OpenMaxims code base using HANDI HOPD platform Set up kick-off meeting with NTW & then NELFT Set up online community of interest to test wider demand and supply Next Steps

21 Open Interoperability 21 Bring community together via workshops to collaborate on potential solutions Kings College Numerous bids to IDC Fund Answer Viper360 Bids to IDC Fund appear to have a number of similar aims which may leverage some economies of scale Next Steps

22 Open Dental 22 Agreement gained from interested parties to build a proof of concept -Newcastle Dental Hospital (Newcastle Foundation Trust) -Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust -Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust -Salud -Carestream R4 -Cerner Millenium Significant synergies in working practice with OpenEyes community Next Steps

23 Open Commodities 23 Encourage communities to consider further OpenSource alternatives to proprietary systems -Feedback from CIO Summer School indicates strong demand -Listed in the OpenSource Communities of Practice opportunities and suggestion list OpenOffice, Libre Office, Apache, Linux, Firefox and many others! Widespread use of proprietary systems which have an OpenSource alternative Next Steps

24 Open ePrescribing 24 Proof of Concept developed by C4H ready by end October to showcase at the Open Source Open Day 26 th November Develop CIC -The Christie NHS Foundation Trust -The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust -No existing OpenSource solution -Engagement with community to support development of Open eP solution -Engagement with clinicians to support the development of Open eP proof of concept on C4H platform using existing solutions -Development of community Next Steps

25 Open eObs 25 Implementation of Open eObs solution at a number of sites Work with suppliers to analyse demand Develop CIC -Luton and Dunstable Hospital -The Lister Hospital Open eObs platform Engagement with community to develop existing solution Next Steps

26 Open EDM 26 Elicit and analyse requirements based on demand Work with suppliers to analyse demand Provide OpenSource EDM solution through C4H -University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust -The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust -Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust -Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust -Around 7+ other potential trusts Alfresco -Analysis of Open EDM market to develop community -Potential to develop CIC based on community Next Steps

27 Open Patient Admin Lists 27 Work with suppliers to analyse demand -University Hospital of Leicester NHS Trust -University College Hospital Open Patient Administration List (OPAL), Open Health Care UK Potential to develop CIC based on community Next Steps

28 Literature Review –October / November 2014 Case Studies –From SHSW –Ongoing through IDCF implementations Total Cost Of Ownership –Analysis over time of cost v benefit of Open Source Solutions in health and social care Benefits Realisation 28

29 Open Clinical Decision Support Innovation Prizes National competitions AHSN’s / Universities International Collaboration Continued Community Development & Support Further Innovation 29

30 Joining the product Communities of Interest Attend a Hack Day Register on the Community of Practice site Attending the Open Source Open Day 26 th November Newcastle Racecourse Consider becoming a Code 4 Health Franchisee Call to Arms 30

31 Email: Tel: 0845 8677697 Web: Twitter: @NHSOpenSource #NHSOpenSource For more information: Achieving an Integrated Digital Care Record Open Source Programme

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