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HAMS Technologies 1

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1 HAMS Technologies 1

2 2 HAMS Technologies Optimization: Optimization is the process of selecting best among all possible solution of given problem. Let Understand with the help of example Eg. (Simple problem) There are mango trees in any farm and it produce 100kg mango per year. There are Four Store in town which purchase these mangoes. The purchase price of each store are given below. R1R2R3R4 PurchaseRs100 /kgRs120 rs/kgRs 110 /kgRs 95 /kg Transport T1 T2 T3 T4

3 3 HAMS Technologies Where should I sell my mangoes ? Ans : Problem ? What is the Problem ? Now Add one more sub problem : Suppose now the transportation cost is also given in our Question. R1R2R3R4 PurchaseRs 100 /kgRs 120 /kgRs 110 /kgRs 95 /kg Transport T1 T2 T3 T4 Cost of Transportation 80008,50090008,500

4 4 HAMS Technologies Above table include transportation cost of product supply After including this cost in our problem now we have to find the Solution for maximum profit New Question definition Now each retail store can hold only 150 kg of mango. Now where do I sell

5 5 HAMS Technologies Now introduce new concept of transportation, Shared Transportation with Charges of Rs 20 kg.

6 6 HAMS Technologies Now Govt. impose taxes on Transportation System

7 7 HAMS Technologies TV Newspaper Internet Other options Marketing Investments Options On which Media I do investment, so, will I get Best possible Result (profit)

8 8 HAMS Technologies Optimization in process

9 9 HAMS Technologies Get Optimize solution

10 10 HAMS Technologies

11 11 HAMS Technologies Thank you Kindly drop us a mail at below mention address for any suggestion and clarification. We like to hear from you HAMS Technologies

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