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Marine Safety Requirements IPS 1050 and ”IPS 900MC”

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1 Marine Safety Requirements IPS 1050 and ”IPS 900MC”
Tom Tveitan

2 Base for IPS 1050 and ”IPS 900MC”
United Nations IMO SOLAS HSC 2000 Code International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft, 2000 Det Norske Veritas´Rules for Classification of High Speed and Light Craft TT 48240

3 Safety philosofy - Steering
Each IPS unit have a main steering gear A single failure in one system shall not affect the other system If one failing the vessel operable with remaining driveline(s) Failing IPS steering gear can be adjusted manually for a centre position and engage fwd / reverse thrust Marine Commercial May 2012

4 Safety philosofy – control system
Control stations A single failure in one driveline shall not effect the other driveline If one control unit fails on a control station (effecting one driveline) - continue with remaining driveline(s) or - transfer station and regain control again on both drivelines Marine Commercial May 2012

5 The Electronic Vessel Control System ”EVC”
Propulsion control Steering Joystick CAN (Fault tolerant) Dual power feed & distribution Electrical separation between drivelines Single failure shall not affect the other driveline The vessel shall be operable with one driveline out of service Autopilot interface TT 47510

6 Type Approval Certificates for a complete IPS 1050 installation
The IPS1050 is approved for installation in classified vessels with: DNV notations PATROL, YACHT, CREW, LC NAVAL and BARGE. Vessel classified but machinery type approved. - and non-classified vessels where the type approvals are accepted by the national marine administration. TT 48240

7 Type Approval Certificates for a complete IPS 1050 installation
EVC EMS IPS 3 ENGINE D13-800 TT 48240

8 Engine D13-800 Type Approval M-11454
Volvo Rating group R3 R4 R5 Mean Indicated pressure (bar) 24.3 27.6 30.7 Max. cylinder pressure (bar) 193 190 200 Rated power 700 hp 800 hp 900 hp Engine speed 2300 rpm Issued for propulsion based on Volvo Penta Duty Ratings (R3, R4 and R5) Cover combination with IPS3 i.e. torsional vibration calcultion is approved The engine control system type EMS to be type approved by DNV TT 48240

9 EMS Type Approval A-12578 EMS 2.2 D13 Engine Management System With sensors PM Power Module For redundant power supply SDU Shut Down Unit For independent safety system Issued for Engine Safety, Control and Alarm System Product Certificate is not required TT 48240

10 Thruster IPS 3 Type Approval M-11454
Duty Gear ratio Power Engine Speed Engine type Continous (all vessel types) 1,88 720 hp 2300 rpm D13 Continous (DNV notations PATROL,YACHT,CREW…) 800 hp VP Rating 4 VP Rating 5 900 hp Steerable thruster for main propulsion with counter rotating propellers, electro-mechanical steering gear, built in clutch and reversing gear. TAC also include: - Drive shafts between engine and thruster - Aluminium ring for mounting IPS TT 48240

11 EVC Type Approval A-12074 Remote Control System, Propulsion, Thruster and Steering with type designation Electronic Vessel Control System ”EVC” EVC system is intended for use only in multi-propulsion plants installations for High Speed, Light Craft vessels with length less than 30m TT 48240

12 EVC Type Approval A-12074 The type approved EVC features:
Defined control stations i.e. local station, main station and remote stations with priorities Station transfer with ”transfer under way” Extended alarm handling with steering gear display Independent rudder angle sensor TT 48240

13 Development for the ”IPS 900MC”
Cover additional types of vessels with: - extended service life according to Volvo Penta rating 3 - deliver with product certificate for engine, IPS 3 and EVC system TT 48240

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