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OmegaPS Analyzer New Functionality in Release R4.4 OUGM 2013 Graham Brum.

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1 OmegaPS Analyzer New Functionality in Release R4.4 OUGM 2013 Graham Brum

2 Major Functions Added  Scheduled Maintenance Tasks  QTT at LOM1 and OnPE  SRSF  Months Per Year hierarchy  XML Data Files  Single Item Spares – Multi-Item  Extended “Cost Per” Report  Initial Buy Report OUGM Graham BrumSlide2

3 Scheduled Maintenance  Add task details for  Calendar based tasks  Operational Unit based tasks  Operational demands for Scheduled spares replacement OUGM Graham BrumSlide3

4 SM R&O can be done at any LOM  On-PE tasks are used to “Inspect” the PE - CBM  Scheduled (Calendar)  Scheduled (Operational)  The LRU is R/R at On-PE when condition is met  The removed LRU can be sent to any LOM for repair, R&O OUGM Graham BrumSlide4

5 Model for SM  Total SM Mean Hours per Month = MHRSM(Op) + MHRSM(Cal)  MHRSM(Op) = Tasks per Month * Mean Task Time ((TOHM(PE)/MTBSM(Op)) * DC * QinPE) * MTSM(Op)  MHRSM(Cal) = Monthly Hours PE * QPE (MTSM * PETPM* QinPE) * QPE PETPM based on MTBSM MB (e.g. Weeks = 4) OUGM Graham BrumSlide5

6 OUGM Graham BrumSlide6

7 Quantity of Techs Trained  assigned to:  LOM1, or  On PE at First Line sites  Uses Labour Rates as defined for each level OUGM Graham BrumSlide7

8 SRSF  Site Reliability Stress Factor  Released in R4.3.2  Allows for Reliability (MTBF) adjustment for:  a Part  at a Site  Multiplier adjustment to MTBF when demands are generated a that specified site for the associated part OUGM Graham BrumSlide8

9 OUGM Graham BrumSlide9 Select SRSF button Opens form Set SRSF to adjust MTBR for an item at a site

10 Months Per Year Hierarchy  Months per year operating for PE is limited to only operating sites  Can be assigned at three levels:  Operating months for the PE  Operating months for the Site  Default value for all PE/Sites  Model uses the ‘best’ value from Default, Site, PE OUGM Graham BrumSlide10

11 XML Transfer Files  Data Files:  costs; echelon; structure; stock; STE  Result Files:  results; labour; spares; log  Project Transfer File:  Every data element in the project  Used for transfers between Analyzer and OSAM models. OUGM Graham BrumSlide11

12 Example Results.xml Results.xml viewed using XML Notepad 2007 from Microsoft OUGM Graham BrumSlide12

13 Multi selection of Single Item Sparing runs OUGM Graham BrumSlide13 Select one or many items to include Sort by clicking column headers Select method for Target Availability. Manual displays graph for each item

14 Extended “cost-per” LCC reports  A cost breakdown report by Part in the configuration  Can select the ‘denominator’  LCC  Per PE  Per Operating Unit  Per Failure  Others can be added in the future  Suggestions……? OUGM Graham BrumSlide14

15 Initial Buy Sparing report OUGM Graham BrumSlide15

16 Future Development  ASOAR -> APAU -> DATM  Design Availability Target Model  MHLH -> ADES -> TLAS  Through Life Availability Simulation  LORA2 Linear Programming research  Extended Task Modelling  Business Case Analysis LCC/TLC Cost Breakdown Structures OUGM Graham BrumSlide16

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