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1 SDTC Liaison Subcommittee Report SDTC Meeting Savannah, GA Thursday, 11 October 2012.

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1 1 SDTC Liaison Subcommittee Report SDTC Meeting Savannah, GA Thursday, 11 October 2012

2 Structures TC Liaison Report Bruce Willis 2 Procedures Subcommittee - Finished a TC guidebook to document TC processes and procedures (generic calendar of activities, SDM representative duties, SDM Chairs duties, Fall meeting host duties, etc.), and describe TC structure (officers, subcommittees, etc.). This might be a good template for us to do a similar project, expanding our existing Member Guidelines. Their Education Subcommittee is working on a design competition. They are also interested in teaming with us (SDTC) in our education outreach. Jeanette Domber, of Ball Aerospace, is the new STC Chair. Steve Russell was elected Vice-Chair. Lisa Hardaway, Ball Aerospace, was re-elected as Secretary. Dawn Phillips, NASA MSFC, is the 2013 SDM representative. Johanne Heald, Canadian Space Agency, will be the SDM representative for 2014.

3 Both the Applied Aerodynamics and the Fluid Dynamics TCs have sponsored sessions on Fluid/Structure Interactions and Aeroelasticity at the Aerospace Sciences Meeting. It will be important with our organizers for SDM to be aware of the sessions these TCs are organizing and when these sessions are scheduled to avoid conflicts if possible. Applied Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics TC Liaison Report Ray Gordnier 3

4 4 Structural Dynamics Related Conferences Stephen Rizzi 11 th International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics (RASD2013) –Pisa, Italy, July, 1-3, 2013 –Abstract submission date: September 28, 2012. extended to Oct 15,, 2012. –Conference Website: –This meeting is sponsored by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), University of Southampton, UK and is held every 3-4 years. It is the first time being held outside of Southampton. Paper submissions go through a review process and typically number around 120. –There will be a special session and moderated discussion on “Structural Response & Life Prediction for Reusable Hypersonic Platforms,” sponsored by EOARD. ICVV2014: International Conference on Vibration and Vibro-Acoustics – Harbin, China, January 13-15, 2014 (Held during the Harbin Ice Festival)Harbin Ice Festival – Abstract submission date: March 23, 2013 – Conference Website: (will become live soon) – This meeting is sponsored by the College of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, PR China. Paper submissions will go through a review process.

5 ASME - Course and Conference Liaison: Kirit Patel ASME eLearning Courses – Shock and Vibration Analysis – Vortex Induced Vibrations – Web site: ASME Conference of Interest – ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, November 9 – 15, 2012, Houston, TX (Web site: This has many Structural Dynamics related sessions. Few examples of session titles o Small Wind Turbine Tower Structural Vibration o Aerodynamics - High and Low Speeds o Unmanned Aerial Vehicles o Dynamics Modeling, Theory, and Application o Vibration & Noise Control and Damping Technologies o General Structural Acoustics and Vibration 5

6 Interesting Article on Neil Armstrong armstrong (Right Click and open the hyperlink) 6

7 AIAA StructuralDynamics Technical Committee Report Presented by Brent Whiting Boeing Research & Technology On behalf of the AePW Organizing Committee Information assembled by Jennifer Heeg( October, 11, 2012 AePW Website contains all presentations from the workshop:

8 Thank you for your support of the 1 st AePW- politically, organizationally and from a technical participation standpoint.

9 AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop held successfully* at last year’s SDM conference *without violence, pestilence or nervous breakdown

10 AePW Status Workshop presentations & workshop summary document are available on the AePW website ( Special sessions planned at ASM2013, SDM2013 & IFASD2013 Discussion sessions for path forward planned during last time slot of each special session- we welcome feedback (technical, planning, administrative) to improve the activity May want additional special session at SDM 2014 Coordinating publications for journal articles; targeting 2014 publication

11 2013 SDM Special Session: The Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop Session Time Slot Number Abstract Tracking #Corresponding AuthorTitle 1 1514002Jennifer Heeg Overview and Lessons Learned from the Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop 2 1513323Adam Jirasek Steady and Unsteady Investigation of BCSW and Hirenasd configuration 3 Melike Nikbay HIRENASD analysis for static and dynamic conditions for low and high Re computations 4 1513786 Carol Wieseman Structural Dynamics Modeling of HIRENASD in support of the Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop 5 1514043Jennifer Heeg Experimental Data Reduction for the Benchmark Supercritical Wing Wind Tunnel Model 6N/A Discussion of the aeroelastic prediction workshop results & path forward Request made to Joe Slater for special session. We have not received feedback on this. Can the TC provide any feedback regarding when should hear from the conference organizing committee?

12 AHS Forum 68 Technical Program Report Joe Horn 814 865 6434 AHS Technical Council Mtg. Fort Worth, TX 4/30/2012 AHS TC Liaison Report Bill Welsh 12

13 Forum 68 Abstract Deadline Policy Continued the deadline policy implemented by Judah Milgram and Susan Gorton for Forum 67 No extension of the abstract deadline: Friday October 7. The submission website will be kept open for some period of time after the deadline … but there is no guarantee that late abstracts will be reviewed Authors are encouraged to get abstracts in on time, the later it is submitted the less chance that it has of being reviewed. Up to the individual technical committees as to how they will treat late submissions (more competitive sessions will probably not consider late abstracts) 13

14 Forum 68 Abstract Submission Statistics as of 11:59pm EDT, 10/7/2011 280 Abstracts Submitted by Deadline Acoustics7History7 AVF6Manufacturing10 Aerodynamics36M &S19 Aircraft Design15Operations14 Avionics and Systems11Product Support7 Crash Safety5Propulsion10 Crew Systems3Structures & Materials21 Dynamics27Systems Engineering16 Handling Qualities10T & E15 HUMS26UAVs15 14

15 Forum 68 Abstract Submission Statistics Final 326 Abstracts Submitted - Total Acoustics7History8 AVF7Manufacturing10 Aerodynamics39M&S22 Aircraft Design17Operations15 Avionics and Systems11Product Support10 Crash Safety12Propulsion16 Crew Systems4Structures & Materials23 Dynamics32Systems Engineering19 Handling Qualities13T & E16 HUMS28UAVs17 15

16 Submission History 16

17 Distribution of Final Papers in The Program Academia Only: 51 Industry Only: 56 Govt Only: 22 Govt & Industry: 42 Govt & Academia: 25 Industry & Academia: 23 Two papers by unaffiliated individuals (both in History) 43 papers had at least one international author Industry, Govt & Academia: 9 Academia Participation in 99 Papers (43%) Government Participation in 89 Papers (39%) Industry Participation in 121 Papers (53%) 17

18 Nice distribution of Industry, Government, and Academia – 43% had representation from some combination of industry, government, academia No shortage of papers from industry – Over half of the papers have at least one author from a business (either large or small) Good international participation – Authors representing Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Korea, China, Brazil (probably more) Distribution of Final Papers in The Program 18

19 Approval Cycle Issues Anecdote #1 Authors submitted papers to government agency 4 weeks prior to the deadline Could not get timely approval because the associated government program “was in limbo for awhile”. Government agency never completed review At least four high quality papers will not be published due to failure of government agency to review papers 19

20 Approval Cycle Issues Anecdote #2 Several papers held up in export control office of a major company (“Company A”) Papers submitted for approvals 6 weeks prior to deadline Approved by government sponsors Passed corporate review at companies “B” and “C” who also participated in the research On day of deadline export control officer at company A” told authors to submit the paper along with an Export Warning! Authors realized this was not a good idea, but could not convince export control officer to budge Two papers removed all content (and authors) associated with company “A”, final papers included only material from companies “B” and “C” and academic partners At least one other paper was not published due to this issue 20

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