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Allocations to Universities and TVET Colleges 2015 Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training 18 February 2015.

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1 allocations to Universities and TVET Colleges Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training February 2015

Introduction 2014 Review and Challenges 2015 Process – Old and New Model 2015 Preparations 2015 Loans and Bursaries Communication with Institutions Other Interventions Media Engagements Stakeholder Engagements

3 INTRODUCTION Mandate In terms of the NSFAS Act, the organisation’s mandate is to: develop criteria and conditions for the granting of loans and bursaries to eligible students in consultation with the Minister raise funds allocate funds for loans and bursaries to eligible students recover loans maintain and analyse a database and undertake research for the better utilisation of financial resources advise the Minister on matters relating to student financial aid perform other functions assigned to it by the NSFAS Act (56 of 1999) or by the Minister

4 2014 REVIEW AND CHALLENGES CHALLENGES Students with historic debt
Not all students can be assisted Unfunded programmes e.g. B.Tech Implementation of the new student-centred model Student protests

R8.7 billion paid to TVET’s and Universities in 2014 R 1,156,745,994 paid in the new model R 7, paid in the old model New Student Centred Model piloted at 11 Institutions: 6 Universities 5 TVET Colleges

6 Receives upfront payment
2015 PROCESS – OLD MODEL Receives allocation Receives upfront payment Awards loans Pays allowances Submits claim to NSFAS Checks claim Pays claim Institution NSFAS No changes in process. Affects about 85% of the NSFAS student population.

New model: Student Centred Allocations managed by NSFAS Student knows funding status before registration Apply once only for a course of study Affects about 15% of the student population New Applications Student applies online Ranked after results and provisionally funded Registration Signs online Loan Agreement Allowances paid within 48 hours Returning Students Confirm returning student listing Ranked after results and provisionally funded Registration Allowances paid within 48 hours

UNIVERSITY TVET COLLEGE DURBAN, University of Technology Ekurhuleni East, TVET College NELSON MANDELA METROPOLITAN University King Hintsa, TVET College MPUMALANGA, University of Motheo, TVET College SOUTH AFRICA, University of South Cape, TVET College VENDA, University of Umfolozi, TVET College

9 2015 PREPARATIONS 19 December 2014: Allocations confirmed to universities DHET to confirm allocations to TVET colleges 30% upfront payment to universities (on request) 10% upfront payment to all TVET colleges (20% in April 2015) Maximum funding per university student is capped at R Dedicated funding for students with disabilities

10 2015 ALLOCATIONS Source Amount DHET - Universities R4.1bn
DHET - TVET Colleges R2.2bn National Skills Fund (Provisional) R800m Department of Basic Education - Funza Lushaka R1bn Department of Social Development (Provisional) R 200m NSFAS Recoveries R450m Universities’ own funding (Estimated) Sector Education and Training Authorities (Estimated) R500m Other Funders R50m Total R9.5bn

11 University Allocations R5,033,922,561

12 DHET & NSF ALLOCATIONS Institution Amount
CAPE PENINSULA, University of Technology R240,372,698 CAPE TOWN, University of R129,412,218 CENTRAL, University of Technology R132,358,811 DURBAN, University of Technology R281,601,036 FORT HARE, University of R212,623,623 FREE STATE, University of R125,626,738 JOHANNESBURG, University of R374,633,210 KWAZULU NATAL, University of R313,955,698 LIMPOPO, University of R298,530,932 MANGOSUTHU, University of Technology R198,424,437 MPUMALANGA, University of R3,500,000

13 DHET & NSF ALLOCATIONS Institution Amount
NELSON MANDELA METROPOLITAN, University R150,055,471 NORTH WEST, University of R190,073,495 PRETORIA, University of R188,981,494 RHODES, University R34,819,766 SOUTH AFRICA, University of R177,163,406 SOL PLAATJIE, University R3,500,000 STELLENBOSCH, University of R63,556,688 SEFAKO MAKGATHO, University of Health Sciences R29,624,034 TSHWANE, University of Technology R508,056,977 VAAL, University of Technology R220,491,131 VENDA, University of R223,414,705

14 DHET & NSF ALLOCATIONS Institution Amount WALTER SISULU University
WESTERN CAPE, University of the R175,870,235 WITWATERSRAND, University of the R188,519,787 ZULULAND, University of R234,000,493 TOTAL R5,033,922,561

University Amount CAPE TOWN, University of R36,215,863 CAPE PENINSULA, University of Technology R26,332,300 FREE STATE, University of R34,984,130 FORT HARE, University of R48,540,838 JOHANNESBURG, University of R98,193,717 MANGOSUTHU University R52,766,435 STELLENBOCH, University of R8,537,132 TSHWANE, University of Technology R142,706,786 WALTER SISULU University R90,750,511 WESTERN CAPE, University of the R46,731,637 WITWATERSRAND, University of the R52,982,616 ZULULAND, University of R57,887,250 TOTAL: R696,629,220

16 TVET College Allocations R2,204,000,003

17 2015 ALLOCATION TVET College Allocation Upfront 10%
BOLAND, TVET College R34,254,946 R3,425,494 BUFFALO CITY, TVET College R31,682,737 R3,168,273 CAPE TOWN, TVET College R45,501,453 R4,550,145 CAPRICORN, TVET College R71,619,281 R7,161,928 CENTRAL JHB, TVET College R51,364,868 R5,136,486 COASTAL KZN, TVET College R77,668,968 R7,766,896 EAST CAPE MIDLANDS, TVET College R35,535,971 R3,553,597 EHLANZENI, TVET College R37,205,567 R3,720,556 EKURHULENI EAST, TVET College R51,882,891 R10,376,578 EKURHULENI WEST, TVET College R72,402,448 R7,240,244 ELANGENI, TVET College R56,864,794 R5,686,479

18 2015 ALLOCATIONS TVET Colleges Amount Upfront Pay
ESAYIDI, TVET College R54,009,619 R5,400,961 FALSE BAY, TVET College R31,300,564 R3,130,056 FLAVIOUS MAREKA, TVET College R20,198,869 R2,019,886 GERT SIBANDE, TVET College R50,240,365 R5,024,036 GOLDFIELDS, TVET College R24,250,34 R2,425,034 IKHALA PUBLIC, TVET College R22,240,016 R2,224,001 INGWE, TVET College R35,121,272 R3,512,127 KING HINTSA, TVET College R20,678,476 R4,135,695 KING SABATA DALINDYEBO, TVET R36,381,252 R3,638,125 LEPHALALE, TVET College R14,480,922 R1,448,092 LETABA, TVET College R29,290,251 R2,929,025 LOVEDALE, TVET College R19,448,914 R1,944,891

19 2015 ALLOCATIONS TVET College Amount Upfront MAJUBA, TVET College
MALUTI, TVET College R39,341,105 R3,934,110 MNAMBITHI, TVET College R35,622,174 R3,562,217 MOPANI SOUTH WEST, TVET College R36,442,344 R3,644,234 MOTHEO, TVET College R70,875,397 R14,175,079 MATHASHANA, TVET College R28,732,279 R2,873,227 NKANGALA, TVET College R47,660,221 R4,766,022 NORTHERN CAPE RURAL, TVET College R21,809,018 R2,180,901 NORTHERN CAPE URBAN, TVET College R23,372,547 R2,337,254 NORTHLINK, TVET College R62,286,254 R6,228,625

20 2015 ALLOCATIONS TVET College Amount Upfront ORBIT, TVET College
PORT ELIZABETH, TVET College R36,892,707 R3,689,270 SEDIBENG, TVET College R51,184,804 R5,118,480 SEKHUKHUNE, TVET College R28,441,709 R2,844,170 SOUTH CAPE, TVET College R27,066,177 R5,413,235 SOUTH WEST, TVET College R80,755,129 R8,075,512 TALETSO, TVET College R34,106,560 R3,410,656 THEKWINI, TVET College R36,202,209 R3,620,220 TSHWANE NORTH, TVET College R72,982,007 R7,298,200 TSHWANE SOUTH, TVET College R60,342,902 R6,034,290

21 2015 ALLOCATIONS TVET College Amount Upfront UMFOLOZI, TVET College
UMGUNGUNDLOVU, TVET College R30,584,886 R3,058,488 VHEMBE, TVET College R86,204,750 R8,620,475 VUSELELA, TVET College R36,875,979 R3,687,597 WATERBURG, TVET College R28,139,405 R2,813,940 WEST COAST, TVET College R37,773,165 R3,777,316 WESTERN, TVET College R47,791,606 R4,779,160 TOTAL R2,204,000,003 R243,564,314

Communication with institutions regarding allocations HESA/DHET/NSFAS on 2015 Readiness DHET/NSFAS Meeting with Student Leaders/ Organisations Issued the following circulars: Administration Process for TVET Administration Process for Universities DHET Final Year Programme B-Tech Administration of SETA Funding NSFAS Learning Material Guidelines

Stakeholders Department of Basic Education (DBE) Department of Social Development (DSD) Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) University Vice-Chancellors and staff TVET College Principals Student Organisations and leadership National Skills Fund (NSF)

24 OTHER INTERVENTIONS Roving teams to visit institutions during registration To pilot and non-pilot institutions Continuously engaging potential sources of funding including SETAs Signed 2015 MOU with HWSETA Singed 2015 MOU with Services SETA Singed 2015 MOU with FASSET Agreement with DBE to allocate funding much earlier Fundza Lushaka list for pilot universities now available much earlier.

December 01, 2014 – February 17, 2015 Pro-active – issued media releases Responded to all media queries/ requests (over 50) Received positive and negative media coverage Advertising Value = R 3m Partnered with DHET/Khetha Radio Campaign on SABC

26 Questions and discussion
The doors of learning and culture shall be opened! Freedom Charter, 1955 White Paper on Post school Education and Training, 2013

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