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Phooey on GUI! Using HPL from the command line

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1 Phooey on GUI! Using HPL from the command line
Informix User Forum Moving Forward With Informix Phooey on GUI! Using HPL from the command line Jerry Hamilton Director of Database Administration Fleishman-Hillard, Inc Atlanta, Georgia December 8-9, 2005

2 Using HPL from the command line
General introductions All about the tool Speed and flexibility The Onpload database The Onpload utility Simple Script and the Onpload utility Management of HPL jobs Logs, messages and helpful how-to’s December 8,9 2005

3 General Introductions
I’ve been using Informix products since 1992 Active member in the SLAIUG Former IIUG Board member Former President of the IIUG Avid HPL user Old, grey hair, guy who lives on the “command line” December 8,9 2005

4 Old guy December 8,9 2005

5 All about the tool Overview Architecture Components December 8,9 2005

6 Overview Supports COBOL, ASCII, multibyte, delimited or binary data
IPLOAD provides a generate option Can unload/load data from different locales Support for unloading data with a query using a Select statement Supports loading raw tables in express mode December 8,9 2005

7 Architecture Load straight from or to disk
Prepare data to a pipe and Load Unload/Load to gzip Unload to another HPL load process December 8,9 2005

8 File Pipe December 8,9 2005 Server Onpload Target Onpload Utility
IPLOAD File Pipe December 8,9 2005

9 Components HPL consists of the onpload utility, ipload and the onpload database Onpload Converts, filters and moves data between a database and a storage device Uses information from the onpload database to run load and unload jobs Flags information about data during a load Onpload can be used from the command line or from ipload Ipload Creates and manages the onpload database Creates and stores information into the database Vehicle used to manage the onpload components Onpload database Holds information about load and unload jobs December 8,9 2005

10 Speed and Flexibility What other data mover tools are available
Dbload, “unload to”, dbexport General HPL uses Backup tool, Reorg tool, data movement tool Just how fast is it? Table – PS_FH_MISC_TRANS Size: 463 bytes Columns: 27 Rows: 2,595,394 10mins 32sec to “unload to..” 4mins 31secs to HPL! December 8,9 2005

11 Speed and Flexibility – cont.
Other really fast examples Baseline speed of HPL is 2GB/CPU/HR Some users have seen 5 – 10GB! How big are the rows What kind of machine Using Light Scans December 8,9 2005

12 The Onpload Database Starting HPL and what occurs under the covers
Environment variables “normal” Informix – INFORMIXDIR, etc $DISPLAY At the command prompt enter, “ipload” Phooey on GUI! Your desktop can get busy! Just watch…. December 8,9 2005

13 IPload December 8,9 2005

14 Unload Job December 8,9 2005

15 Load Job December 8,9 2005

16 Busy Desktop December 8,9 2005

17 Busy Desktop December 8,9 2005

18 Busy Desktop December 8,9 2005

19 Busy Desktop December 8,9 2005

20 Busy Desktop December 8,9 2005

21 The Onpload database The major tables of onpload database
Session - Holds the parameters that onpload uses to invoke a job Device - Holds information about the device array Formats - Holds basic information for a record format Formatitem – Defines the data/file records Maps – Defines record-to-table mapping Mapitem – Defines the relationship between columns and records Others December 8,9 2005

22 The Onpload utility Clicky-clinky-Clack! No more!
Command line switches Some quick examples December 8,9 2005

23 Simple Script Usage:
{-fu | -fl} -j jobname -D dbname -t tablename {-d file | -f filename} [-l logfile] [-R rejectfile] [-e maxerrors] [-debug] -fu Create an unload job -fl Create a load job -j jobname Name of the job to create -D dbname Database name -t tablename Table to load/unload -d file File to use for load/unload -f filename A file containing a list of files to use for the load/unload. The format is one file per line -l logfile Pload log file -R rejectfile Pload reject file -e maxerrors Maximum errors before pload stops -debug Enable script debugging output Create a pload load/unload job by populating the onpload database. December 8,9 2005

24 Simple Script Simple shell script to populate the onpload database and create load/unload jobs without using the ipload gui. Quite a few assumptions are made: 1. All loading is done from ASCII files. 2. Files have the usual pipe delimited format. 3. All columns in the table are used and the file format matches the order of the columns in the table. (No mapping) 4. The map, format, and device names are all the same as the job name. 5. No attempt is made to share the device array between a load and unload job for the same table. 6. While some error checking is performed, none is attempted for the inserts into the onpload database. December 8,9 2005

25 Simple Script does:
Inserts data into device table Inserts data into formatitem table Inserts data into formats table Inserts data into mapitem table Inserts data into maps table Inserts data into query table Inserts data into session table Basically everything you need to run an HPL job December 8,9 2005

26 Populate Onpload database
############################################################### # populate_hpldb # Create all unload jobs in onpload database # populate_hpldb() { while read tablename num_of_files do jobname=$tablename unloadfilenames=$IPLOADDIR/ipload_filelists/$tablename logfile=$IPLOADDIR/logs/$tablename.log rlogfile=$IPLOADDIR/rlogs/$tablename.rlog ./ -fu -j $jobname -D $DATABASE -t $tablename -f $unloadfilenames -l $logfile -R rlogfile -e 0 done < $IPLOADDIR/$INPUTFILE } December 8,9 2005

27 Run the jobs! ############################################################### # run_unloads # Run all unload jobs in batches based on $NUMTREADS # run_unloads() { integer jobcount=0 while read jobname num_of_files do jobcount=`jobs|wc -l` while [[ $jobcount -ge $NUMTREADS ]] sleep 1 done echo "starting unload job for $jobname" onpload -j $jobname -fu > /tmp/onpunloads.out 2>&1 & done < $IPLOADDIR/$INPUTFILE echo "waiting for all current running unloads to complete" wait } December 8,9 2005

28 Management of HPL jobs Modes of operation Violations
Performance considerations December 8,9 2005

29 Modes of operation Deluxe Mode Referential and constraint checking
Load while users are working Users can access during a load Updates indexes Evaluates triggers Limitations: No loads without conversion December 8,9 2005

30 Modes of operation Express Mode
Locks tables for exclusive mode during loads Disables referential and constraint checking Requires a level-0 backup after load == Supports loading of raw tables Reenables all objects after loading Limitations (a lot): Logging mode or ANSI mode Tables that contain smart large objects Tables that contain simple large objects Rows larger than the system page size more December 8,9 2005

31 Violations Records that don’t meet the load criteria
Null values where tables specifies NOT NULL Char’s in numeric fields Records that do not match number of columns Rejected record from the input file Filter rejects Records that can’t be converted Constraint violations December 8,9 2005

32 Performance considerations
Configuration-parameter values Mode Devices Usage models December 8,9 2005

33 Logs, messages and How-to’s
Mon Dec 5 13:39: SHMBASE x76a4c000 CLIENTNUM x Session ID 2 Unload Database -> fsqa8 Query Name > misc_trans Device Array -> misc_trans Query Mapping -> misc_trans Query > select * from psoft8.ps_fh_misc_trans for read only Convert Reject -> /tmp/misc_trans.rej 13:39:11 Records Processed -> 13:39:12 Records Processed -> 13:39:13 Records Processed -> 13:39:14 Records Processed -> …many more lines 13:44:00 Records Processed -> 13:44:01 Records Processed -> 13:44:02 Records Processed -> 13:44:03 Records Processed -> Database Unload Completed -- Unloaded Records Detected 0 Errors Mon Dec 5 13:44: Reject log is empty December 8,9 2005

34 From our experience.. Leave no stranded onpload threads behinds!
bob :02:15 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:15 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:18 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:15 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:18 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:16 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:15 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 -fb bob :02:18 ? 0:00 /opt/ifmx/bin/onpload -Shp_fs_qa8_tcp -r4 –fb It’s best to start with a clean onpload database Watch nfiles (HP-UX) and memory Don’t forget that level-0 on express loads! Reindex outside of HPL December 8,9 2005

35 References and other examples
Search the IIUG Software repository for “onpload” Several flavors of command line HPL like myonpload, ESQL/C examples and “” ONPLADM IBM.COM Developerworks for techarticle on onpladm December 8,9 2005

36 Questions? Jerry Hamilton
Informix User Forum Moving Forward With Informix Questions? Jerry Hamilton Director of Database Administration Fleishman-Hillard, Inc Atlanta, Georgia December 8-9, 2005

37 Phooey on GUI! Using HPL from the command line
Informix User Forum Moving Forward With Informix Phooey on GUI! Using HPL from the command line Jerry Hamilton Director of Database Administration Fleishman-Hillard, Inc Atlanta, Georgia December 8-9, 2005

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