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“Communication: Building Bridges not Walls”

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1 “Communication: Building Bridges not Walls”
John Bretschneider August 28, 2013

2 ISD – Wide Changes Mr. Jeff Jennette is the ISD’s new Superintendent. He came to us from Barry ISD where is was Superintendent. I worked with him when he was in Breckenridge. Lisa Bannon was married over the summer & is now Lisa Lockman Stacy Hammond became Dave Cox’s Administrative Assistant last Spring at CTC. Karen Emond transferred to the Business Office from REMC during the summer. Megan Howell joined the GE staff last Spring as a Consultant working with Local Area College Networks.

3 New SE Staff Members Alyssa Crouch – SCI Teacher (Forest View El) – Started last October Katy Boes – RN (CTC) – Started last January Crystal Read – Parapro (CTC-Dawn) – Started last January Tammy McLeod – Parapro (Lincoln-Tyler) – Started last January Robin DeKoekKoek – Parpro (Kenwood and Manton El.) – Started last January Tyler Hamilton – New EI Teacher (Lincoln) Keri Puffer – New Administrative Assistant

4 SE Staff Assignments Lincoln Elementary
Forest View Elementary Kerry Cox (MoCI), Laura Chipman & Nicole Mosher Alyssa Crouch (SCI), Tami Barnes & Ella MacLean Lincoln Elementary Colleen Reamer (EI), Tara Horton & Val O’Neill Tyler Hamilton (EI), Laurie Decker & Tammy McLeod

5 SE Staff Assignments Special Services/Administration Building
Maria Billsby (MoCI), Pat Delancey, Chris Fechter & Sandy Leftwich Michael Hughes (MoCI), Pam Bigelow & Kris Tissue Keith Kleinert (SCI), Brenda Foucart, Annette Schneider & Kathy Sitkiewicz Mackinaw Trail Middle School Tonya Jesweak (EI), Toni Rose & Denise Gibson Susan Parcell (MoCI), Kim Vandercook & Robin Zagers

6 SE Staff Assignments Manton Elementary (pm)
Sheri Grames (pm - ECSEP), Robin DeKoekKoek & Kameron Smith Kenwood Elementary Sarah Gebhard (ECSEP), Megan Anderson & Jane Merritt Sheri Grames (am - ECSEP), Robin DeKoekKoek & Kameron Smith Molly Shively (ECSEP-Headstart Combined in am and ECSEP in pm), Katie Larkins & Brittany Potvin

7 SE Staff Assignments CTC
Carol Kratochvil (SCI), Dena Kercher & Tracy Oliver Dawn Rozeveld (MoCI), Crystal Read & Stephanie Tipton Administratively Maria Reynolds continues with GE PS Responsibilities Retired ISD Staff Members Returning Chris Filak – Speech

8 Contracted Staff Members
Christina Abramowski – T/C HI Maria Johnson – PT – Agility Health Shelly Rozema – COTA – Agility Health Peter Schaafsma – Assistive Technology Still looking for TC VI and O & M Services Waiting on an new OT’s licensing for Part-Time Services May contract for some Behavior Consultation

9 Emphasis Again This Year
Rule #1 – “It’s all about the kids.” Rule # 2 – “If it’s not about the kids, please see Rule #1!” Rule # 3 (new) – “We cooperatively serve local school district (LEA) students on behalf of our local school districts. Without our LEAs we have no students to serve. We need each other.”

10 Other Significant Changes
Positions and functions in the ISD’s SE Department will be continually evaluated for effectiveness & efficiency (on a cost/benefit basis). There will again be a coaching emphasis. Expenses exceeded revenues last year. Classroom and itinerant staff services will continue to be based on LRE, Best Practice Principles and connecting to the GE curriculum. Expect to see more local consortiums and privatization for transportation, technology, business services, etc. Goals and Objectives will continue to be integrated on a student by student basis. School districts have less staff & revenue for students.

11 Other Significant Changes
According to our last couple of a) parent and b) principal surveys, we need to do a better job of communicating with both groups about the progress we are making in helping students achieve. When analyzing Professional Staff member STAGES evaluations, ‘Staff Interactions with Students’ was often rated as highly effective. We just need to do a better job of communicating with parents, LEA principals & staff. With the state requiring 25% of each professional staff member’s (and administrator’s) evaluation to be tied to student achievement, we need to focus on this.

12 Other Significant Changes
Linda Stahl is the new Supervisor of Tri-County Transportation. We are encouraging her to use one of the cubicles to reduce transportation costs. We are switching from WillSub to EDUStaff. With the addition of Business Office staff, Room 424 B is not a conference room at this time, but we will be using 424a (lounge), 401 (preschool library) and the “Bull Pen” areas on a limited basis for smaller meetings. We will do a better job of effectively communicating entry/exit processes for ISD Center Based Classrooms & Itinerant Services to LEAs.

13 Other Significant Changes
We will be cited in September (by OSE) for overdue IEPs. We will need to demonstrate to them that we can hold timely IEPs. We will need to prove this to them by regularly sending them IEP related timeline data. Recommended reading: Drive by Daniel Pink, Mindset by Carol Dweck & Never Underestimate Your Teachers by Robyn Jackson Julie, Michelle and Sara S. are working on a 1st Grade Reading Summit for this year. To improve your communication skills, you might consider reading How to Talk More Gooder Fastly by Jeff Foxworthy!

14 Local District Changes
Mort Meier – New Marion Superintendent & El. Principal Mike Corey – Mesick Supt. will also be H.S. Principal Kim VanderVluckt & Joel Bronkema – Will be the 2 Principals for McBain Schools Kelly Buckmaster – New Kenwood El. Principal Pine River - Luther and Tustin Elementary Schools Close. Tustin to be used for preschool. LeRoy El. now is the only Pine River Elementary School (Note: It may be renamed as Pine River El.)

15 Brain Functioning Reptilian Old Mammalian Mammalian
(Survival) (Emotional) (Critical Thinking) Fight Flight Freeze Sad Mad Glad 1) See the Problem 2) Finds the root of the Problem 3) Looks for a “Viable Solution” Non-Viable Solution Doesn’t solve the problem Usually creates more problems Physically safe? Invited or Welcome? What’s the plan to teach me?

16 S.T.A.R. Stop Take a Breath And Relax
We make much better decisions and choices when we are in the logical/sequential parts of our brains.

17 WMISD Mission Statement
The mission of the WMISD is to provide high quality educational and support services requested by its constituent districts whereby each district can more effectively meet the educational needs of its students and citizens.

18 WMISD District Vision WMISD will support students, parents, teachers, and administrators with aligned, research based programs, professional development, services and resources though a system that is both personal and digital (anywhere, anytime).

19 WMISD Board Goal Statements
Develop a comprehensive support system to improve teaching and learning standards for higher school success. Provide quality support services to local districts to address state, local, and federal mandates. Provide policy and financial support to ensure continuous progress in school improvement. Increase Board involvement with federal, state, and local initiatives focusing upon education.

20 WMISD Board Goal Statements
5) Provide linkages with local, regional and state services providers that will enhance quality, improve efficiency and bring economy of school operations

21 WMISD Smart Goals Within 3 – 5 years, all K-12 buildings will be aligned and implement the National Core Standards. Within 3 – 5 years, all children within the WMISD service area will demonstrate growth (MDE definition) to meet the needs of the National Core Standards.

22 WMISD Smart Goals Within 3 – 5 years, WMISD will review existing systems and implement measures to gain efficiency, quality, and economy of the school operations (transportation, food services, purchasing, common software, etc.). (LEA’s, Regional, State-Wide, Consortium)

23 WMISD Smart Goals Within 3-5 years provide ongoing support for local district implementation of state & federal initiatives in the following areas: student growth models, teacher & administration evaluation, alternative certification, etc. NOTE: Board Goals will be revised this year.

24 SE Department Mission Statement
The Special Education staff of Wexford-Missaukee ISD will ensure student learning and prepare for successful transition through: 1) Quality center and family based programs

25 SE Department Mission Statement
2) A working relationship with local districts to provide direct and indirect services to students 3) Collaboration with outside agencies 4) Collaboration with parents

26 SE Department Vision Upon achieving the mission of the WMISD SE Department, the results will be: Collaboratively developed detailed processes and procedures in place and implemented. All staff is highly trained and implementing best practice strategies to increase student learning and graduation rates.

27 SE Department Vision 3) Curriculum is aligned with state standards and assessments. 4) The state’s continuous improvement model, state assessments, and curriculum based measures show evidence of student learning. 5) A shared responsibility for student learning that is acquired through collaboration of local districts, agencies, parents, and ISD representatives.

28 SE Department Goals There will be a reduction in the number of students eligible and an increase in the numbers of students leaving special education. ISD Center based and Early On programs will implement best practice strategies. MET reports meet quality standards. IEP’s will have integrated goals and services.

29 SE Department Goals All center based students will have access to a standards-based curriculum to increase our implementation of AT, accommodations, behavior plans, augmentative communication, etc. All center based students will have their instruction connected to best practice instruction for social skills and functional routines.

30 What Are Our General Expectations?
If an IEP is done on time, it is assumed that it is sufficient and adequate for the student. If it is not done on time, it is assumed that it is full of errors and the student is not receiving an adequate education. IEP’s expire after 365 days. MDE checked, and we did not pass. We will be checking. We will also be checking to see that students are receiving all of their IEP’d services. We expect all staff members to be at their assigned buildings for their entire assigned time. Skipping lunch and leaving early is unacceptable.

31 What Are Our General Expectations?
4. Medicaid Billing/Caseload Logging will be done on at least an every other month basis. For those who miss this standard, they will be placed on a plan. You are responsible for knowing and following WMISD as well as SE Department Policies and Procedures. It is on-line, and a print copy will be in each building. Purchase cards may not be used for purchasing furniture, custodial supplies or gift cards. We will all use good communication strategies throughout the year.

32 Concluding Quotes “Compliance is not enough!” – Dr. Eleanor White, Michigan Department of Education Special Education Director “Service Above Self” – Manton Rotary Club “It is better to be young in your failures than old in your successes.” Flannery O’Connor

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