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2014 Quint Essential Planning Committee MCMLA Members Steering Committee Co-Chair- Lisa Traditi Treasurer-Shandra Protzko Rebecca Graves Continuing Education.

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1 2014 Quint Essential Planning Committee MCMLA Members Steering Committee Co-Chair- Lisa Traditi Treasurer-Shandra Protzko Rebecca Graves Continuing Education Committee Jerry Carlson Evaluation Committee Darell Schmick, Marie St. Pierre Exhibits and Fundraising Committee Dana Abbey, Amy Six-Means Local Arrangements, AV, Catering and Hospitality Committee- Chair –Kristen Desanto Rebecca Carlson, Melissa De Santis, Lynne Fox, Ben Harnke, John Jones, Melissa Kovac, Michelene Mankin, Ruby Nugent, Marie St. Pierre, Lisa Traditi

2 2014 Quint Essential Planning Committee MCMLA Members 2 Program Committee Peggy Cruse, Margaret Hoogland Hospital Libraries Luncheon Subcommittee Heather Brown, Marie St. Pierre Paper and Posters Subcommittee Jean Shipman Promotion and Web Site Committee Heather Brown Registration Committee Chair- Lynne Fox Myoung Fry, Jackie Hittner, Margaret Hoogland, Sarah Katsh

3 2015 Virtual Meeting Planning Committee Co-Chair- Heather Brown Co-Chair-Tom Gensichen Abby Adamczyk, Rebecca Graves, Jackie Hittner, Tracey M. Hughes, Marty Magee, Betsy Mueth, Jennifer Plaat, Darell Schmick, Karen Wiederaenders 2016 Joint Meeting Planners (MidWest Chapter in Des Moines) Chair- Tim Kenny Melissa De Santis, Rebecca Graves, Margaret Hoogland, Timmi Johnson, Angela Spencer, Jessi Van Der Volgen, Heather Brown, Karen Wiederaenders

4 Executive Committee 2013-2014 Chair- Darrel Willougjhby Incoming Chair- Jackie Hittner Immediate Past Chair- Brenda Pfannenstiel MLA Chapter Council Representative- Melissa De Santis MLA Chapter Council Alternate- Dana Abbey Recording Secretary- Kristen Desanto

5 Executive Committee 2013-2014 Highlights of the year- Archives Recovery Project-Jackie Hittner Election of officers with Chapter Council Representative and Alternate Viability of hospital libraries-how do organizations that close libraries meet their information needs? Prize amounts raised for the Barbara McDowell, Bernice Hetzner and Outstanding Achievement Awards- travel compensation for officers raised AHIP Promotion through sponsorship of first- time applicants. Audit (done every two years) Endowment Fund research Migration of listserv and upgrade of web site software. Proposal to combine Library Advocacy and Government Relations Committees

6 Web Editor and Listserv Owner Tracey Hughes- Supervised the migration of the MCMLA listserv cooperating with University of Kansas Medical Center IT, learning new applications and getting the bugs out Worked magic with the Wild Apricot platform on the MCMLA web page. Shepherded the software update in late May/early June Created new pages for mounting AHIP membership and 5 years of Committee Rosters Managed the online election issues as well as numerous other projects as they were needed.

7 MLA Chapter Council Representative and Alternate 2012-2014 Outgoing Melissa De Santis-Representative Dana Abbey- Alternate Attended Chapter Council Meetings at MLA 2012 Seattle, 2013 Boston and 2014 Chicago Reported MCMLA Chapter activities and priorities to MLA Reported MLA activities and opportunities to MCMLA members 2015-2017 Incoming Heather Brown- Representative Kate Anderson- Alternate

8 MLA Credentialing Liaison Jan O. Rice – Promoted AHIP registration in MCMLA Express Worked with Tracey Hughes to create and mount AHIP member table and Committee Rosters on the MCMLA Web site Developed a program promoting first time enrollment in AHIP-Executive Committee approved up to $1000 of funding. Survey of Chapter members who were not AHIP members. Presented at an AHIP webinar sponsored by the Education Committee in April 2014 MLA Membership Liaison Marie Reidelbach- A special thank you to Marie for volunteering to be the Chapter’s MLA Membership Liaison.

9 Bylaws Committee Chair- Tom Gensichen Jerry Carlson, LaRee LaMar ExOfficio- Nancy Woelfl-Parliamentarian Heather Brown- Chapter Council Rep Brenda Pfannenstiel, Immediate Past Chair Quiet year for the Bylaws Committee- Tom attended monthly Executive Committee meetings and gave advice as needed.

10 Education Committee Chair- Holly Henderson Tallie Casucci, Ben Harnke, Ingrid Ponciano, Monica Rogers, Shawn Steidinger, Keri Swaggart, Lisa Traditi, Gwen Wilson Ex Officio Members- Rebecca Graves- Annual Meeting Planner Marty Magee- NNLM Education Liaison MCR Jan Rice- MLA Credentialing Liaison Accomplishments- AHIP Webinar to membership via WebEx April 2, 2014. Gwen Wilson- Committee representative to CE Planning Committee for the Quint Essential Chapter meeting.

11 Government Relations Committee Chair- Charlotte Manges Euem Osmera, Margaret Hoogland

12 Honors and Awards Committee Chair- Cindy Perkins Lenora Kinzie- Stars Awards Rebecca Carlson, Lynne Fox Bernice M. Hetzner Award For Excellence in Academic Health Science Librarianship (winner) Barbara McDowell Award for Excellence in Hospital Librarianship (winner) MCMLA Outstanding Achievement Award (winner) Activities: Promoted the three prizes via the listserv and email appeals.7 complete nominations received Awarded one MCMLA Travel Scholarship to the Quint Essential Meeting Awarded two Chapter Roundtable Lunch awards-Angela Spencer and Jessi Van der Volgen

13 Kate Anderson Margaret Bandy Jim Bothmer Jerry Carlson Rebecca Carlson Melissa De Santis Judy Feintuch Lynne Fox Cam Gentry Rebecca Graves Claire Hamasu Pat Hamilton Jackie Hittner Holly Hubenschmidt Barb Jones Tim Kenny Lenora Kinzie Betsy Mueth Brenda Pfannenstiel J.J. Pionke Darell Schmick Jean Shipman Amanda Sprochi Lisa Traditi Nancy Woelfl Lenora Kinzie-Coordinator

14 Library Advocacy Committee Chair- Betsy Mueth Cam Gentry, Barb Jones, Angela Spencer, Rose Wilson Activities: Collected examples of business documents that librarians may need to produce – to mount on MCMLA Web site. Contacted the Research Committee to obtain a list of non-library publications where librarians might submit articles for publishing. Investigated MLA Library “Change in Status” resources and published the link on Web site Collected information on how hospitals which close their libraries meet information resource needs. Created a poster “100 Things Your Medical Librarian Can Do For You” to distribute at this meeting.

15 Membership Committee Chair-Jeanne Burke Phyllis Whiteside, Erin Wimmer, Charlene Droste, Jim Honour, Pat Hamilton, Teri Hartman, Kristy Steigerwalt ExOfficio- Marie Reidelbach- MLA Membership Liaison Heather Brown-Chapter Council Rep 317 members on the roll- with about 160 members in good standing. Updated brochure on MCMLA web site Created a poster for the MLA Meeting Section/Chapter Shuffle in Chicago Developed a method to clarify procedures for future MCMLA members seeking “emeritus” status

16 Nominating Committee Chair- Merinda McLure Marty Magee, Brenda Pfannenstiel Selected and recruited candidates for four offices- and the results- Incoming Chair- Lisa Traditi Recording Secretary- Jenny Garcia Representative to the MLA Nominating Committee- John Bramble MLA Chapter Council Representative- Heather Brown MLA Chapter Council Alternate- Kate Anderson

17 Publications Committee Members: Chair- Amanda Sprochi Katie Dayani Kristen DeSanto Darell Schmick Activites Published MCMLA Express Regular columns submitted by Amanda Sprochi (MCMLA Congratulates) and the Chapter President Darrel Willoughby Goals: Continue to publish the MCMLA Express Improve November issue with broader coverage of the annual meeting and annual reports. Seek out new column contributors.

18 Research Committee Co-Chair- Tim Kenny Co-Chair- Lori Fitterling Sharon Dennis, Timmi Johnson, Peggy Cruse, Abby Adamczyk, Assako Holyoke MCMLA Express write-up for 2013 award winners. Soliciting poster and paper presenters for 2014 Quint Essential meeting. This year’s award winners Best Paper (winner) Best Poster (winner) Most Original (winner)

19 ADHOC Endowment Task Force Chair- Nancy Woelfl Claire Hamasu, Betsy Mueth, Karen Wiederaenders The Committee continues to compile and update information on potential endowment management services from these entities- The Denver Foundation, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, the Omaha Community Foundation, the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation and the Community Foundation of Utah. And one private entity- Lodestar Investment Counsel LLC -Lodestar manages endowment funds for MLA A Chapter policy will need to be produced and ratified regardless of the choice of provider.

20 ADHOC Library Advocacy and Government Relations Committee Consolidation Chair- Betsy Mueth Jackie Hittner, Nancy Woelfl, Margaret Hoogland Explore the activities of each Committee and create a plan to combine the Committee s into an effective promotional team for the Chapter and for the medical library community.

21 ADHOC Archive Committee Chair- Jackie Hittner Betsy Mueth, Jennifer Plaat, Angela Spencer Retrieved MCMLA archive materials and have committed to sorting and cataloging the materials.

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