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The Eurostars Programme Answering the research ambitions of

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1 The Eurostars Programme Answering the research ambitions of
innovative small businesses Svatopluk Halada EUREKA Secretariat 1

2 The Eurostars Programme
> Eurostars Programme is the first European funding and support Programme to be specifically dedicated to R&D-performing SMEs It’s a multi-annual joint EUREKA-EU programme ( ), which combines: National R&D programmes from 33 countries (300+ M€ committed) FP7 (up to 100 M€ committed) EUREKA Secretariat (20+ years of experiences of involving in the national R&D programmes) 2

3 Adoption by the European Union
Eurostars exploits Article 185 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) [ex Article 169 of the Treaty establishing the European Community] requiring co-decision by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers Adoption by the European Parliament 10 April 2008 Adoption by the Council of Ministers 23 June 2008 3

4 The Eurostars Programme
Eurostars in glance 4

5 Eurostars project criteria
Consortium leader is an R&D-performing SME* At least 2 participants from Eurostars participating countries Project duration is less than 3 years Market introduction is foreseen within 2 years after project completion The R&D-performing SME(s) are undertaking at least 50% of total project costs Well balanced partnership (no country responsible for more than 75% of total project costs) No restriction on thematic area (bottom up) */At least 10% turnover or 10% full time equivalent (FTE) dedicated to R&D 5

6 Eurostars participating countries
Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom status: 28 October 2010 6

Eurostars process SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS & ASSISTANCE Cut-off date EVALUATION PHASE Communication of funding results FUNDING SYNCHRONISATION MONITORING PHASE Eligibility check / NPC Cover note Project initiation Registration Contact National Project Co-ordinator Check the Eurostars Guidelines for Applicants Final Consortium Agreement Contact National Project Co-ordinator Contact National Funding Body Technical assessment Market introduction IEP session Ranking list Project execution Market Impact Report Project Progress Report Final Report Approval of the Ranking list by HLG Check Guidelines for Participants 14 weeks 5 weeks Max. 3 years 2 years Time

8 The Eurostars Programme
Management Structure

9 > Eurostars High Level Group > Eurostars Advisory Group
Eurostars management > Eurostars High Level Group > Eurostars Advisory Group > Eurostars member countries network > EUREKA Secretariat in Brussels

10 Eurostars High Level Group
Management structure Eurostars High Level Group to supervise the implementation of Programme to nominate the members of the Eurostars Advisory Group (EAG) to approve the operational procedures to run the Programme to approve the call planning and call budget to nominate Chairman and IEP members to approve the ranking list of Eurostars projects to be funded

11 Eurostars Advisory Group
Management structure Eurostars Advisory Group Composed of EUREKA/Eurostars NPCs Chaired by the EUREKA Secretariat Recommendation on implementation of the Programme (e.g. funding procedures, evaluation and selection process, project monitoring)

12 Management structure EUREKA Secretariat Role and responsibilities
Eurostars Team is an integral part and charge for the execution of the Programme Role and responsibilities Establishment of the yearly call budget, organisation of call for proposals and reception of the project proposals (single entry point) Organisation of the eligibility and evaluation project proposals Organisation of the selection project proposals for funding Project monitoring Decentralised management of the EC funding contribution Reporting to the Eurostars HLG, EUREKA HLG and the European Commission Promotion of the Eurostars Programme

13 Eurostars network The NPC network - role
Support in setting up a project application Performing pre-screening Performing part of the eligibility check and writing the Cover note Involvement in the monitoring of ongoing Eurostars projects Information and promotion on the Programme

14 The Eurostars Programme
Project Application Submission 14

15 Information website >

16 Guidelines for applicants
> Download PDF at

17 Support and assistance from EUREKA
Discuss your application with your local NPC Ensure that all of your partners discuss the application with their local NPCs

18 Signing up as a Eurostars applicant
Submit an application Download an empty Project application form Download the Eurostars ‘Guidelines for applicants’ Download the skeleton for the Consortium agreement Download the checklist for the creation of a Consortium agreement

19 Eurostars Registration
One registration per application is required

20 Eurostars Application form
Ensure that the Application form is the latest version

21 Upload Application form
Check availability of acronym Upload project application form Pass validation check

22 Upload annexes Upload remaining documents Draft Consortium Agreement
in English according to skeleton Financial Document for each participant Certified Accounts Business Plan Not required for public organisations Other annex (optional)

23 Draft Consortium Agreement
Must cover all aspects contained within the skeleton provided Does not need to be identical Can contain more information Do not use FP model Focus on Project Management Access to existing know how Protection of project results Exploitation of project results Agreement of partners is critical This is a legal document. You must be happy with all aspects. Important to have a strong draft document Protects partners Protects project Provides clarity for roles Can help with faster processing and commencement

24 Confirmation and signing of application
A confirmation of the participation to the project is asked by sending the document signed by fax or mail to the Eureka Secretariat address within 7 days following the sending date and maximum 7 days after the cut off date. A confirmation of the participation in the project is sought by sending a ‘signature and commitment form’ to each participant after the cut-off deadline. This must be returned to the EUREKA Secretariat within 5 working days of its delivery.

25 The Eurostars Programme
Assessment process 25

26 Central evaluation process

27 Eligibility check The EUREKA Secretariat is responsible for providing
the eligibility check Consortium leader is an R&D-performing SME from a Eurostars participating country? At least one other participant is from another Eurostars country? R&D-performing SME(s) contribution 50 % or more of the total project costs? Is the consortium well balanced? (no single participant or country is responsible for more than 75 % of the total project costs) Is the project duration 3 years or fewer? Is market introduction within 2 years of the project’s completion? Does the project meet the EUREKA criteria? (No restrictions on thematic area, civilian purpose)  10% FTE engaged in R&D or 10% turnover dedicated to R&D

28 Cover note by National offices
The National Offices are responsible for answering eligibility questions relating directly to the project participants from their country Is this participant is a legal entity in the host country? Should this participant be accepted following the application of national track record? Are there serious doubts as to the finances and practices of the entity (bankruptcy, fraud, no viability)?

29 A two-steps of central evaluation process
Technical assessment by two independent experts /EUREKA Project Assessment Methodology – PAM/ Basic Assessment Well balanced partnership; Added value through cooperation Technological and managerial capacity of all participants Methodology; Cost and financing structure Technology and Innovation Degree of technological maturity Technological achievements envisaged Degree of Innovation Market and Competitiveness Market size, access and risk Time to market Return on investment Evaluation and ranking by members of the Independent Evaluation Panel (IEP)

30 The selection of Technical experts

31 Who are Technical experts
Industrialists and Academics with specialist technical knowledge and market appreciation Selected according to eligibility criteria and experience 574 Experts accepted to database 485 Contracts signed from 29 countries

32 The assessment of applications

33 Evaluation by the IEP Independent Evaluation Panel : Chairman + 8 members Each of the IEP members evaluate each individual proposal

34 Ranking of applications by the IEP

35 Eurostars HLG endorsement of the IEP Ranking list
Threshold less than 60% in each criteria and less than 67% overall

36 Funding availability and contribution simulator

37 Funding of successful project applications
The funding of partners is based on the national funding rules The funding of projects is following the ranking list until national budget exhaustion All partners of a Eurostars project must have a funding secured Upon receipt of the “funding availibility” letter, all participants must contact their NPC within 10 days

38 The Eurostars Programme
Results of cut-off 1-5 38

39 The Eurostars Programme
First deadline: 8 February 2008 Second deadline: 21 November 2008 Third deadline: 24 September 2009 Fourth deadline: 25 February 2010 Fifth deadline: 30 September 2010  Sixth deadline: 24 March 2011 39

40 Rate of eligible – Above threshold

41 Eurostars Programme - global overview
Submission Stage Cut-Off1 Cut-Off2 Cut-Off3 Cut-Off4 Cut-Off5 Total Applications Received 215 317 279 316 343 1470 Total Budget 300 M€ 446 M€ 385 M€ 421 M€ 495 M€ 2061 M€ Number of Applicants 667 1098 957 1061 1092 4875 4. Number of SMEs 74% 73% 71% 72% Evaluation Stage 5. Applications Eligible 189 245 236 268 938 6. Applications Above Threshold 133 111 112 102 458 Funding Stage 7. Projects Funded 90 89 85 64 328 8. Total Budget 129 M€ 128 M€ 130 M€ 80M€ 472 M€ Public Funding * 60 M€ 63 M€ 61 M€ 38M€ 222 M€ Members States Funding * 45 M€ 47 M€ 46 M€ 28M€ 166 M€ EC Funding * 15 M€ 16 M€ 10M€ 56 M€ *Estimations based on the average public funding rate 41 41

42 Global Overview- Project profile
Cut-Off1 Cut-Off2 Cut-Off3 Cut-Off4 Average cost (M€) 1.4 1.5 1.3 Average participants per projects 3.1 3.4 3.3 Average countries per project 2.4 2.5 Average duration (months) 30 29 27

43 Global overview - Project applicants
Overall, 73% of the applicants are R&D SMEs and SMEs, 5% are large companies, and 21 % are Universities and Research Institutes

44 Global overview - Project participants
Overall, 71% of the applicants are R&D SMEs and SMEs, 6% are large companies, and 22% are Universities and Research Institutes

45 Global overview - Technological areas

46 Global overview - Market areas

47 R&D SMEs profile

48 Types of consortium – Approved projects

49 The Eurostars Programme
is effective

50 Eurostars is effective because…
Predictable procedures (effective EUREKA network support and transparency) Short lead-time (3 months from cut-off date to evaluation results) Funding is assured (national commitment)

51 Main motivations for participation

52 Thank you for listening
Next cut-off date: Cut-Off 6 24 March 2011 at 20h00 CET

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