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APT Satellite Holdings Limited Stock code: (1045) 2014 Annual Results.

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1 APT Satellite Holdings Limited Stock code: (1045) 2014 Annual Results

2 Table of Contents 1.Financial Highlights 2.Satellite Fleet 3.Business Prospects 2

3 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 2014 Annual Results 3

4 Financial Highlights Turnover increased by 9.6% to HK$1,247.5 million in 2014 EBITDA increased by 7.4% to HK957.4 million in 2014 Profit attributable to equity shareholders declined by 6.9% to HK$508.0 million in 2014 Excluding the impact of unrealized fair value losses on financial instrument, adjusted profit after taxation increased by 8.3% to HK$553.6 million in 2014 4

5 Annual Results 5

6 Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss 6 (HK$ million)20132014% Change Turnover1,138.11,247.59.6% Cost of Services(408.1)(467.7)14.6% Gross Profit730.0779.86.8% Other Net Income43.127.7(35.7%) Valuation Gain on Investment Property1.60.3(75.1%) Administrative Expenses(133.6)(118.4)(11.4%) Profit from operations641.1689.47.6% Fair Value Changes on Financial Instruments34.5(45.6)- Financial Costs(27.9)(25.1)(10.0%) Profit Before Taxation647.7618.7(4.5%) Income Tax(102.2)(110.7)8.5% Profit Attributable to Equity Shareholders545.5508.0(6.9%) Basic & Diluted Earnings per share (HK$ cents)87.7 cents81.7cents(6.9%)

7 Turnover Breakdown 7 Broadcasting Telecom Others Hong Kong Southeast Asia

8 Expenses 8 (HK$ million)20132014% Change Turnover1,138.11,247.59.6% Cost of Services(408.1)(467.7)14.6% % of Turnover35.9%37.5%- Administrative Expenses(133.6)(118.4)(11.4%) % of Turnover11.7%9.5%- Financial Costs ( 27.9 ) (25.1)(10.0%) % of Turnover2.5%2.0%-

9 2013 (HK$ million) 2014 (HK$ million) Total Assets5,546.36,564.3 Total Liabilities1,969.92,554.8 Free Cash1,548.61,616.7 Pledged Deposits15.511.1 Contracted for1,653.8593.2 Authorised but not contracted for-- 1,653.8593.2 Assets & Liabilities 9 Cash Capital Commitment Asset & Liabilities

10 Key Financial Metrics 10 EBITDA MarginEBITDA (HK$ million)

11 Key Financial Metrics 11 Gearing


13 Satellite Fleet 153 available transponders (as of Dec 2014) Our footprint covers 75% of world’s population APSTAR 9 is under construction and will be launched in Q4 2015. Replacement project of APSTAR 5 will kick off in Mid 2015. 13 LaunchPlatformC-bandKu-bandOrbital Slot APSTAR 52004FS130038 (20)16 (9)138E APSTAR 62005Spacebus 4000C23812134E APSTAR 72012Spacebus 4000C228 76.5E APSTAR 9A1998A2100A18-142E APSTAR 9Q4 2015DFH-43214142E

14 Satellite Fleet 14 APSTAR 5 2004 FS1300 38 C-band 16 Ku-band APSTAR 6 2005 SPACEBUS 4000C2 38 C-band 12 Ku-band APSTAR 7 2012 SPACEBUS 4000C2 28 C-band 28 Ku-band [multi-beam connectivity] APSTAR 9A 1998 A2100A 18 C-band APSTAR 9 Q4 2015 DFH-4 32 C-band 14 Ku-band Under-construction 76.5E 134E138E 142E

15 Satellite Utilisation Fierce Market Competition Supply of traditional transponders & Emerge of high-throughput satellite projects Overall utilisation remains high Apstar 9A: Utilisation rate achieved 86.0% as of December 2014 after 12 months of operation Overall utilisation rate was 76.8% 15 Jun-13Dec-13Jun-14Dec-14change APSTAR 582.33%85.5%77.7%77.4%- 0.3 % APSTAR 687.24%90.9%91.8%85.6%- 6.2% APSTAR 775.08%70.4%71.9%65.8%- 6.1% APSTAR 9A--78.5%86.0% 7.5%

16 New Satellite: APSTAR 9 APSTAR 9 will be launched in Q4 2015 To extend APSTAR satellite coverage in Asia Pacific region Mainly serve promising mobility broadband market for maritime and inflight connectivity A leader in providing service to China’s maritime broadband market APSTAR 9 One of the highest C-band performance in East Asia region, to meet the high demand in cellular backhaul & other telecom section Broad coverage for entire Asia and pacific island countries to meet requirement in broadcasting section for emerging market Sophisticated Ku-band coverage in East India Ocean to West Pacific ocean region, to address increasing demand in maritime and in-flight connectivity 16

17 New Satellite: APSTAR 5C APSTAR 5C Kick off in mid 2015 Keep all existing customers base as replacement satellite at 138 degree East orbital slot Build satellite with bigger capacities for future business growth Tap the benefit of high-throughput capacity 17


19 Business Prospects Because of the increase of supply of transponders in the Asia Pacific Region, Middle East and African region, the market competition of the satellite industry will become very fierce with price pressure Transponder utilisation rates of the Group will be maintained at a high level and will continue to achieve satisfactory revenue and profit Various value- added services in TV broadcasting services, telecommunication services and data centre services will help boost business growth. 19

20 Disclaimer These materials have been prepared by APT Satellite Holdings Limited (“APT”) solely for information use during its presentation. It may not be reproduced or redistributed to any other person without the permissions from APT. By attending this presentation, you are agreeing to be bound by the foregoing restrictions. It is not the intention to provide, and you may not rely on these materials as providing, a complete or comprehensive analysis of the company’s financial or trading position or prospects. The information and opinions in these materials are provided as at the date of this presentation and are subject to change without notice. None of the Company nor any of its respective affiliates, advisors or representatives shall have any liability whatsoever (in negligence or otherwise) for any loss howsoever arising from any use of these materials. The information in this material contains certain forward-looking statements. These include statements regarding outlook on future development schedules, business plans and expectations of capital expenditures. These statements are based on current expectations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ from those anticipated by the Company. The materials and information in the presentations and other documents are for informational purposes only, and are not an offer or solicitation for the purchases or sale of any securities or financial instruments or to provide any investment service or investment advice. 20

21 APT Satellite Holdings Limited Dr. Brian Lo Vice President & Company Secretary +852 2600 2100 22 Dai Kwai Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong Apstar 9 NEW Capacity in 2H15

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