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2 Wal Mart (No 1 in Fortune 1000 List) Wal mart is a global retail company. Wal Mart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. It came in New York Stock Exchange in 1972. It has got 8500 stores in 15 countries which have got 55 different names.

3 Wal Mart Strategies Wal mart broke its 4 th quarter sales record with grossed $100 billion. Wal mart revenues were $378799 million. CEO of Wal Mart, Lee Scott has cut prices of 15000 items which includes electronics items, toys etc. The prices were reduced by 20%. This had forced other retailers to be pressurized and that too gain low margins. This helped Wal Mart to step up the ladder of success in retail industry.

4 Wal Mart Recent Developments Its net income recorded on 31 st Jan 2011 is $15.4 billion. The company’s international operations accounts to $109.2 billion. Its world 18 th largest public corporation as per Fortune 2000 list. The various members of board of Wal Mart are – Robson Walton, Lee Scott, Don Soderquist etc. It is recorded that 100 million customers visit Wal Mart stores every week in U.S. Business Model of Wal mart says to sell products on exceptionally lower rates to attract maximum customers. It has also opened a lot of Discount stores in US and other countries.

5 Wal Mart Current Vs Past Financials It earned $419 billion in 2010 financial year. It paid back $19.2 billion to its shareholders. Gains have been received by adding 458 units to the current stocks. Revenues are $378799 million which is 7.9% change in 2006. Profits are 12713 which is 12.8% change in 2006. Stockholders equity is 64608. Market value as of March 2008 was 208730.6.

6 Wal Mart Growth Chart Growth Chart 1985-2005.

7 Conclusion With the pace of growth and profits, Wal mart will not be able to beat its rank of being No-1 retail company. It has decided to create 500,000 jobs world wide by 2015. They have followed up the strategies to become Next generation Wal Mart. Wal Mart may take over the Pantaloons Retail.

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