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Q4 Imperative Updates May, 2011 Q4 Imperative Updates May, 2011.

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1 Q4 Imperative Updates May, 2011 Q4 Imperative Updates May, 2011

2 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 2 Agenda  Updates by Channel/Customer – Education – Healthcare – Street – Sysco – USFS  Other Hot Topics and News  Feedback and Questions

3 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 3 Education  Ensure all schools get Menu Your Way to SNA Promotion tracking submitting by June 1 to get gift cards  K-12 School – Maximize all Bid Opportunities RBM D and BDM to stay involved in bid process, winning bids, working with broker to understand our philosophy, and continue training Get ALL bid results. Work with broker lead to emphasize the demand for this information. They can get the info by October 1 Start to plan targets for F12 on H1 Promotion – Identify any summer feeding opportunities Utilize broker, sales calls, SNA Website Show PF Snacks and V8 V Fusion – Identify Bids that are new, Focus on V8 V Fusion Shore up slotting from winning distributor – Support all SNA State shows – Shore up back to school selling plans with Broker rep – Sodexo Beverage Sampling Execution  C & U – Identify any summer feeding opportunities – Focus on top 10 Branding Equipment opportunities in your markets Align with distribution opportunities Solution selling of large anchor opportunities – Focus on V8 V Fusion Beverage Equipment targets Drive distribution opportunities

4 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 4 Healthcare  Premier Opportunity Field Sales Initiative – Competitive data provides an opportunity to increase share through data mining. – Gain volume in Premier sole source and dual agreements to meet a 100% compliance level of convertible cases. – Use updated "Opportunity" files for a listing of "target accounts" as well as the "field sales initiative" for a step by step" process for success.  Amerinet “It Pays to Partner” Promotion – PF Adult Snacking imperative is designed to drive distribution, with an increased focus on Baked Natural Cheese Crisps and Baked Natural Wheat Crisps as well as our 2 newest additions to the portfolio, Baked Naturals Snack Sticks and Goldfish Chocolate Grahams. – Amerinet Operators can earn rewards on participating Pepperidge Farm baked snacks and V8 V-Fusion beverages purchased between 4/01/2011 & 07/31/2011. – Promotion ends later for Amerinet operators because of the late start date. – Amerinet has posted the promotion to their website.

5 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 5 Street  Independent Distributor Soup & Beverage Promotion – Timing: Soup & Beverage started 2/14 – extended through 7/31 Pace & Pepp Farm started 5/1 – will also go through 7/31 – Engage with Independent Distributors on our Branded Portfolio – Be a consultant – show them the top varieties they are missing to drive their business! – Program selling decks and distribution void matrix by distributor on SMART.  Independent Operator Campbell Portfolio Program – Timing: through end of the FY, Feb 14 th through July 31 st 2011 – Rewards independent operators for buying branded products from multiple categories within the Campbell NAFS portfolio – Objective is to grow the branded business for the independent distributor. Target operators that pull from independent distributors – $5/$6/$7 Tiered Rebate – Up to $1500! – Make sure you remember PF and Pace in Q4.  Drive New Item Distribution – Pepperidge Farm Baked Cracker chips samples are now available. Selling materials are currently available via Campbell SMART

6 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 6 Sysco  OpCo Engagement – Go beyond the OpCo merchandising team and engage with the VP of Sales to identify new potential business utilizing “companion” reports. – We have an example by OpCo for the Mexican Sauce category. Identified are the top 25 operators purchasing tortilla chips but not salsa or icante. The OpCo can provide you “companion” reports by each of our key categories. This will result in a qualified list of operators for new business across our categories.  Tomato Juice Partnership – Through March we are at an 83% attainment of our goal. In Q4 remind your OpCo’s of the program and look to see if any competitive products have gotten back into distribution. Drive "pull" by training operators and MA’s how to use Tomato Juice as an ingredient to make Chili's, Salsa, etc...  Frozen Soup & Entrée Update – The three new Sysco Classic frozen soup varieties – Fiery Chicken Tortilla, Lobster Bisque and Tomato Basil – continue to be available and should be a primary initiative in growing frozen soup. The following tools are available on SMART: 1) selling story deck; 2) “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” operator rebate; and 3) copy of an advertisement in Sysco’s current Spring/Mother’s Day catalog. – The product enhancement initiative is ongoing, with the entire frozen soup & entrée portfolios being reformulated across three key areas: 1) wellness footprint/better-for-you claims; 2) culinary quality; and 3) taste. A selling story deck and an information spreadsheet are available on SMART. Comprehensive re-launch tools will be made available for Q1 F12. – Frozen entrée operator rebates (both Sysco Classic and Campbell) have been refreshed for Q4 and are available on SMART  Driving New Item Distribution – Pepperidge Farm Baked Cracker chips samples are now available. Selling materials are currently available via Campbell SMART

7 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 7 USFS  Hilltop Hearth Brand Development – Continues to grow the brand – Increased points for Q4 – Operator Rebate has been added to Q4  4% Branded Promotion – When was the last time we presented to the divisions? Are we leveraging the promotion?

8 PRODUCTS & PACKAGINGINSIGHTSOPERATOR SOLUTIONSSERVICE EXCELLENCE 8 Feedback and Questions  Based on what we just shared, what challenges do you see?  What additional information do you need?  What other questions do you have?  Any comments for us?

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