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Real estate social media is here… Business PLAN BUILDERBROKER END USER.

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1 Real estate social media is here… Business PLAN BUILDERBROKER END USER

2 What’s at RISK… A Bad Vacation Wrong Cellphone Bad Meal Who’s helping in Decision Making… What's the need for such a Platform… Person can loose Life’s savings… Peace of Mind… A lot is at stake when you invest in Real Estate as an Investor or an End User… 01 Successful Platforms that Help Taking Decisions…

3 02 For property search and listings, multiple players exist PropTalkies is a platform which helps decision making by providing a 360 O connect between brokers, builders, investors and end users. It provides.. Window for builders and brokers to connect with customers Investor Rating Real Time Chat Room Project’s Demand Supply Dashboard End User Rating Discussion Forums Statistical Ranking For decision making and 360 O connect NO ONE EXISTS Listing and Requirements

4 Our Vision is to create a transparent environment between Real Estate Stakeholders Our mission is to change the current unorganized nature of Indian Real Estate industry and bring the real estate stake holders on a common platform to communicate Vision and mission 03 SINGLE TRANPARENT PLATFORM AGENTSBUILDERSProjects END USERS INVESTORS

5 04 INDIAn ONLINE MARKET TREND India is world’s 3 rd Largest Online Population after US and China 2 nd Largest Online Population in APAC India’s Online Population Skews Significantly Younger Than Other BRIC Countries with 75% Under the Age of 35 Mar 13 China 54.0% Rest of APAC, 13.5% India 11.5% Japan 11.4% Southeast Asia 9.6% % % Total Unique Visitors (000) % % % % of Population China Brazil Russia India World Wide 83% 49% 46% 28% 53% Blogs Have Seen High Growth in India Over Past Year Reach of Blogs Shopping Financial Advice 7,221 13,390 11,141 7,339 24,278 35,906 8,109 11,571 Apparel Blogs Mar-12 Mar-13 85% 52% 48% 43% Fastest Growing Web Categories in India Blogs Category Showed Phenomenal Growth, Adding 11.6m New Users Source:

6 Visiting To Real Estate Sites Still Has Room For Growth Average Time Spent is 16.9 Minutes Per Visitor Unique Visitors (000) 846 Common floor 382 Sulekha Rentals Acres 1809 Magicbricks 383 Makaan 551 Sulekha Property 618 India Property Minutes Per Visitor Potential In Real Estate Online Space Indian Real Estate Penetration with Current Players Average Time Spent on Real Estate Category (Minutes) Indian Real Estate Online Penetration v/s Rest of the World 14% Brazil % Russia % China % Worldwide % India 16.9 Reach of Real Estate Category 05

7 Competitive analysis Complete functionality Not Supported Partially supported Future Road-map SocialMedia Property Rating By Users Property Review By Users Property Ranking For Decision Making Real Time Chat Room Discussion Forums Post Listings Post Requirements Area Level Rating By Users Community Commercial Property Map Based Search Social Media Prop Talkies 99Acres Magicbrics India property Commonfloor Housing 06

8 Journey so far and road ahead 07 nov 2012 PropTalkies Development started Started with a Dream to create The Preferred Platform for any Real Estate Activity in present scenario 2013 PropTalkies was officially launched in November First Phase Development successfully completed and self funded by the Group First Global Real Estate Social Media Platform Properties 4300 builders 9 cities 2013 PT signed up Digital Marketing Agency- AGL360 for SEO and SMO Activities. Very well received on SMO Platform March 2014 SEO started to get organic traffic on the site. Impact started showing up from April There is significant Organic Traffic started from SEO Expenses Heads Sum of Expenses Up to May 2014 Administrative Expenses INR 194,500 Development Salaries INR 953,000 Infrastructure INR 40,00 Online Marketing INR 2,328,680 PR INR 200,000 Reserves INR 1,091,100 Grand Total INR 14,976,640 Current Day- Expenses so far INR 14,976,540/ USD 250 K (Approx.) 2014 PropTalkies is a ZERO DEBT Organization. It has been full funded by Promoters. Current Day ASK for next 34 Months

9 08 Future road-map (sales) Sales Road-Map Sales Offices In Metro Cities Hiring Right Sales Talent Set-up Right Processes For Communication KOL (Feb 2016) HYD (Oct 2015) MAA (Jun 2015) BLR (Dec 2014) AHM (Dec 2015) PNQ (Aug 2015) MUM (Apr 2015) NCR Sales Offices

10 Out of Home 09 Marketing 360 o Print Events Digital Broadcast Editorials PropTalkies Branding Ads Billboard Digital Out of Home Transport Ads Highly focused on SEO SMO Display Ads1 Property Fairs Property Conclaves Radio Television Future road-map (marketing)

11 10 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% 14.2% 12% 13% WEB Mobile Jan-13 Feb-13Mar-13 Mobile & Tablet Share grows to 14.2% 26% 66% 60% Weather Car RentalBlogs Mobile + Tab most preferred choice of access. Blog and Music increasingly accessed “on the go” 24% Entertainment Music 33% 40% 74% 76% WEB Mobile Future road-map (Product Development) Focus will be on Mobility Property Chat Rooms Private Chat Messenger On The Go Listing & Requirements PropTalkies Functional App Community Social Connect Portal Road-map Property Chat Rooms Private Chat Messenger On The Go Listing & Requirements PropTalkies Functional App Community Social Connect

12 Cash Flow Projections Marketing Sales Development Support Infrastructure Cash Flow Projections BY sector Expenses Distribution By Sector 48% Sales 5% Development 10% Infrastructure 2% Support 35% Marketing 11

13 Revenue projections 12 Quarter ON Quarter Revenue Q $79 K Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q $1.1 mm $987 K $860 K $183 K $334 K $482 K $671 K $0 K

14 Expenses vs Revenue 13 Quarter ON Quarter Expenses vs Revenue Q $79 K Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q $1.1 MM $987 K $860 K $183 K $334 K $482 K $671 K $0 K $100 K $200 K $300 K $400 K $500 K $600 K $700 K $800 K $900 K $1.1 MM $1.2 MM $165 K $298 K $425 K $572 K $605 K $707 K $583 K $613 K $602 K $596 K Revenue Expenses Starting Q Revenue overtakes Expenses

15 Break even projection 14 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q $500 K $1.0 MM $1.5 MM $165K $0K $463K $79K $889K $263K $1.4mm $2.0mm $2.7mm $3.3mm $3.9mm $4.5mm $4.7mm $5.8mm Break Even Point Q $2.0 MM $2.5 MM $3.0 MM $3.5 MM $4.0 MM $4.5 MM $5.0 MM $5.5 MM $6.0 MM $5.1mm $3.5mm $2.6mm $1.7mm $1.0mm $598K Revenue Expenses Quarter ON Quarter Cumulative Expenses vs Revenue

16 Ask 15 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q $100K $200K$300K$400K$500K$600K$700K $165K $298K $425K $572K $605K $707K $583K $613K $602K $596K $5MM Quarterly Ask

17 $ 16 Paid Services Passing Benefits to Costumer Advertisement Promotions Value added services Leads generation Chat Increase the Activity Level Focused Group Investors End Users Chat Review/Rating Forum Property Listing Activities Builder Broker End User

18 THANKYOU Thanks for your valuable time

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