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MnM (and FHIR) Roundtable report Baltimore WGM Sept. 13, 2012.

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1 MnM (and FHIR) Roundtable report Baltimore WGM Sept. 13, 2012

2 Sunday Q3 Two parallel tracks – MnM Light due to small number of issues, focus on FHIR – FHIR

3 MnM Monday Q3 – Core Principles R2 ballot rec Non quorate Got resolutions approved in subsequent quarter – Completed CMET ballot reconciliation Tuesday Q4 – SAIF Artifact Definition Project Plan for revitalization Will include time during harmonization – Handling Deprecated attributes Reviewed, harmonization proposal will be drafted Friday Q1 – Business & Planning meeting

4 FHIR Saturday – Connectathon 4 servers, 5 clients (including one built on site) Will be running again in Jan, time TBD Sunday Q2 – FHIR intro tutorial (for $ starting Jan) Sunday Q4 – FHIR hands on tutorial Co-chairs, facilitators & HL7 committee FHIR participants only in Jan. Monday Q3 – Re-ran FHIR Intro tutorial

5 FHIR (cont’d) Monday Q4 – Ballot reconciliation – Issues around licensing and rules for contribution Recommendation sent to board – Discussed how extensions are managed Tuesday Q1 – Connectathon ballot reconciliation Tuesday Q2 – Hosted tooling & publishing – Status quo is ok – Will be working at standing up HL7 hosted repository for extensions

6 FHIR (cont’d) Tue Q3 – Discussion of PA resources Tue Q4 – Discussion about reliable messaging – FHIR Core will maintain Message resource, consult InM Wed Q1 – JSON and XML ballot reconciliation Wed Q2 – Review of vocab resources & methodology – Discussion of URLs, versions, etc.

7 FHIR (cont’d) Wed Q3 – Discussion of FHIR for OO – Reviewed LabReport – Agreed to take on some resources Wed Q4 – Discussion of Device resource and related resources Thur Q1 – Discussion of Conformance Statements & Profile Conformance Statements to be required if declaring conformance

8 FHIR (cont’d) Thur Q2 – Developed draft Problem resource Thur Q3 – Reviewed Document resource – Discussed alignment between CDA R3 and FHIR Thur Q4 – Met w/ DICOM, plan to share FHIR ballot w/ DICOM

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