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SA7 T5: the why, what and how TF-MSP 24 April 2014 Michel Wets, SURFnet,

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1 SA7 T5: the why, what and how TF-MSP 24 April 2014 Michel Wets, SURFnet,

2 2 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Sharing a vision… A world where students have worldwide flat-fee Voice and Data subscriptions Removing the financial barriers for users… Creating possibilities for new educational processes… Allowing direct access to institution networks…

3 3 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate The growth of mobile devices

4 4 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Financial Differences in costs per country 600% difference smartphone tariffs (voice & data) across EU Rewheel Report, May 2013:

5 5 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate What have individual NRENs achieved… Use cases: Ireland (O2) and Greece (Vodafone) Data only Around 50% discount Saving students € 2.7M per year

6 6 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Ireland and Greece HEAnet (Ireland) Data-only deal with O2 50% discount About 12 000 (13%) of the eligible users have signed up, resulting in savings of €1.4 million per year. Specifics – 3G data-only package. – 15GB per month and a free modem at €9.99 per month. – For students and staff of Irish third level education. – Provider: O2. – Selection process: competitive dialogue GRNET (Greece) Data-only deal with Vodafone Nearly 50% discount About 20 000 (8%) of the eligible students subscribed to this offer in 2013, leading to an annual saving of €1.3 million per year. – Specifics – 3G data-only package. – 4GB at €4.74 per month. – For students and staff of Greek Universities. – Provider: Vodafone. – Selection process: open tender.

7 7 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Goals and methods First Wave: Lower mobile costs (voice+data) for students in 5 European countries, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden representing 3.2M end-users. Ensure sustainability by negotiation % discount on all current and future provider propositions

8 8 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate The First Wave

9 9 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Principles Minimum discount will be set at 20%. This will send a strong signal to the providers and ensure that NRENs don’t have to invest in promotional effort for less attractive deals Use existing federative authentication mechanisms to check end-user eligibility Aim towards 40% uptake during contract period

10 10 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate The intended result The procurement will take place in 2014 following the European tendering principles, leading up to the award of a concession agreement per country: With an agreement between the selected Provider and the NREN, describing the conditions under which the provider may deliver the services to the individual end users. and individual agreements between the Provider and the individual end user, incorporating these conditions.

11 11 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate The drivers What is needed to make this a success: Maximizing end-user savings by targeting countries that benchmark studies show to be more expensive than the EU average. Maximizing uptake by focusing on marketing commitment from Operator and promotional effort from NREN.

12 12 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Potential savings ? If students pay 20 Euros a month If we get 20% discount A student would save 48 Euros a year. If only 25% students per country would use the offer And we get that in all five countries (tot. 3.2M users) Total end-user saving would be € 40M per year…

13 13 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate

14 14 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Planning Q4 2013: Issue information package, Select participating NRENs, Publish PIN (Prior information notice) on TED (Tender European Daily) Q1 2014: Send out RFI (21 March) Q3 2014: Send out draft RFP (June), Vendor meetings (July/Sept) Q4 2014: Issue final RFP (Oct), Sign Contract (Dec), Q1 2015 Service available for students and staff

15 15 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Planning Q2 – Q3 Defined approach Q4 Gathered NRENs Q4 Prior Information Notice Q1 – Q2 Request For Information Q3 – Q4 Request For Proposal Q1 Services available 201320142015

16 16 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Questions

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