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Enterprise Analytics: An eBay Story

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1 Enterprise Analytics: An eBay Story
Roadmap to success in Enterprise Analytics: An eBay Story Shyam Sunder Pariavakkam – BI Finance Manager, eBay Marketplaces Karan Rawal - BOBJ Architect, eBay Corporate Business Intelligence Heena Sood – Vice-President, Analytics and Mobility, ZEDventures John Doss – Sr. Director, Practice Lead, HANA and BI, ZEDventures Vasu Pabbaraju - Practice Lead, Integrations and Mobility, ZEDventures

2 Agenda Introductions eBay Journey: Enterprise Analytics
Dashboard Design Best Practices and Tool Selection eBay Marketplaces user adoption story Mobility at eBay

3 Session Objectives At the end of this session, you should be able to understand: How eBay evolved in the Enterprise Analytics space? How eBay selected and implemented the right Dashboard Development tool based on the requirements of its user base? How eBay Marketplaces improved User Adoption in the SAP BI Enterprise Analytics platform? How eBay evaluated mobility options and capabilities available within the SAP BI suite? Key Learnings

4 Enterprise Analytics: The eBay Journey
Finance Transformation Self-Service Reporting Platform / Env. Stability User Adoption Dashboard Performance Fit/Gap of BI Tools to User Requirements SAP BW SAP BOBJ for Marketplaces SAP BO40SP2 Upgrade to SAP BO40SP4 CIO Dashboard on Ent.HANA BW on HANA HANA Ent HR Reporting Tech Go-Live & Legal SRM & Bank Balance Reporting 2011 Q2 2012 Q3 Q4 2013 2014 Q2-Q3 Q1 Key Business Drivers BEx 4.1 SPx BOBJ 4.0 SP4 BOBJ 4.0 SP2

5 Dashboard Design Best Practices
Factors influencing Dashboard Design Data Security Data Latency Data Sources Data Volume Performance Mobility Scalability User Experience Dashboard Consumption Dimensions for Dashboard Optimization Optimize Data Model/BEx Query Optimize Dashboard Design Choose right connection type (BICS vs BIWS etc) Provide ‘drill to’ detail DB’s/reports Add filters to limit the data Trigger queries as needed Choose right visualizations Provide user centric navigation and interaction Mobile usage Print and Export requirements Offline consumption USER EXPERIENCE PERFORMANCE DATA VOLUME USER CONSUMPTION

6 Dashboard Selection Tool
SELECTION CRITERIA / DASHBOARD TOOLS DASHBOARDS 4.0 SP5 4.1 DESIGN STUDIO 1.1 (1.2 AND BEYOND*) Flash Yes No Development / Customization Excel/Abode Flex Java Scripts/CSS Mobile Support (HTML5) Yes (not all components are supported/available yet) Preferred tool for BW/HANA Preferred tool for Non-SAP Data Sources and multi-source scenarios Yes (Single-source &.UNX is supported) Data Connectivity - HANA/BEx/UNX HANA/BEx only Data Connectivity – QaaWS/BIWS/XML etc. Additional connections planned Offline Support Yes (DS 1.4) Navigation Panel, Export to Excel/Power Point, Bookmarking Yes (Excel/CSV export) Power Point (1.3) Bookmarking (1.4) Interoperability with Advanced Analysis & Lumira Yes (supports only AAE) Supports Lumira(1.3) BW Integrated Planning Yes (DS 1.3) Migration to Design Studio Limited Migration Support planned beyond DS 1.3 version. N/A Available DS 1.2 (GA in Nov ‘13) DS 1.3 (GA in Jun ‘14) 6

7 Enterprise Analytics: The eBay Journey
Finance Transformation Self-Service Reporting Platform / Env. Stability User Adoption Dashboard Performance Fit/Gap of BI Tools to User Requirements SAP BW SAP BOBJ for Marketplaces SAP BO40SP2 Upgrade to SAP BO40SP4 CIO Dashboard on Ent.HANA BW on HANA HANA Ent HR Reporting Tech Go-Live & Legal SRM & Bank Balance Reporting 2011 Q2 2012 Q3 Q4 2013 Q1-Q2 2014 Q2-Q3 Q1 Key Business Drivers BEx 4.1 SPx BOBJ 4.0 SP4 BOBJ 4.0 SP2

8 Improving User Adoption within eBay
Thought Leadership Delivered Dashboards with Innovative Design Approaches and enhanced UI/UX. Initiated & Adopted Best Practice Development Guidelines for BW & BOBJ Integration Partnered with IT to improve BOBJ application and infrastructure stability Value-added input on SAP BI roadmap, tools and strategy POC for Mobile enablement of MP data Improved Delivery pace by: Effective Prioritization of Pipeline Optimized Resource Allocation Following Informal Agile Processes Effective delivery of planned pipeline, production support & coordination with HANA project team Delivered additional ad-hoc reporting requests PROCESS SOLUTION DELIVERY PEOPLE Alignment with IT for Technical Design Improved Development quality by leveraging test system data during development Streamlined the BW and BOBJ Transport Process Provided Overlap Backfill Resources to ensure delivery continuity Cross-Technology (BOBJ BEx) Ramp-up of team resources for scalability of resources Realignment of resources to meet expected delivery pace Leveraged Shadow Resources to provide team balance Executive Sponsorship

9 Tracking eBay User Adoption of Analytics Tools
The new North America Master P&L is a great solution for the NA FP&A, especially for NA CFO who uses the summarized version of the report regularly.  This team has taken an innovative approach to data access, the report automatically refreshes every two hours so that I have immediate access to current data in this very complex, intensive report. This report set eliminates the need to run multiple BW reports to get the holistic view saving me one or two days per quarter, and most importantly, I trust that the numbers are accurate. I'd like to give a huge shout out to Shyam and the development team -- they were flexible in terms of implementing changes and updates.  Thanks for your effort. - Sr. Manager, Finance Thank you to the entire team.  These dashboards are awesome! - SVP, CFO Marketplaces My team was very impressed with the BOBJ variance dashboard.  I appreciate your effort and focus to get this dashboard available by the target date.  Great work! - Director, Finance

10 Enterprise Analytics: eBay Mobility Strategy
MOBILE BI APP HTML5 APP Explorer Dashboard Designer Design Studio oData Services WEBI DATA SOURCES ECC BW HANA SAP BI Mobile App Leverage One SAP BI app for all Enterprise Analytics Web Intelligence – Reporting tool enabling Dashboard functionality for certain use cases Dashboard Designer / Xcelsius – Legacy Dashboard Tool with HTML5 publishing Design Studio – SAP recommended application for HANA and BW based Dashboards Explorer/Lumira – Self-Service Dashboarding and Analysis tool HTML5 App Leverage HTML5 frameworks to mobilize data using oData services in certain use cases based on UI/UX requirements Customization/Integration/Other Technology considerations

11 SAP Mobile BI Tools Assessment Summary (BO 4.0 SP6)
Dashboard Designer/Xcelsius – HTML5 HTML5 Dashboard performance is comparable to Flash Dashboard performance Minimal change in the dashboard development process Mobile components are limited and dynamic layout is not supported Design Studio Intuitive WYSIWYG design environment for designers. Functionality extendable via scripting language Dashboard design is heavily dependent on backend data models. Front-end data manipulation is implemented via java scripts WebI based Dashboards Utilizes native iOS/Andriod visualizations and capabilities for mobile rendering & user interaction Key Webi Features are retained in Mobile App Best option for scheduled reports and report bursting scenarios Explorer Self-Service and guided data exploration/navigation. Provides Google-like search experience Minimal development effort enabling rapid deployment Additional Details Design Studio recommended by SAP as the key dashboarding application starting DS 1.3 version (GA Q2 2014) Limited Dashboard Designer/Xcelsius to Design Studio Migration support maybe available beyond DS 1.3 version

12 SAP BI Mobile Tool Selection
CRITERIA / TOOLS DESIGN STUDIO DASHBOARD DESIGNER (XCELSIUS) WEB INTELLIGENCE / CRYSTAL REPORTS EXPLORER RECOMMENDED APP FOR MOBILE BI Enterprise HANA Support Highly recommended Not Recommended Recommended Recommended for self-service BI Design Studio Flexibility Very flexible with the provided scripting language Not recommended by SAP. Provides flexibility in connection types Native functionalities can be leveraged Very flexible for self-service BI Varies based on requirement Reusability Reusable Variables and style sheets Limited reusability No Development time Steep learning curve for developers Tried and tested Extremely fast development time Explorer Data Latency Live data Live data/Staged Best for scheduled data Live data / Scheduled Data Volume Supports huge data volume Limited data set Limited Data set Design Studio/Explorer Data Push/Pull Pull Push/Pull Mobile Rendering / Interaction HTML5 Native iOS/Android WebI/Explorer

13 Key Learnings Governance Structure & EA Strategy to focus on Agile execution but also allow for delivery, technology and solution innovation based on developing trends Strong Business & IT Partnership along with Executive Sponsorship leads to EA Adoption and Proliferation. Nominate Business Champion that understands and propagates the EA Strategy Super User Engagement & Ownership is critical to the success of EA Delivery Right Tool for the Right Purpose based on client defined criteria for success and ROI Adhere to Best Practices & Development Standards for Design & Development of Reports and Dashboards Project Management, Risk Management, and Change Management are just as important, if not more important than a focus on technology Select your Implementation Partner based on Thought leadership, Broad Experience, Skill sets, Delivery Excellence and Focus within the Enterprise Analytics space

14 About ZED Business-aligned Analytics Strategy and Implementation
Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Dashboards Cloud Strategy and Roll-out Systems Integration using HANA between On-premise, Cloud, and Inter-cloud Full-fledged ERP Implementations / Rollouts and Project Management VALUE-DRIVEN SERVICES FOR

15 Our Key Differentiators
Flexible Client Delivery Model Innovation & Competency Center: ZED Labs Service Lines and Practice Areas ONSITE OFFSITE OFFSHORE MOBILE ANALYTICS SOLUTION REPORTING CATALOG CLOUD PORTAL SOLUTION FOR SYSTEMS INTEGRATION Hybrid delivery model with a blend of Onsite, Offsite and Offshore resources Overlap Backfill Resources to ensure continuity and consistency in delivery Shadow Resources to meet expected delivery pace & provide team balance Value-added Service Offerings and Solutions designed to address industry-specific challenges Tools, Methodologies, and IP to support delivery and reduce risk Focus on UI / UX across delivery in all industry verticals and practice areas Proof of Concepts / Demos Co-innovation with SAP Develop & Support ZED Solutions Training and RDS VALUE-DRIVEN SERVICES FOR

16 ZED’s Reporting Catalog Solution
Single Point of Entry Portal to consolidate all Reports across the Enterprise Single Sign-On & Integration with Enterprise Identity Management Systems Customer-defined categorization of Reports Security Model for Reports inherited from Source Systems Customer defined, flexible user interface Google-like Search Capability for Reports Access to Report Meta data like Title, Description, Owner etc. Create & Manage “Favorite Reports List” by User Reports-related Collaboration via Comments, Instant Messages, and s Access Controls Integration

17 ZED’s Cloud Service Offering
On-Premise Solution SAP ERP SD SAP ERP HCM SAP ERP PP, PM, CATS SAP ERP FI/CO Cloud Solution SAP CRM / SuccessFactors / Workday Payroll / ADP T&E / E-Invoicing On-Premise Solution SAP MM Material Master Service Master Vendor Outline Agreements Info Records Source Lists Purchasing Requisitions Purchase Orders PO Acknowledgement Advance Shipment Notification Goods Receipt Invoice Receipt Various Data Elements Cloud Solution SAP Ariba Items Service Items Supplier Catalog Shopping Cart Purchase Orders Order Acknowledgment Advance Shipment Notification Goods Receipt Invoice Receipt Spend Analytics On-Premise Solution SAP ERP HCM Employee Master Compensation Data Evaluation Data Cloud Solution SuccessFactors BizX Employee Compensation Data Workforce Analytics

18 ZED’s Mobile Analytics Solution
Data Source agnostic, Agile Mobile Dashboard creation, and publishing framework to realize the value of mobilizing enterprise data Integration with multiple SAP and non-SAP sources iOS, Android, and Microsoft platforms are supported Strong collaboration capabilities for enabling publishing, sharing, and discussion boards Enables integration of BEx query to deliver BW reports via a custom HTML5 frontend

19 Thank You for Participating

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