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Jonathan Tan (16) Zheng Chengzhi (25) Edward Tan (17)

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1 Jonathan Tan (16) Zheng Chengzhi (25) Edward Tan (17)

2   Google  Lenovo  Apple  Weaknesses and Strengths  Google Market Share – UK and US  Apple (Macintosh) vs Lenovo: US Market Share  Apple vs Lenovo (Smartphone): China Market Share  Action Plan  References Content

3   Google – 67% of unprecedented market share, $14.10 billion in revenue, $2.74 billion in operating income for Q3  Google reported $14.10 billion in revenue, $2.74 billion in operating income for Q3 Google

4   Lenovo—15.6% of Global PC Market, it’s highest recording so far, with a net profit of 162 mil USD in Q2 (2012/2013)  Lenovo net income reached $162 million USD, Revenue hit a record $8.7 billion in Q2. Lenovo

5   Apple – 25% of Computer Market, 22% of phone; Q4 $36 billion in revenue, $8.2 billion net profit  Apple posted quarterly revenue of $36.0 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.2 billion for Q4 Apple

6  Weaknesses:  Lack of diversification – Apple and Google owe their success to its diversified range of products…  Focus on value, not price Strengths:  Dominance in the PC market for Q3’12 is a testament to the success of the “Protect and Attack strategy”.  Smartphone sales in China should continue: long- term investment to “protect”. Lenovo’s weaknesses and strengths

7   In an article published today on Search Engine Watch, Google’s market share in the UK has eroded to 88%  Due to competition from Bing, Yahoo  21 st Nov 2012 – Google accounted for 66.9% of internet searches in the US, according to Search Engine Watch  Rise of Bing as Microsoft’s default search engine Google Market Share – UK & US

8   Based on Q3’12 results, Apple had 13.6% market share in the PC sector  In contrast, Lenovo had 8.9% market share  Lenovo is the only company among the top 5 vendors in the US to increase sales during this period; other vendor sales dropped due to the set release date of Windows 8 at that time Conclusion: Lenovo should ride on the wave and make use of this sales growth to expand, while other companies try to recover sales. (overtaking HP) Apple vs Lenovo: Market Share – US

9   Q3’12 – In the smartphone sector, Lenovo remains as the top vendor in China (despite making losses), with a market share of 15%  Conversely, Apple sold half as many smartphones as Lenovo, with a market share of 6.9% in the same quarter. Conclusion: Lenovo should remain ahead of the game in its base (China). Continue to develop the “Protect and Attack” strategy. Apple vs Lenovo: Market Share - China

10   Continue to attend business trainings by management consultancies (like ourselves)  Take advantage of the knowledge of the East and West (IBM’s Personal Computing Division and Legend Holdings), stay ahead of the game by expanding headquarters. Cultural Exposure…  Adopt the 20% rule for the R&D division of the company. Increase labs…  Follow Apple’s emphasis on visionary leaders  On the other hand, the 4P’s must remain (Plan, Perform, Prioritize, Practice ) Action Plan

11     revenue-8-67-eps/ revenue-8-67-eps/  unveils-three-hybrid-laptoptablets/ unveils-three-hybrid-laptoptablets/  Dips-to-Lowest-Level-in-5-Years-88 Dips-to-Lowest-Level-in-5-Years-88  Market-Share-Record-Closes-in-on-70 Market-Share-Record-Closes-in-on-70   632906788.html 632906788.html  studies/lenovo.aspx studies/lenovo.aspx References

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