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CIG Xpress System Rewrite Customer Conference Call October 20, 2010.

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1 CIG Xpress System Rewrite Customer Conference Call October 20, 2010

2 Purpose of Meeting  Provide an update on the CIG Xpress System Rewrite for 2010 and future plans  Review 2010 Goals (as discussed in our Customer Advisory Group planning session in January 2010) Accelerate the scheduling and invoicing rewrites Enhance Headstation Pooling model to address feedback Make only modest enhancements to existing CIG Xpress system Evaluate consolidating transportation systems for all El Paso pipelines 2

3 Agenda –Summary of Migrations –Upcoming Enhancements –Training –Update on Consolidated System Project –Questions 3 CIG Xpress System Rewrite

4 Summary of Migrations Original Target Completed Date Comments New Headstation Screens Q4 2010 10/13/2010 CIG Notice 8159 Simpler, easier way to manage Headstation Pools. Pool Balancing Rewrite Q4 2010 10/13/2010 CIG Notice 8159 Additional reduction reason codes. Imbalance System Q4 2010 10/19/2010 CIG Notice 8180 New reports. New query capability. Measurement ReportQ4 2010 10/25/2010 Replaces Data Warehouse Report Location Pool to Headstation Pool Q4 201010/25/2010 Shippers can nominate receipts from Location Pools into Headstation Pools Fuel Engine Q4 2010 10/25/2010 To be effective 11/1/2010 Improve internal tracking. 4

5 Migrations (cont’d) Original Target Completed Date Comments New Headstation Pooling Areas Q4 201010/25/2010 Pooling regions match Market needs. Invoicing System Q4 2010 10/25/2010 CIG Notice 8093 New Invoice system for October Business. Graphical Pipe Q4 2010 November 2010 Enhancing graphical view of nominations and entitlements. Capacity Allocation Q4 2010Q1 2011 Rewriting to provide more stable scheduling processes. Flexible Receipt/Delivery Enhancement Q4 2010Q1 2011 Enables shippers to change receipt or delivery points and maintain scheduled quantity through constraints 5

6 Upcoming Enhancements  Week of October 25, 2010 –Location Pool to Headstation Pool A Headstation Pool can nominate receipts from a Location Pool Downstream TSA service levels will transfer back across HSPs for upstream cuts as they do today –New Headstation Pooling Areas Poolers can aggregate gas at more pooling points (laterals and mainline) The current North Headstation Pool also remains available 6

7 Upcoming Enhancements (cont’d)  Week of October 25, 2010 –Invoicing System New look and feel Querying and Reporting with drill down features –New Tree View CIG Xpress split into 2 areas  Contracts, Capacity Release, Nominations, Confirmations, Requests  Allocation, Storage, Imbalance, Invoicing (new modules in CIG Xpress system) 7

8 Upcoming Enhancements (cont’d) 8  Week of October 25, 2010

9  Representatives are available to provide one-on-one training on reports, screens, and/or any other Customer Service or Scheduling topic. –For assistance with new Imbalance and Invoicing, call Kate Olson or Troy Jackson at 1-866-523-4243. –For Nominations and Scheduling assistance, call your Scheduling representative at 1-800-238-3764, option 2. 9 Need training?

10  The El Paso Pipeline Group plans to design, develop and implement a shared transportation computer system across the Pipeline Group –Phased approach by function by pipeline across 4 years  Recommendation is based on a cross-pipe assessment of efficiencies, benefits, risks, costs, timeline and staffing –Assumes different business rules will be maintained –Best practices for common processes will be used 10 Future – Consolidated Transportation Computer System Executive Summary

11 Implementation Strategy  Project Start: –The project start was September 1 for planning, staff transition, training, architecture –Full team engagement starts January 1, 2011  Estimated Project Duration: 49 months –An overall 4-year timeline was used to develop the plan for staffing, phased deployment, and business case costs “Phased deployment” refers to rolling out functions separately at defined times to one pipeline group at a time Assumes a stabilization period of 60-90 days after each deployment Uses March – October schedule for roll-outs to avoid critical periods Manages risk and size of change 11

12 Benefit Category Serve Customers Increased system performance and reliability Provides for customization and flexibility Increased speed to market for system changes Easier access to more information Improved accuracy Proactive, event-driven notices to customers A unified “experience” when doing business with El Paso Drive Efficiencies Leverages best practices Automates workflow management Provides event-driven transactional updates Provides a single data source and easier access to data Provides for common performance metrics and reporting Qualitative Benefits 12

13 Benefit Category Support Growth Improved access to better data for faster decision making Decreases deal-to-contract execution time Decreases system development costs for new service offerings Leverage IT Strategy Modular, service-based architecture for speed of delivery Event-driven information management Simplified access to information Minimize costs by purchasing off the shelf where appropriate Flexible integration backbone Utilize Microsoft investment to leverage skills on.NET platform Qualitative Benefits 13

14 14  Business Owner: Kathy Hayman  Business Management: Larry Williams  IT Manager: James Bolles  Business Module Leads: –Security & Data: Charlie Bass –Contracts, Capacity Release, Credit: Sally Turley –Nominations, Confirmations: Tracey Nicholson –Scheduling: Rich Aten –Allocations/Imbalances: Mary Sue McNeal –Invoicing/Gas Accounting: Melba Westbrook –Training: Kathy Royal  More communication will be forthcoming Project Management 14

15 15  Nominations & Scheduling –Norm Walker, Director - El Paso Western Pipelines –John Driscoll, Manager – CIG, WIC, CP, Young, Ruby –Freddie Salas, Manager – EPNG & Mojave  Customer Services (allocations/imbalances/invoices) –Robin Janes, Manager – El Paso Western Pipelines  Contract Services (contracts, capacity release) –Edgar Trillo, Manager – El Paso Western Pipelines  Gas Control –Bud Wilcox, Director – El Paso Western Pipelines –Dean Makings, Manager - CIG, WIC, CP, Young, Ruby –Kevin Johnson, Manager – EPNG & Mojave  Janice Parker, VP – Customer Service Day-to-Day Customer Service Management Team 15

16 Questions?

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