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Hygiene for Human and Animal Health Mastilep – Mastrip BEST CSR by BRAND.

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1 Hygiene for Human and Animal Health Mastilep – Mastrip BEST CSR by BRAND

2 Milk Production & Rural Health: India Largest Milk Producing Country 120 MMT Milk/annum Source of Nutrition Produced in Rural areas Optimum quality & quantity of milk depends on udder health and prevention of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis Prevention is better than cure Ayurvedic medicines support udder health and hygiene Large Rural Base 60 to 70% Concept of hygiene underdeveloped Chalta Hai ! Higher incidence of disease Prevention is the best way Education/awareness is the answer

3 ECONOMIC LOSSES MILK LOSSES: REDUCED MILK PRODUCTION POOR QUALITY OF MILK MILK DISCARD FINANCIAL LOSSES: DUE TO REDUCED MILK PRODUCTION DUE TO COST OF TREATMENT DUE TO MILK DISCARD DUE TO POOR QUALITY MILK UDDER & HEALTH LOSSES: DAMAGE TO THE ALVEOLI FIBROSIS OF THE UDDER Subclinical Mastits:1 st most important disease of dairy animals causing nearly 12000 cr of losses to Indian dairy industry “Hand washing with soap, particularly after contact with excreta, can reduce diarrheal diseases by over 40 per cent and respiratory infections by 30 per cent. Diarrhoea and respiratory infections are the number one cause for child deaths in India” : UNICEF

4 Objectives To educate the farmers about the role of personal hygiene, especially washing of hands for better human health and also prevention of mastitis and other human diseases. This would mean higher farm income To make the rural dairy farmers aware about high economic losses due to sub- clinical mastitis which occurs primarily due to lack of hygiene MASTILEP Branded Soap Strips

5 Strategy The strategy was based on one to one and one to many communication to the rural farmers. Human health and Udder health can be protected with proper hygiene. Soap Strips branded with MASTILEP used for awareness generation and linking human and udder hygiene Mastitis if not detected and treated timely, can lead to severe complications like udder damage, spread of infection and loss of milk quality and quantity. Timely detection with MASTRIP is the key

6 Media Used Television Direct Mail Magazine Sales Promotion Radio Jingles & Talks Point of Purchase Fairs & Festivals Newspaper Key Opinion Leaders

7 Results & Social Impact Importance of hygiene management for human and animal health established “Mastrip” and “Mastilep” gave the concept of hygiene and helped in prevention of their diseases ‘Mastrip’ was given the name- “Jaadu ki patti” by the villagers. Efficacy of herbal medicines in prevention & treatment got established With proper hygiene management, livestock owners were able to improve human and animal health through proper hygiene management. Farmers were able to cut down on the treatment cost of mastitis by using “Mastrip” for early diagnosis & “Mastilep” as a preventive measure.

8 ‘Mastrip’- Strips for Detection of Sub - clinical Mastitis ‘Mastilep’- Topical Herbal Gel for Mastitis Control “Building Better Human and Animal Health”


10 Thank You AYURVETLIMITED* 6th Floor, Sagar Plaza, Dist. Centre, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi- 110 092 * Formerly Dabur Ayurvet Limited

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