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MaRS is a member of. Business Acceleration Programs & Services Industry-Academic Collaboration Programs & Services Investment Accelerator Fund Entrepreneurs.

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1 MaRS is a member of

2 Business Acceleration Programs & Services Industry-Academic Collaboration Programs & Services Investment Accelerator Fund Entrepreneurs in Residence Market Intelligence Business Development Grants *Youth BAP 17 Knowledge & Tech Transfer Networks 17 Regional Innovation Centres (RICs) Results Management - Client Management - Collaboration Tools Toronto RIC 1 Business Acceleration Program 2 Includes: Life Science Fund *Youth IAF Includes: Pg 1 Note: *new programs launched in FY14.

3  BAP is a funding mechanism that helps the “Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs” deliver programming, mentorship and funding to nurture entrepreneurship and enable creation of Canada’s next generation of jobs.  ONE network consists of – Colleges and Universities, Regional Innovation Centers, Small Business Enterprise Centers, Business Advisory Services – Go to for more details. Business Acceleration Program Pg 2

4 Memory at Work Pg 3 BAP funds Education - online, onsite & workshops Market Intelligence RIC program funding Funding competitions

5  Ontario entrepreneurs – Students, Researchers and other Start ups; Typically with < $1 M in revenues and < $2 M in private investment  Student entrepreneurs – must be in a campus linked accelerator, incubator or entrepreneurship program such as – Next 36, Impact center, UTEST, McMaster’s XCEE, Velocity, MBET, DMZ etc. or is a client at a local RIC.  Researcher entrepreneur – must be working with a commercialization office at the university or client at a local RIC.  Start ups not associated with Univ. or college should work directly with your local RIC  Note: If you are a main street business – such as retail shop, restaurant, service business it is best for you to work with an SBEC in your local region; here in Toronto that would be Enterprise Toronto. For technology or social purpose start-ups Pg 4

6 Pg 5 Advisory services @ your RIC

7 17 Regional Innovation Centers in Ontario Pg 6

8 Memory at Work Q4 FY14 Update: Regional Innovation Centre Client Demographics and Program Activity Pg 7 Firm AgeFirm Industry Firm StageFirm Size Overall Activity 4,758 ventures assisted YTD 784 ventures considered to be “high potential” in Q4 2,104 ventures received advisory services in Q4 744 ventures were new clients in Q4 15,068 hours of advisory services provided in Q4 with a total of 55,535 hours delivered YTD 41% of ventures are at 0-6 mos. of development or pre-startup 15% of ventures are 60 mos. old or over 69% of ventures are “Early Stage” (pre-revenue) 70% of ventures are at the “Idea” or “Discovery” stage of development 56% of ventures are from ICT – Digital Media 12% of ventures are from Life Sci. – Healthcare 9% of ventures are from Cleantech 9% of ventures are from Materials and Advanced Manufacturing 14% of ventures are from other industries

9 Memory at Work Q4 FY14 Update: Regional Innovation Centre Client Service Activity Pg 8 2,104 ventures received advisory services in FY14 Q4

10 Pg 9 Funding Competitions Embedded Executive

11 Memory at Work Pg 10 Embedded Executive Funding Program Update – The Embedded Executive Program provides support to early-stage tech ventures to bring in a critical C or VP level resource for a short-term period of time in order to assist in creating an inflection point for the venture. – Budget of $1.5M and the capacity to provide funding to up to 30 high potential ventures in the province at $50,000 each. An additional $15k cash commitment will be requested from ventures. Q3 FY14 Update: Program Development Total applications by RIC referral: 126 applications were received from across the province and representing 14 of the 17 RICs.

12 Pg 11 Education – Workshops, Online Resources and Live Events

13 Memory at Work Pg 12 Largest and most comprehensive entrepreneurship education in the world


15 Event Series and Experiential Programs Pg 14 260 Number of MaRS entrepreneurship educational events programmed & delivered in FY2014 16,86 6 Number of MaRS entrepreneurship education attendees in FY2014 27,05 3 Number of hours of live education provided to entrepreneurs in FY2014 Entrepreneurship 101 | MaRS Best Practices | MaRS Market Insights MaRS Global Leadership | MaRS Future Leaders | Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops

16 Pg 15 Funding: Searchable database of 7000+ funding sources Inspiration and Advice: 1000+ videos from been-there entrepreneurs Strategies: 18 intuitive workbooks to define and refine business strategies Online course: Entrepreneurship 101 resources and videos Valuable info and tools: 500 articles and templates to help navigate business challenges “This is an excellent website loaded with good material for new companies starting out.” -Robert Falkner

17 Pg 16 2.45 million 510,000 Number of views of articles and workbooks Number of video views Entrepreneur’s Toolkit From Launch in Q4 2009 until Mar 31 2014 Articles | Videos | How-to Guides | Workbooks | Funding Database

18 Pg 17 This two-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures understand the Lean Startup approach and learn ways to start collecting feedback from potential customers. Key Deliverable: A viable value proposition and a process for validating the proposition. This workshop series follows Steve Blank’s methodology and introduce startups to Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas and the analytical process required to validate their business model. Key Deliverable: A sustainable business model and a process for validating the model. MarCom examines the principles of marketing and communications strategies and provides relevant frameworks and tools for you to increase opportunities for growth. Key Deliverable: Key MarCom components that will contribute to a cost-effective, high impact MarCom strategy. For new ventures ready to start selling, this workshop will provide techniques to map out your sales process and tools to manage, influence and track sales opportunities. Key Deliverable: A sales call script that follows a sales process. This workshop series will help you to understand how to create a powerful pitch that you can use to engage investors. Key Deliverable: A 10-point investor pitch. Rebuilt two first series and refreshed the rest:

19 Objectives: 1- Support and advance the expertise and knowledge of our ONE advisors, business analysts and volunteers by sharing with them the latest tools and methodologies in Entrepreneurship Education 2- Share best practices and encourage collaboration within the ONE network 3- Incorporate the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops’ deliverables into our advisory services roadmap Format: A Master Class includes an in-person session and/ or a webinar. A Master Class includes presentation of the latest methodologies and tools, group activities and discussion around case studies. A Master Class will gather 6 to 30 advisors for one to three hours. Success: Two Master Classes offered last quarter: 6 RICs participated, 134 hours of education provided to 41 attendees. Focus on the Customer Development Model and the Business Model Canvas. Three RICs and two external partners expressed interest. Master Class

20 IDEATIONDISCOVERYVALIDATIONEFFICIENCYSCALING Entrepreneurship 101 MaRS Best Practices Marketing Communication Articles Videos Workbooks Funding Sources Directory The Pitch Workshop Business to Business Sales Lean Startup, Part 2 (Business Model) Lean Startup, Part 1(Value Proposition)

21 Pg 20 Market Intelligence Services

22 Startups with: < $1 Million in revenues, < $2 Million capital raised Usha JoeChrisClaudio Hadi Hyun-duck LyndaNirusanXuefei Expertise in: IT & Entertainment - Life Sciences & Healthcare Cleantech & Physical Sciences - Social & Not-For-Profit Partners Team Clients Outcome Market Research Delivered Market Insight Reports Market Insight Events Advanced Client Services Startup Library LucasEmily

23 CleantechLife SciencesICT & Entertainment

24 FY 14 Annual data Market Intelligence served 1,184 requests from 1075 companies/entrepreneurs and provided a total value of $26,386,790 million (MaRS resources - $254M & UofT Resources - $581KM), including research report value and research hours servicing all the requests. 5 year analysis Market Intelligence served 5295 clients & provided a total value of nearly $89,133,729, including research report value and research hours servicing all the requests. Operating cost was kept at a steady $1.2 M or less throughout the five years. FY14 and 5 years analysis of MI services

25 Usha Srinivasan PhD Vice President Learning and Insights MaRS Discovery District T 416-673-8144 E W

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