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PART 1 Indonesia Economic Outlook. Indonesia E-Commerce Update AUG 2014.

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1 PART 1 Indonesia Economic Outlook

2 Indonesia E-Commerce Update AUG 2014

3 Indonesia in Numbers

4 Inflation rate has been stabilized after notable increase in fuel price last year. Increase in lending rate is also accompanied by weakening currency.

5 Slower economic growth has weakened the labor market, while government debt has been increased to support social policy.

6 Assuming a conducive election process, this year GDP growth is forecasted to be stable. Private consumption is expected to remain reasonably robust, assisted by election-related spending in the first half of 2014 and easing inflation.

7 Investment is forecast to pick up in 2015 as the newly elected government clarifies its policies. The PMI also showed improvement for 6 consecutive month, but that the pace of improvement had slowed.

8 Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce ASEAN Business Outlook Survey 2014 Most multinational companies are confidence about the business expansion in the country.

9 Indonesian economic growth will be fueled by consumer spending as the middle class continue to rise.

10 Indonesia is urbanizing at a rapid clip. By 2020, Indonesia will be dominated by urban dwellers.

11 Sumatra and Sulawesi are the next regions of urban growth.

12 The healthy growth will also reflected to the internet penetration which is the backbone of e-commerce industry.

13 PART 2 Indonesia Online Consumer Research




















33 Trending Online Payment Behavior in Indonesia Source: Various Sharing Vision Research

34 PART 3 Indonesia E Commerce Association

35 Vision Positioned Indonesia as the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia Mission Create and nurture a healthy industry for players to engage with relevant partners Organization Establishment Founded by nine companies in 2012

36 idEA Members Development

37 Market Place Membership Catogory : Regular Member Daily Deals Directory

38 Membership Catogory : Regular Member Classified AdsTravel

39 Membership Catogory : Regular Member Retail

40 Membership Catogory : Regular Member PaymentBank

41 Membership Catogory : Supporting

42 UKM Membership December 2013, idEA open SMEs membership category

43 14/04/2015 idEA SMEs Program 2nd Half 2014 New Department in idEA organization: UKM & Education lead by Mohammad Rosihan from idEA coodinator for several cities (start with Surabaya & Malang) Cooperation with Kementrian Koperasi dan UKM: Q4 2014 Program: UKM Workshop in several province Annual Seminar Annual Seminar 12 December 2013: UKM Indonesia Membangun Wirausaha Online : Dari Offline menuju Online Annual Seminar 4 December 2014: Indonesia E Commerce Landscape: Countdown to AFTA 2015 (Indonesia SMEs go Global Market)

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