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Ignatian Spiritual Warrior Training for the Humanities Mr. Christian J. Cashman Fairfield College Prep.

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1 Ignatian Spiritual Warrior Training for the Humanities Mr. Christian J. Cashman Fairfield College Prep


3 CONTEXT :Globalization of Superficiality Average U.S. teen sends/receives 3,000 texts/tweets per month ~Newsweek Jan. ’12 7% of college students elect Humanities majors (14% 50 years ago) NY Times June ’12 21 st Century has given us, “1,000 miles wide & 1 inch deep” Social Media: “Enough about me! What do you think of me?” “Multi-tasking is dead!” ~Digital Nation, PBS Frontline

4 “The first key to IGNATIAN reflection is unlocking the mystery of YOU!” “The second is finding GOD in your search...and having your own unique experience.”

5 Reflection: EXAMEN In what ways has reflection worked well in your classroom? In what ways has reflection not worked well in your classroom? How do you hope to grow more in your personal & professional reflective practice in the upcoming academic year?

6 Ignatian Spiritual Warrior Training 473 year old Jesuit tradition of… Mind Body Spirit

7 Our Ignatian “Way of Proceeding” Do you speak Ignatian? Ratio Studiorum Eloquentia Perfecta A.M.D.G. Cura Personalis Magis God in all things Examen & Discernment 1 st Principle & Foundation Men & women for others Grad @ Grad (~Fr. Traub, SJ, Xavier Univ.)

8 Action: The Ignatian Spiritual Warrior Methods Beadle & Birthdays (see Ratio) Active, close reading (mark the text) Socratic Seminar Ignatian Reflection Journal & Paper (Q1 & Q4) Examen & Magis (weekly, quarterly, annually) AMDG everywhere! Model ALL of the above!



11 Reflection Journal Sample 8/31/12 Journal #1 “The unexamined life is not worth living.”~ Socrates Please take five minutes to 1) Explain this quote in your own words and 2) evaluate from your own experience the truth of this statement, and 3) make any connections you can to St. Ignatius and his “way of proceeding.” 9/4/12 Journal #2 “We are spiritual warriors, on a journey, a pilgrimage. However, the enemy we face is not out there somewhere. It is the enemy within.” ~Paraphrase of Joseph Campbell 1 )How is the internal spiritual warrior different from a warrior in the external world? 2) Describe the potential “enemy within” and what it might represent in your life or experience. 3) How might this image of the “spiritual warrior” connect to St. Ignatius’ spirituality or pilgrimage? 9/6/12Journal #3 Pilgrimage/Journey 1) What is the nature of your pilgrimage journey this year? 2) In what direction are you headed? 3) If you were to compose a song, or choose a song you already know to describe the Junior year you hope for, what would it be?



14 The Ignatian Spiritual Warrior MUST… 1) Have a personal awakening — MANRESA experience of one’s own. 2) Seek the MAGIS every day – not the perfect thing, but the better thing. 3) Develop spiritual courage & indifference in the face of struggle & success. (1st Principle & Foundation) 4) Look for GOD in all things or at least the mystery in all things…realizing there is always something beyond our understanding (which we call God) 5) Finally do this work in the company of loyal companions, with brothers & sisters who care about one another in community…an Ignatian Spiritual Warrior is never alone!

15 Kindle other flames… Matthew 6 “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill can not be hidden. Nor does one light a lamp and place it under a bushel basket. Just so, your light must shine before others so that they may see your good works & glorify God.” Tokusan & Yutan After a long night of rigorous discussion, Master Yutan sent the young monk Tokusan out into the pitch blackness of night and handed him a candle to light his way. When young Tokusan stepped outside, Master Yutan (whew!) blew out the candle & shut the door. It was at that moment that the young monk was enlightened!

16 Thank you for sharing the gift of yourself with Jesuit Education! ~A.M.D.G.

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