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Start Something What’s New: A Tour of the Media System and Print on Demand Updates.

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1 Start Something What’s New: A Tour of the Media System and Print on Demand Updates

2 Start Something Where We Were. Where We are Going. From Positioning Big Brothers Big Sisters as a mentoring organization Focusing marketing efforts only on volunteer recruitment Treating the volunteer as the most important Passive ask for donations Telling the match story from the perspective of the fun things matches do together and only including the Big and Little Using tagline: “Little Moments. Big Magic.” Using multiple colors all together To Positioning Big Brothers Big Sisters as an organization which positively impacts the lives of children Marketing multiple ways people can engage with us, including donate Any (every)one can start something as a donor, advocate, volunteer, employee etc. Bold explanation of use of funds with a direct ask Telling the match story in three parts: societal issues/need, mentoring relationship, outcomes. Including everyone involved: parents, donors, staff, Big Brothers Big Sisters, teachers, etc. Using tagline: “Start Something.” Use of brand color palette with one color use per piece/page for greater impact and professionalism

3 Start Something The Power of Our Brand 1.Currently ranked in the top 5 for Education/Youth Power Brands 2.Ranked #30 of the Top 100 Non-Profits in the Country From brand integrity to brand building, our brand is strongest when we are all working together. It is imperative that our look and feel is consistent and professional across the country. Please recognize the invaluable role you play as we continue to build and strengthen our brand together.

4 Start Something What’s New? 1.Photography Style More journalistic and less posed Short Depth of Field (subject in sharp focus, background out of focus) Interesting angles, cropping, and engaging subject matter Continued use of more impact photography (winning situations, educational settings, milestone moments) 2.Limited use of brand colors Use of one main brand color per page layout (accent or highlight may be added sparingly) 3. Creative Approach Focus on what we achieve and why it matters, not just “what we do” Remember, less is more. Keep your copy and imagery simple and to the point

5 Start Something What About Our Old Materials? We understand that many agencies won't be in a position to invest in all new materials at one time, and we understand that many agencies may undertake a staged roll-out. In order that you may prepare accordingly, we encourage you to anticipate over the next few months how this might affect your budget. As new materials are available in Q4, 2010 you should establish which items you use most frequently and be sure to update those as soon as possible. It is so critical to our brand that our user experience across the country be the same. Please know there are many options for the implementation of materials. There are ways to easily utilize some of your existing materials and make them more relevant to the new platform.

6 Start Something What Can I do NOW? Remove the “Little Moments. Big Magic.” tagline from logos and print materials. (Discontinue using “Little Moments. Big Magic.”) Update your e-mail signature, available on agency connection/marketing central/repositioning. Educate all departments within your agency. Start Something affects us all—determine how you and others will start doing business differently. Tell the Big Brothers Big Sisters story from a donor and volunteer perspective (a donor and volunteer supported organization that requires money just as much as time committed by volunteers)…use the new boilerplate language available on Agency Connection/Marketing Central/Repositioning. As you anticipate the new materials in Q4, 2010 begin adjusting and planning for how this will affect your budget.

7 Start Something Will More Photos Be Added? New photo libraries have been created with over 500 new photos (Media System/Start Something/Photo Libraries). Currently new photos are reflective of our three photo shoot locals (New York, Maryland/D.C., Arizona). Moving forward in 2011 the plan is to continue building the libraries with additional photo shoot locations across the country. A photo style sheet is available to help you utilize local printing opportunities. The new photo style is easily duplicated by professional photographers.

8 Start Something What is the Official Launch Date? Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and eleven pilot agencies from across the country are beginning to use Start Something in 2010. However, the network-wide rollout and official launch date is January 2011. The next few months is your chance to get prepared! Educate staff Budget for new materials Familiarize yourself with what’s new and what’s available

9 Start Something Start Something Starts With All Of Us.

10 Where Do I Find the New Stuff?

11 Start Something Main Access: Agency Connection Media System Print on Demand Promotional Items

12 Start Something What’s the Difference? Media System Collected files for professional printers and in-house design teams to customize and print locally. Now updated to include Word files for ease of local use whenever possible! Promotional Items The place to go for t-shirts, buttons, hats, awards, etc. Please note if you do not see what you need ASK them. They will find and quote any item you want! Print on Demand An online print system where items are set up as templates with some customizable areas. Customize with your local information, approve your proof, and place your order! It’s that easy.

13 Start Something Print On Demand

14 Start Something Promotional Items

15 Start Something Media System Home Page Not just for professional printers and designers. Now populated with Word files when possible. Agency access through Agency Connection, but private Vendor Login available—only share with known, trusted contacts. Your vendor can use the following to log in: USERNAME: vendor PASSWORD: bbbs

16 Start Something Media System: Start Something Portal

17 Materials Review

18 Start Something Above the fold Rotating Images Below the fold Homepage

19 Start Something Stationery

20 Start Something Stationery: Color, Layout Spot Color vs. Process (CMYK) Spot color is pure color and more vibrant (less muted) than the CMYK (4 color mixes). Three spot colors have been used on our new “foundation” materials intentionally—you will notice this most in the brightness of the purple. Adjust layout to accommodate board lists, special committees Etc. on right hand side. Space for supporting logos/graphics

21 Start Something Additional Support Materials

22 Start Something Standing Banners

23 Start Something Notecards

24 Start Something Postcards/Cards

25 Start Something Direct Mail

26 Start Something Quick Facts

27 Start Something Flyer Shells (multiple photo options, 2 versions)

28 Bowl For Kids’ Sake

29 Materials Update

30 PowerPoint Slide Template: with bottom graphic

31 PowerPoint Slide Template: without bottom graphic

32 “Friends Asking Friends” Web Template

33 Large Mailing Envelope Letterhead & #10 Envelope Stationery

34 FrontCustomizable Back Panel Brochure

35 Customizable Inside Panel Brochure (Interior)

36 Customizable Back Panel Save the Date Postcard

37 Customizable Back Panel General Postcard

38 Customizable logo and bottom Poster (Draft. Not Final.)

39 Additional Concepts Coming 2011

40 Start Something Conceptual Executions Creative to be developed in 2011 Print Ad Important Elements: Includes role of donor, volunteer, child, parent and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Illustrates how a simple act (buying a backpack) can lead to huge outcome (reforming healthcare). Uses statistic to reinforce outcome and validate the program. Includes call to action, logo and new tagline. NOTE: This is just a concept and not an actual print ad.

41 Billboard Important Elements: Grabs attention with headline that connects Big Brothers Big Sisters to solving a larger issue. Uses bold color and prominently displays image of a child. Includes call to action, logo and new tagline. NOTE: This is just a concept and not an actual billboard. Start Something Conceptual Executions Actual creative to be developed in 2011

42 What’s Left to Say

43 Start Something Donor call kit (one-page inserts) Stewardship stationery Newsletter template for in-house printing Event invitation Revised Style Guide General Brochure Thanksgiving Card Holiday Card Materials Still Coming This Year!

44 Start Something For More Information… For more information or if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us directly. Suzanne Tavani Marketing & Communications Tel: 215.665.7762 Melanie Pack Creative Director Tel: 215.665.7776 Jessica Spikerman-Graham Director, Philanthropy Marketing Tel: 215.665.7778 We are here to help, so please let us know how we can!

45 Start Something Repositioning Big Brothers Big Sisters

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