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Let’s Play! Please listen carefully and think before answering. Good Luck!!

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3 Let’s Play! Please listen carefully and think before answering. Good Luck!!


5 Papacy vs Monarchy

6 Got Holy Land?

7 Get Your Learn On

8 grApes of the Renaissance

9 Quotable Quotes

10 Power to the People

11 200 300 400 500 Papacy vs. Monarchy Got Holy Land? Get Your Learn On grApes Quotable Quotes Power to the People 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100

12 This King of the Franks was appointed Holy Roman Emperor, but could not handle Viking invaders

13 Who is Charlemagne?

14 This Holy Roman Emperor disliked it when Pope Gregory VII took away his power to appoint bishops

15 Who is Henry IV?

16 To be formally “kicked out” of the church

17 What is excommunication ?

18 This Pope promised salvation to all Christians who went on a crusade

19 Who is Urban II?

20 When the pope dies, we elect a new one

21 Who are Cardinals (College of Cardinals)?

22 The Crusades were a Christian attempt to gain control of this Holy Land

23 What Palestine & Jerusalem?

24 This is the number of successful Crusades for the Christians

25 What is ONE?

26 This is the group leading the Muslims when the Crusades began

27 Who are the Seljuk Turks?

28 After the Crusades, this increased in Italy, making people very rich

29 What is trade (commerce)?

30 The Crusades let to a rebirth of interest in classical learning from these cultures

31 Who are ancient Greeks and Romans?

32 These people were the most likely to be educated in medieval Europe

33 Who are priests and nobles?

34 Mendicants helped to transform cathedral schools into these

35 What are universities?

36 Philosophy that encouraged people to explore their surroundings

37 What is Humanism?

38 The spread of Renaissance ideas was helped by translating books into vernacular, which means this

39 What is common language?

40 This term means “to spread”

41 What is disseminate?

42 Q4-100

43 Who is Leonardo da Vinci?

44 Q4-200

45 Who is Dante Alighieri?

46 Daily Double!

47 Q4-300

48 Who is Marco Polo?

49 I was the first person to translate the Bible from Latin

50 Who is Martin Luther?

51 I wrote the plays OTHELLO, HAMLET, and ROMEO AND JULIET

52 Who is William Shakespeare?

53 “I am the absolute ruler of this manor built upon a fief I received from the king”

54 Who is a medieval lord?

55 “I will follow the code of chivalry and swear loyalty to my lord”

56 Who is a medieval knight?

57 “It is my belief that there is an order built into nature that is common to all people”

58 Who is Thomas Aquinas?

59 “I was very frightened as the Crusaders approached our city of Constantinople, for I was not sure of their intentions”

60 Who is Ana Comnena?

61 “Renaissance information can reach many more people now that my printing press is perfected”

62 Who is Johannes Guttenberg?

63 The legal document signed by King John that applied to everyone, even the king himself

64 What is the Magna Carta?

65 The part of the Magna Carta that stated no free man shall be falsely imprisoned

66 What is habeus corpus?

67 King Henry II created royal courts to limit their power

68 Who are nobles?

69 They received a “voice” in government with the creation of England’s Parliament

70 Who are commoners?

71 Daily Double!

72 Legal reform that stopped the king from keeping an army when England was not at war

73 What is the English Bill of Rights?

74 Final Jeopardy

75 Renaissance Dissemination

76 Craftsmen in Cordoba Spain helped the Renaissance to grow with their production of this material

77 Paper

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