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EMIS News and Developments Neil Laycock Dr Shaun O’Hanlon.

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1 EMIS News and Developments Neil Laycock Dr Shaun O’Hanlon

2 Since the last conference…

3 Go live at the 3000 th practice

4 EMIS Web: England’s most popular primary care clinical system

5 5 KLAS report  EMIS Web rated highest of all GP systems  Scored highest for support  Rated easy to use  Rich in functionality – including search and reports and community functionality

6 QInnovation  Partnership between EMIS and the UON  £10,000 grant towards research projects  Two winners in 2013:  Dr Walter - use the QDiabetes tool to improve detection of diabetes among 100,000 patients in the local CCG  Professor Sheikh - evaluate the safety of varenicline among smokers with COPD.  Launching 2014 award today - Google ‘QInnovation’  Across any domain - acute, CCMH, CCGs

7 CCGs – what it means to us  Uncertainty  Budgets  Relationship building  Opportunity  Joint objectives to provide core GP system  CCG strategy and EMIS  We’re learning as CCGs are learning  Development roadmap  Wider responsibilities

8 Interoperability  Interoperability between all healthcare sectors  Examples of where the MIG is delivering benefits in a local health economy:  Record sharing  Discharge summaries  Clinical correspondence

9 Progress on CCMH  Recruited Martin Bell, Director of Community, Children’s and Mental Health  Ring-fenced dedicated teams

10 Q42013 Jan2014 PA Configuration Death Notification Service Prescribe Family Links Care Planning Full Child Health Assessments Community Mobile Reporting Q2-Q Bed Management Mental Health Enhancements to Safeguarding Appointments Registration / DBS Family Linkages Record Utilities Sexual Health School Health Maternity / New Born EMIS CCMH Roadmap Spine Services CAB Provider PA multi-workflows Recall Schedules Apr2014

11 GPSOC-R  Principal and subsidiary supplier model to introduce new market entrants  Focused on improving national programme usage  Create a framework to promote innovation  Open interfaces and new interface standards  User engagement in roadmaps  Due early 2014

12 Q32013 Q42013 Summary Config EMIS Mobile v2 Customer codes GPES Meds enhancements EPSr2 Meds manager EMIS Primary Care RoadmapQ12014 Synonyms Spell checker Care Plans Patient Access Record Viewer

13 EMIS Web With help from Paul Lowry, Chief Systems Architect

14 Q32013 Q42013 Summary Config EMIS Mobile v2 Customer codes GPES Meds enhancements EPSr2 Meds manager New Doc Manager Workflow Manager Resource Manager Wales MMSv6 CDA EMIS integrated care pathways GPSoC v2 Spine services GP2GP v2.2a Enriched SCR eReferral Service EMIS Web Scotland EMIS Primary Care Roadmap Synonyms Spell checker Care Plans Patient Access Record Viewer Q12014

15  Health and Wellbeing launch  MyHealth test  Apps  Patient Access app  Diabetes Manager  Medical Abbreviations app  Toilet Finder  Listen aloud functionality  Shared decision making resources  Patient Pro  GP Web Solutions redesign  And… local

16 Localisation  Relevant local information  Local trends  National heat maps

17 Harnessing local data Local search Major cities National trends

18 Localised services & trending topics Live trending data Local news & weather Local health services

19 National picture – trending topics Heatmaps show ‘hotspots’ across the UK Live trending data

20 A year at

21 Patient Access With help from Ben Foster, Operations Director, Patient Services

22 Integrated care

23 Integrated care across EMIS Group GP CCMH

24 Digital Healthcare  80% of the UK diabetic retinopathy screening programmes use Digital Healthcare software  Global coverage - world’s largest supplier  Based in Cambridge  2.8m patients  43m images

25 Integrated care across EMIS Group GP CCMH

26 Ascribe products  Acute care  A&E system (Symphony)  PAS / EPR  Pharmacy / ePrescribing  Order comms  Departmental systems  eDischarge  eHandover  Digital dictation  Unscheduled care  Mental health  ePEX / Jade  Business intelligence  Doc. management  Implementation

27 EMIS Group Integrated care  Record sharing - Unscheduled care, Acute, CC, MH, Pharmacy, GP  Integration - Medicines manager, Discharge & admission, tasks, scheduling  Managed care pathways - LTC’s, referral management, diversion programs  Patient Access - Patient empowerment, PHR  Whole systems reporting and BI  Research

28 Pharmacy integration With help from Shanel Raichura, Professional Services Manager and Clinical Safety Officer, Rx Systems

29 EMIS Mobile With help from Tim Hill, EMIS Product Manager

30 A special offer for NUG delegates FIRST SIX MONTHS FREE When you take a 3yr contract FIRST YEAR FREE When you take a 5yr contract

31 Any questions?


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