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(C) 1996 - 2013 Shadows in the Dark Shadows in the Dark Braille Services/Gifts.

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1 (C) Shadows in the Dark Shadows in the Dark Braille Services/Gifts

2 (C) Shadows in the Dark Topics I.Introduction II.Braille Cards III.Braille Services IV.Braille Games V.Gift Items VI.Contact Information

3 (C) Shadows in the Dark Introduction Started out as a small company in 1996 from a one bedroom apartment, to now being one of the largest providers within the Braille services market. We offer the opportunity to shop and buy top selling gifts items, Braille greeting cards, collectibles, home and garden decor and much more. Gift certificates are also available.

4 (C) Shadows in the Dark II. Braille Cards 29 occasions available. 7 foreign languages. Low cost for everyone. FREE personalized messages. Free Shipping on small orders. Market size – more than 180 million people worldwide.

5 (C) Shadows in the Dark IV. Braille Services Business Cards Braille Announcements Braille Invitations Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping.

6 (C) Shadows in the Dark V. Braille Games Braille Poker Playing Cards Braille Uno Playing Cards Braille Pinochle Playing Cards Braille Bridge Playing Cards Braille Spades Playing Cards Braille Skip Bo Cards Braille Rook Braille Mille Bornes Braille Scrabble Slam And much more

7 (C) Shadows in the Dark VI. Specialty Gifts Offering more than 2500 items sold at wholesale so our customers can have a reliable source of products for their business. Make great profits up to 50% on every item. Great for Hospitals, Gift Shops, Wholesalers, and more.

8 (C) Shadows in the Dark Contact Information SHADOWS IN THE DARK MATHIS RD # 1 SAN ANTONIO TX

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