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1 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Telecosm 2004 John Trezza.

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1 1 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Telecosm 2004 John Trezza

2 2 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Xanoptix Purpose Xanoptix exists to permit the concept of a “Chip” to transcend materials, technologies and distances. Xanoptix will enable a world free of hardware bottlenecks by allowing unimpeded communication between integrated circuits Many data paths, Unrestricted speed, and Vast reach (microns to kilometers). By doing so, we will Radically improve the price/performance electronics, Merge ‘chips’ and ‘the network’, and Move the IC industry from a ‘mainframe-like’ model to a ‘PC-like’ model.

3 3 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc More Complex Chips with More I/O Off Chip Data Data ON Chip (Desired Data) Stacked IC 10,000 x

4 4 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Industry Problems ICs: Poor Communication & Performance IN SYSTEM : Can send 0.01% of Desired CHIP Data BY USING 10% to 50% of CHIP POWER AND AREA IN NETWORK: 0.0001% ICs:complex to design & Limited In Roadmap & Expensive Material Choices Like the Model-T Colors IP sharing hard $1million & Months of Design for Each Attempt No Upgradability Large chips = “wafers-per-chip” Yields Million costs when 90% of chip needs Inexpensive Chips not expected to grow in next 10 years!

5 5 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc What we do – 3D Integrated Circuits Material-Neutral, Chip-level, direct die-to-die interconnection 3D Wafer Daughter Wafers Mother Wafer (e.g. CMOS) Electronic Si GaAs, InP Silicon CMOS, Bi-CMOS, GaAs IC, etc. Ceramic Passive Electronic Connections (um sized) Optical Si GaAs Stack Si THE XANOPTIX DIFFERENCE MILLIONS of Connections per cm 2 ANY Material / Process / Fab Semiconductor Economies of Scale. Multi-Vertical-Stack 1000s Optical Connections (Chips kilometers Apart Act as 1 Chip) Integrate

6 6 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Daughter IC Mother Wafer I/O Pad Openings 4 to 14um 7 to 50um <5umProcess Multi-Stacking Chips w/ vias Base Process Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal Connection

7 7 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc What we are working to achieve Repeat the IC Revolution Transform Boards of Chips & Modules Into Individual Stacked Chips USB/ Audio/HDD WLAN GRAPHICS PROCSSOR OPTICAL DRAM WLAN USB/ Audio/HDD WLAN GRAPHICS PROCSSOR OPTICAL DRAM WLAN USB/Audio HDD WLAN GRAPHICS PROCSSOR DRAM WLAN

8 8 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc What we are working to achieve Move the IC Industry from a ‘mainframe-like’ to a ‘PC-like’ model Transform Large, Complex Chips Into Modular Stacked Chips Mainframe-Like PC-Like

9 9 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc What we are working to achieve Remove I/O Bottlenecks over Any Distance. Transform Many ICs & the network Into One Big ‘Chip’ Transceiver

10 10 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc 3D Stacked ICs: ICs are Dramatically Improved in Performance ALL Data Available over ANY distance (The chip =network) 90% Less I/O Power 99% Less I/O Space ICs are Unlimited in Flexibility & Decreased in Cost Mix & Match Processes & Material From Best Suppliers The chip IS the board Days of Design for new version of a chip Customize & Upgrade your chip just a PC. Several Smaller chips each with very high yield Cost is on function-by Function basis ‘Unlimited’ chip size

11 11 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Key Capabilities Optical Device Design & Fabrication Mixed Signal IC Design Optical Packaging Design 3-D Folded Packaging Design ELECTRONICS OPTICS 3D Stacked IC

12 12 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Xanoptix Has Advanced 3D Capabilities 1 st Optical Product Electrical Chips Demonstrated Chips for Products Capability # contacts/chip ~ 60010,000MillionMillion+ Contact Size 14 um7 um4 um2 um Contact Density 40,000/cm 2 160,000 / cm 2 1,000,000/cm 2 1,000,000+/ cm 2 # Optical devices 216N/A~ 300,000> 300,000 Contact yields 99.9995%

13 13 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Single Chip Optoelectronic Transceiver 250 Gb/s (equivalent to 1,250 Ethernet Cards) Combines active optics and electronics into single chips First Commercial Application

14 14 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Para-Optix Product Line Chip Heat Sink Optical Connector Electrical Connector P R O G R A M M I N G XTM-12 XTM-16 XTM-24 XTM-32 XTM-48 XTM-72 Xanoptix IC Xanoptix Component 15x number of optical devices 3:1 Laser redundancy Programmable Xanoptix 3-D Packaging 1cm Optical Output 5Gb/s 400Gb/s

15 15 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc PARA-OPTIX VS. LC SFF IP Routers Core Switching CATV/Metro Switching Storage/Data Switching Computing & Server

16 16 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Next Generation: Fiber Cables NEXT GENERATION PASSIVE OPTICAL CABLING “100,000 points of light” 3mm 100,000 fibers 1000s Optical I/O 100,000s of fibers

17 17 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Future Development Roadmaps Tx / Rx Transceiver Backup/redundancy Power monitoring Pre-Emphasis Equalization SERDES Clock Recovery Microprocessor FPGA Graphics Network Processors SRAM &DRAM BIOS Chipsets Memory controllers Drive controllers Data aggregators Microprocessors GbE / FibCh codec SONET scrambling Crossbar Switching Drop/Add ECC & CRC Regenerators Framing Header Decoding Digital Crossconnect WDM Crossconnecct Clocking distribution Bus Controller 850nm VCSEL 1310nm DFB Single Mode devices CWDM (2-16 ) 1550nm DFB DWDM(16-256+ ) 600nm VCSEL 1310nm VCSEL 640 Mb/s/ch 1 Gb/s/ch 1.25 Gb/s/ch 2.5 Gb/s/ch 3.125 Gb/s/ch 5.5 Gb/s/ch 6.25 Gb/s/ch 10 Gb/s/ch 12.5 Gb/s/ch 40 Gb/s/ch Intelligence Speed/I/O Wavelength(s) 1 2 4 8 12 16 24 32 48 72 96 128 144 256 288 576 9216 36864 589824 # optical I/O

18 18 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Microprocessor, Router, DWDM System 1000s of Optical I/O channels Hundreds of wavelengths Expensive Monolithic Routers, Servers, DWDM systems Commodity Systems BECOME Example: Communication Systems $1 Million ; 6ft System. $1,000 ; 1in System.

19 19 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Transceiver

20 20 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Computing, Storage, Office, and Consumer Opportunities Other Consumer Electronics Single Chip DVD Recorder (read the disk in one rotation) Memory Stacks Single chip “Xbox in a wristwatch” Printer/Scanner/Copier Chip Highly Parallel Communication For storage systems Single Chip Digital Cameras (Sensor, Logic, Memory, display, and Network in one)

21 21 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Next Generation: Telecom & Communications Products LNB devices/Modules for Satellite TV Single Chip Fiber to The Home ‘box’ WLAN on a Chip Cell Phone / Base Station “on a Chip” Single-Chip, Ultra Redundant Undersea Repeaters Modular ASICs

22 22 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Next Generation: Consumer, Industrial, Military, and Commercial Avionics & Space The Connector/Cable *IS* the Electronics/Optics/network In-Flight Networking & Entertainment Chips Single Chip High-Temp Industrial Control Sytems Active printed circuit boards, Cables & IC sockets

23 23 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc Active Auto Fiber Harness (embedded Electronics and/or optics in cables/connectors) Drive by Wire; In Car network. Next Generation: Automotive Products Sensor Modules / Engine Control Modules On Board Computer Networks Silicon GaAs / InP GaN RF Optics MEMS

24 24 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc A Chip combines the best of all technologies. Merge ‘chips’ and the ‘network’ Increased Communication Bandwidth & Functionality (millions / cm 2 ) Extended communication distance (1um  kms) Lower communication power Upgradability: Treat ICs like PCs Eliminate the need for entire classes of other components 1 st Commerical Chips: 245 Gb/s in 1 square centimeter -- more bandwidth than 1000 Ethernet cards Huge opportunities throughout the industry. Summary: Performance, Functionality, Yield, Cost

25 25 © 2004 Xanoptix, Inc The Vision Integrated Circuits Developed (1961) (TI & Fairchild) Event Significance First Product Market Result Revolutionized Electronics Hearing Aid $100s Billions Electronics industry now 3D and OPTICALLY ENABLED Integrated Circuits Developed (2001) (Xanoptix) Revolutionizes Electronics & The Network Intelligent Transceiver $

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