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SAFNWC/GEO package: An overview

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1 SAFNWC/GEO package: An overview
NWCSAF Users’ Workshop, Madrid February 2015 Pilar Rípodas AEMET

2 Outline Nowcasting SAF (NWCSAF) objectives: MSG and PPS packages
MSG package and products CDOP-2 plans Plans for CDOP-3 (Feb 2017 – Feb 2022)

3 NWCSAF objectives Satellite Application Facility on Support to Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecast (NWC SAF) belongs to the EUMETSAT SAF Network. The general objective of the SAFNWC is to provide operational services to ensure the optimum use of meteorological satellite data in Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting by targeted users. To achieve this goal , the SAFNWC is responsible for the development and maintenance of appropriate SW Packages (GEO and POLAR Satellites), as well as of all related tasks for user's support.

4 MSG/GEO and PPS SW packages
The NWCSAF Consortium: AEMET MétéoFrance ZAMG SMHI Geostationary satellites: MSG/GEO SW package Polar Satellites: PPS SW package Continuous Development & Operations Phase 2, CDOP-2 -> Continuous Development & Operations Phase 3, CDOP-3 ->

5 MSG package SW elements: Task Manager, NWCLIB, PGEs, tools. To execute, with minimum human assistance, all necessary tasks for the generation of SAF NWC Products in a real-time operational mode and for a configurable geographical area.

6 MSG package Products: CDOP-2 releases: MSG v2013, GEO v2016
Current version is MSG v2013: products derived from MSG data Products: Cloud products (Météo-France,Lannion): Cloud mask, Cloud Type, Cloud Top Temperature and Height Presentation by: H. Le Gleau & G. Kerdraon (Météo-France,Lannion, France) Clear Air products (AEMET): Precipitable water in different layers and instability indices Main improvement respect to v2012: support to ECMWF NWP input at hybrid levels Presentation by M.A. Martínez (AEMET, Madrid,Spain)

7 MSG package MSG v2013 Precipitation products (AEMET):
Precipitating clouds, Convective rainfall rate, day-time Precipitating clouds and convective rainfall rate from physical properties Main improvement: new day-time Precipitating clouds and convective rainfall rate products from physical properties Presentation by Cecilia Marcos (AEMET, Madrid, Spain) Wind Products (AEMET): Atmospheric Motion Vectors from SEVIRI, trajectories Main improvement: Calculation of trajectories considering tracer persistence specially in the rapid scan mode Presentation by J. García-Pereda (AEMET) Satellite image interpretation product (ZAMG): Automatic Satelite interpretation (ASII) Presentation about a new generation of ASII (ASII-NG) by A. Wirth

8 MSG package MSG v2013 Convection products (Météo-France, Toulouse):
Rapid Developing Thunderstorm Presentation by J.M. Moisselin

9 CDOP-2 plans New version GEO v2016 to be delivered Q2 2016
First steps towards the new version GEO v2017 that will be delivered at the beginning of the new phase CDOP-3

10 CDOP-2 plans: GEO v2016 Main changes:
New Task Manager, NWCLIB and tools: Needed to add the capability to process data from “other” satellites. Unification of common functions Other minor improvements New output format: Netcdf Adaptation of Wind products to GOES-N satellites Scientific improvements in Cloud Products, HRW Product and ClearAir Product New products: Cloud microphysics, CI (convection initiation), Convective Warning, ASII-NG and EXIM (extrapolated images, presentation by A. Jann)

11 CDOP-2 plans: first steps for GEO v2017 in CDOP-3
Scientific development during CDOP-2 Main improvements: Adaptation of products to other foreign satellite: Himawari (and GOES-R, TBD), as a first step to prepare for the adaptation of products to MTG-FCI Precipitation products from Cloud Physical Properties: Night algorithm

12 CDOP-3 Plans Adaptation of GEO products to MTG-FCI: new channels, better spatial and temporal resolutions Make use of MTG-LI new data Continue the adaptation to other satellites: Himawari, GOES-R Plans for MTG-S (presentation by M.A. Martínez): To offer a user friendly SW to manage the MTG-S L1 and L2 data L1 data: PC to BTs , generation of MTG-S L1 BTs files for NWCSAF user defined regions. Generation of L1 products as RGB images. L2 products: From CAF L2 T,q profiles: calculation of TPW, LPW and Instability indices at dwells. Combination and Reprojection of dwells to user defined regions SAF L2 product: locally executed light CPU algorithms for retrieval T, q profiles using as input local NWP models.

13 CDOP-3 Plans Open questions (inputs from the users requested):
MTG-S requirements Reprocessing requirements Requirements for Rapid Scan (MTG)


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