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.:Will and won’t power:..:PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST:.

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1 .:Will and won’t power:..:PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST:.

2 Introduction… Applying prioritization to your life can help you organize your tasks. This brief presentation will explain the prioritizing process, planners, and more!

3 In General, we spend the majority of our time in one of four time quadrants… THE PROCRASTINATOR THE PRIORITIZER THE Yes-Man THE SLACKER Here is a little bit of info about each one…

4 THE PROCRASTINATOR… The Procrastinator leaves things off until the last minute. He or She believes that procrastination is the only method of accomplishing tasks because leaving the job at hand undone until the last minute gives the procrastinator a sense of urgency before the deadline. The tasks of a procrastinator are important and urgent—a recipe for stress, anxiety, burnout, and mediocre performance.

5 THE PRIORITIZER… The Prioritizer organizes his or her tasks in a way that is important but not urgent—an excellent method of finishing large tasks before smaller ones on time while relaxing. The results off spending most of your time in Q2 are control of your life, Balance, and high performance.

6 THE YES-MAN… The Yes-man agrees to anything from favors for others to peer pressure. Spending too much time in Q3 can lead to a reputation of pleasing others, a lack of discipline, and feeling like a doormat for others too wipe their feet on.

7 THE SLACKER… The Slacker hardly ever does any work…They feel that relaxation is the #1 necessity in life that they can’t live without. Spending too much time in Q4 will lead to a lack of responsibility, guilt, and flakiness.

8 Which Quadrant do YOU spend most of your time in? In which time quadrant do you spend most of your time in? Which one is the best one? If you aren’t in the best time quadrant that you can be in, how can you work to get there?


10 USE A PLANNER! using a planner is an awesome way to keep track of your tasks…writing down large and small events will organize your life!

11 What are “Big Rocks?” “Big Rocks”, as I call them, are your large events that should be your #1 priority. Finishing your “Big Rocks” first can make time for your “pebbles,” or smaller tasks. Have you ever noticed that if you put a whole bunch of pebbles into a bucket before big rocks, it doesn’t all fit and some big rocks are left out of the bucket. But if you put in the big rocks first, the pebbles fall neatly in between the rocks and everything fits! Now picture that bucket as your life. Put the big rocks in first, and everything will fit, stress-free.

12 Review… What are time quadrants? How can a planner benefit your life? Which are more important, big rocks or pebbles? How can prioritization help you?


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