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National Directorate of International Relations Eng. Agueda Menvielle September, 2012.

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1 National Directorate of International Relations Eng. Agueda Menvielle September, 2012


3 THE ARGENTINEAN ACADEMIA A long-standing tradition of scientific excellence has resulted in generations of highly qualified Human Resources

4 Bernardo Houssay Nobel Prize 1947 Role played by pituitary hormones in regulating the amount of blood sugar (glucose) in animals. Luis Leloir Nobel Prize 1970 Nucleotides, carbohydrate metabolism and renal hypertension to understand, diagnose and treat galactosemia. Cesar Milstein Nobel Prize 1984 Hybridoma technology for the production of monoclonal antibodies

5 In 2007, the President, Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, created the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Act 26.338

6 Secretariat for Scientific and Technological Coordination Secratariat for Policies and Planning Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation CONICET CONAE SEGEMAR CNEA INA INPRES Ministry of Industry INTI INTA INIDEP Ministry of Education Public and Private Universities Provinces CITEFA Provincial Agencies for the Promotion of R&D&I Provincial R&D Institutions ANPCYT Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing National Directorate for International Relations Ministry of Foreign Relations MInistry of Planning Ministry of Defense Ministry of Helath ANLIS IGM IAA Non-profit Organizations Companies NATIONAL SYSTEM OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

7 Give answers to the key social and sectoral issues and improve the quality of life of society Increase productivity of the competitive sector by focusing on the design of a new development model Support the expansion of companies based on new knowledge MISSION

8 Energy Agroindustry Health Environment and Social Development Biotechnology ICTs Nanotechnology STRATEGIC AREAS SECTORAL FUNDS

9 PUBLIC FUNDS Approved Projects 2011 FundNumber of ProjectsAmount in USD FONTAR65263,145,177 FONCYT1,21453,881,176 FONSOFT42813,112,369 FONARSEC5567.849.647 TOTAL2,349197.988.370

10 Increase of the National S&T budget by 226% Financing of 12 public works under the National Infrastructure Plan, approval of 162 projects for revamping and/or improvement of infrastructure and 51 projects for equipment and improvement of 24 R&D Organizations. Number of people involved in the R&D sectors, measured in the equivalent of full-time: 59,682 (2009) of which about 44,000 were researchers and fellows; Creation of 7 new national systems in the Program for Large Instruments and Databases; 10,481 fellowships for undergraduate and graduate studies Building and inauguration of the 1st stage of the Scientific and Technological Pole: 45,000 m² S&T investment in relation to GDP increased from 0.49% in 2004 to 0.67% in 2009 ACHIEVEMENTS 2007-2011

11 NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Secretariat for Scientific and Technological Coordination National Directorate of International Relations ANPCyT CONICET Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Secretariat for Planning and Policies in Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.



14 Scientific Meetings and Workshops About 65 held per year Bilateral Projects 499 ongoing projects Research Fellowships BILATERAL COOPERATION MECHANISMS

15 Austria: BMWF Germany: BMBF, DAAD Belgium: FWO, FNRS Brazil: CAPES Chile: CONICYT Colombia: COLCIENCIAS Cuba: CITMA Slovenia: MHEST Spain: MICIIN France: ECOS, MATH AMSUD, STIC AMSUD, INRIA / CNRS, ARFITEC. Hungary: NKTH India: MOST Italy: MAE Mexico: CONACYT Pakistan: MOST Peru: CONCYTEC Portugal: FCT Czech Republic: MEYS South Africa: DST Uruguay: MEC BILATERALES PROJECTS Involving researcher´s mobility

16 Binational Centers 9 with Brazil: (CABBIO and CABN among others) 3 with Germany 1 with Spain (CEBIGEVE) 1 with China 6 with France 1 with Cuba 1 with Russia 1 with Italy 2 with Uruguay 2 with Mexico 1 with South Africa Scientific and Technological Research Projects (PICTs) 5 2 47 BILATERAL COOPERATION MECHANISMS 62


18 IBERO-AMERICAN PROGRAM FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM FOR DEVELOPMENT It is an international multilateral scientific and technological cooperation programme of a horizontal nature and with an Iberoamerican scope. A tool for scientific and technological cooperation based on the pooling of resources and efforts to achieve common goals with impact on socioeconomic systems. A mechanism that promotes the integration of the Iberoamerican Scientific and Technological Community, to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills and mobility of scientists and experts. A bridge for interregional cooperation in science and technology

19 Number of Ongoing Coordination Actions = 12 1 Argentine Coordination - 16 Participating Institutions Number of ongoing Thematic Networks = 87 7 Argentine Coordinations - 125 Participating Institutions Number of ongoing Consortia Research Projects = 4 1 Participating Institution CYTED Genome Project Contributing countries: Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and the CYTED Program. CYTED PROGRAM


21 Argentina was the first Latin American country to sign in 1999 a Cooperation Agreement in Science and Technology with the European Union. EUROPEAN UNION

22 Liaison Offices (Argentina) (Brazil) (Mexico) (Chile)

23 Accomplished activities : Dissemination of information on opportunities for cooperation Organization of courses targeting R&D institutions Call for travel grants for Argentine researchers to facilitate the creation of consortia Call to determine topics of interest to be included in the Specific International Cooperation Actions Dissemination and promotion of human resources training Liaison Office Argentina- European Union

24 Effectiveness of Latin American participation in FP7 (2007-2011) Source: CORDA (2011)

25 PROJECT FOR STRENGTHENING THE COMPETITIVENESS OF SMES AND JOB CREATION IN ARGENTINA Bilateral Cooperation Program between European Union and The Republic of Argentina. Implementing Agency: DNRI, MINCYT Total Budget: Euro 19,600,000 Contribution from the UE: Euro 9,800,000 Local Contribution: Euro 9,800,000 Implementing Period of the Agreement : 56 months Start Date for Implementation : April 2011

26 UNASUR MERCOSUR + Guyana and Suriname Structured around Councils: COSECCTI (South American Council for Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Innovation) November 2010: II Meeting of Ministers of the CTI Group of COSECCTI, Cardales, Argentina. Adoption of the Roadmap of the Group

27 AIMS: Promote the development of science and technology and its contribution to improve the general welfare; advance research in S&T aiming at formulating policies related to science and technology for MERCOSUR. It was created on occasion of the SECOND MEETING OF THE COMMON MARKET COUNCIL (GMC) (Resolution N° 24/92.) June 1992 MERCOSUR SPECIALIZED S&T MEETING (RECYT)

28 In 2008 the GMC approves the Framework Programme for Science Technology and Innovation of MERCOSUR 2008-2012 / 2013 – 2016 (under negotiation) Thematic Committees: Information Society Support for scientific and technological Development Biotecsur platform Strategic areas: energy biotechnology ICTs industrial competitiveness and Innovation Agricultural productivity Quality of Life Natural Resources Intellectual Property MERCOSUR SPECIALIZED S&T MEETING (RECYT)

29 Coordinated by Argentina (MINCYT) Objective: To promote the development and harnessing of agricultural biotechnology to support the sustained increase in the competitiveness of regional products in international markets Total Budget: € 7.300.000 euros BIOTECH PROGRAMME MERCOSUR – UNIÓN EUROPEA

30 Strengthening Regional Poultry Health Status by applying biotechnology tools in the development of diagnostic methods and generation of epidemiological information, applied to the control of commercially important avian pathogens with an impact on public health Application of functional genomics and other biotechnological tools for the development and testing of vaccines against foot and mouth disease virus; Biotechnological strategies for the control of bacterial, viral and protozoan intracellular in cattle in MERCOSUR Development of an integrated platform for bioprospecting genotyping of candidate genes of interest in Eucalyptus germplasm in MERCOSUR Integrated genomic approach in MERCOSUR for the prospection of useful genes to improve soybean against biotic and abiotic stress. PROGRAMA BIOTECH MERCOSUR – UNIÓN EUROPEA

31 Completion of the BIOTECH MERCOSUR - EU: March 7, 2011. Continuity of the Platform: Creation of the Biotecsur Platform Committee under RECYT Approval of new funding from the EU Argentina and Brazil agreed to co-finance the project BiotecSojaSur and the Observatory on Biotechnologies Inclusion of topics: health and renewable energies BIOTECH PROGRAM PHASE II

32 SUPPORT PROJECT FOR THE SOCIETY OF INFORMATION MERCOSUR – UE Coordinated by Brazil (MCT) Aim: To promote policies and strategies at the MERCOSUR level in the field of Information Society and bridging the digital divide and asymmetries in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the region. Budget : € 7,000,000 million Euros

33 FUND FOR STRUCTURAL CONVERGENCE FOCEM – MERCOSUR Project: “Research, Education and Biotechnology applied to Health“ Aim: To conduct joint research, human resources training, mobility actions and joint scientific meetings for the creation of a network of institutions specialized in chronic diseases of aging. Institutions: Max Planck Inst (Argentina), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil), Inst Pasteur (Uruguay) and the Research Institute of Health Sciences (Paraguay) Budget: USD 10,061,400 Structural Biology Center (CEBEM) Objective: Integration and equipping of centers of excellence in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

34 proposal submitted during PPTA 2012 and under negotiation. Financing: through the capitalization of FOCEM USD 50 million AGENCY FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVE INTEGRATION OF MERCOSUR

35 INTERAMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH (IAI) Headquarters for communication and liaison science-policy in Buenos Aires INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR GENETIC ENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY (ICGEB) The Centre shall be located in the Scientific and Technological Pole in the premises of the Former Giol Wineries. ORGANIZATION OF THE AMERICAN STATES American Council for Integral Development (CIDI) -D epartment of Science, Technology and Innovation(DCTI) - Interamerican Committee on Science and Technology (COMCYT)

36 IAESTE Exchange students in Engineering and Sciences. Global program composed of 91 members from 83 countries involving 3,500 companies and 1,400 universities. Aims: To provide technical training for university students in institutions, universities and companies located abroad. To complement the student's academic background, thus facilitating further employment opportunities. Agreement with 8 Argentine Universities During the last year 10 universities conducted exchanges

37 Data Base of Technology-based Enterprises (TBE) Pilot Test International ANR: open to all countries that cooperate with Argentina. Ongoing with: INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION WITH ENTERPRISES


39 Program Network of Argentine Researchers and Scientists residing Abroad RAICES as a State Policy Act 26,421 Year 2008

40 RAICES PROGRAM Objectives Strengthening the scientific and technological capacities of the country through links with Argentine researchers residing abroad Promote the retention of researchers in the country and the return of those interested in developing their activities in Argentina.

41 ADVISORY COMMITTE Formed by representatives of the National Scientific and Technological System MREC CONICET CIN UIA CONAE CNEA INTA INTI Researchers from the S&T system Repatriated

42 It is estimated that 6,000 Argentine scientists and technologists reside abroad The database of the RAICES Programme includes 4755 researchers. SCIENTIFIC DATABASE

43 Monthly Gazette highly qualified professional Offer : Dissemination of the résumés of Argentine scientists interested in returning to the country. DISSEMINATION

44 ARGENTINEAN SCIENTISTS AND TECHNOLOGISTS RESIDING ABROAD Distribution as per geographic area America Central 0,2% Africa 0,8% Asia 2% Oceania 1% South America 25% North America 39% Europe 32%


46 HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL OFFER Dissemination of the working interest of qualified nationals residing abroad in the local scientific, technological and business sectors INFORMATION LINKING Dissemination of information and job opportunities in the scientific technological sector in Argentina. DISSEMINATION

47 DR. CÉSAR MILSTEIN Grant Total approved: 198 Linking Actions Metropolitan 59% Patagonia 6% New Cuyo 7% NEA 5% NOA 4% Center 19% Metropolitan (Buenos Aires, CABA) Center (Córdoba, Santa Fe) NOA (Catamarca, Jujuy, Salta, S. del Estero, Tucumán) NEA (Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Misiones) New Cuyo (La Rioja, Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis) Patagonia (Chubut, La Pampa, Neuquén, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, T. del Fuego)

48 LINKING ACTIONS NETWORKS Call for projects to increase liaison among researchers in the areas of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Biological Engineering and Health. 32 nets funded. Call 2012: under evaluation PICT - RAICES Scientific and Technological Research Projects ANPCyT Scientific and Technological Research Projects including a member of the RAICES Programme in the responsible group.. 95 approved projects

49 LINKING ACTIONS SEED FUNDS - SMEs Call for projects from micro and small technology-based enterprises in the areas of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, ICTs and Engineering. Advisory Committe for International Cooperation Programs for Scientific and Technological Cooperation Abroad (CAPICCyTE ) Scientific Meetings / Seminars / Workshops

50 REPATRIATION OF SCIENTISTS CONICET – Postdoctoral Reintegration Fellowships ANPCyT – Research and Development Projects for the Repatriation of Researchers (PIDRI) Return Grants Repatriated Researchers: 938 REPATRIATION ACTIONS

51 Distribution as per areas of knowledge Health Sc Biological Sc 37% Agricultural Sc., Engineering Materials 15% Technology 3% Social Sciences And Humanities 14% Exact & Natural Sc 31% REPATRIATION OF SCIENTISTS

52 Distribution per Gender Women 40% Men 60% REPATRIATION OF SCIENTISTS

53 Continent of Origin Asia 1% Oceania 1% Europe 44% Spain France Germany United Kingdom Italy America 54% USA Brazil Canada Mexico REPATRIATION OF SCIENTISTS

54 Institutional Destinations Private Sector 3% CONICET 21% National Universities 66% Official Organizations 8% Private Universities 2% REPATRIATION OF SCIENTISTS

55 “BACK TO WORK” SUB PROGRAM MINCyT – MREC Cooperation Agreement for the dissemination of job opportunities with enterprises of the private sector and foundations. TECHINT - TECPETROL - SIDERCA - SIDERAR - CORE - IBM - ARCOR - ACEITERA GENERAL DEHEZA (AGD) - VOLKSWAGEN ARGENTINA - DU PONT – CIPIBIC - INTEL - CAMARCO - ADIMRA REPATRIATION ACTIONS INCORPORATION OF FOREIGN SCIENTISTS In the framework of the repatriation of Argentine scientists, support is provided for the integration of the foreign spouses into the national scientific systems –if they are scientists and researchers.

56 AGREEMENT WITH THE NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION It was signed in June 2010, aiming at providing advice for Argentinean scientists and technologists living abroad and for those interested in returning to the country. Assistance will be provided to the families of Argentinean scientists and technologists who should regularize their immigration status in the country, and also advice shall be given to those Argentineans who must complete their immigration procedures abroad or wish to return home. REPATRIATION ACTIONS

57 NEW PRODUCTIVE LINES RAICES – PRODUCTIVE RAICES PRODUCTIVO (Productive RAICES): Is a new action line that promotes networking with Argentinean entrepreneurs, professionals and technologists abroad opportunities for the development of scientific, technological and business cooperation with high technological added value. Exchange of information strategic alliances Creation of Consortia Technological innovation activities Business Rounds Workshops and training

58 RAICES SIEMBRA Creation, development and/or strengthening of centres of excellence in science, technology and innovation in areas of vacancy of the country with strong links with foreign research centres where Argentinean scientists develop their activities. INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION SYSTEM FOR STI PROJECTS Evaluation of international projects in science, technology and innovation from the database of members of the RAICES program. NEW ACTION LINES

59 AWARD FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION "RAICES". Targeting Argentine researchers living abroad who have promoted linking actions thus strengthening scientific and technological capabilities of the country 19 RAICES AWARDS PRESENTED

60 Thank you for your attention National Directorate of International Relations Voice: +54011 4891-8470/73 Fax: +54011 4891-8460

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