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COGNOS Reporting Alen Burr.

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1 COGNOS Reporting Alen Burr

2 Maximo/Cognos Reporting – Alen Burr
Shell ( 27 Years) Aberdeen (General Accountant) Lowestoft (Financial Accountant) Aberdeen Business Unit (Senior Accountant) Brent Redevelopment Project Cost & Planning Manager (Brent) SAP Implementation Petroleum Development Oman (10 Years) SAP & BI Development Premier Oil (< 2 Years) Maximo & Cognos Development

3 Key Premier Oil Assets Balmoral (EOFL 2019) Premier (78%)
Talisman (15%) Idemitsu ( 7%) Solan (1st Oil Q4/2014) Premier Oil (60%) Chrysaor (40%) Catcher (1st Oil Q2/2017) Premier Oil (50%) Cairn Energy (30%) MOL (20%)

4 Balmoral Operations

5 Solan Project

6 Catcher Development

7 Financial Reporting Packages Overview
Joint Venture Accounts (Yearly) Joint Venture Billings (Monthly) Forecast to Budget Comparison (Monthly) Business Unit Report (Monthly) Financial Accounts TM1 VISION SUN SYSTEMS Commitment Control (Transactions On-Line) MAXIMO (Finance) TM1 holds yearly budget uploads and extracts data from SUN for actual transactions Vision is used mainly for transactional queries , posting journals and for creating JV Billings. Is used to extract and input data from SUN. UNIFIER (Projects)

8 What Maximo does for Premier
Maximise Effectiveness …. Minimise Costs Work Management Procurement Management Contract Management Materials Management Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management System (Version 7) and Premier started implementation for the North Sea in Maximo is used to schedule maintenance work and to procure all materials and services. Maximo integrates the maintenance work management processes with inventory, procurement, scheduling and manifesting functions. The system will provide you with the following integrated functionality: Work Management Maximo has been used to integrate the maintenance work management processes with procurement, inventory, and manifesting functions. Work Orders will be created for all maintenance work to be carried out. Stock can be reserved against work orders and Materials/Services can be procured against work orders in Maximo. Procurement Management The whole procurement process P2P carried out via Maximo. There are two main methods of requisitioning – 1. Purchase Requisitions - for materials & services. All named Requisitioners have access to create a Purchase Requisition. 2. Work Order - where materials and services are associated directly with a work order (either procured from the work order or procured from a PR and referenced to a work order). All spend will be financially approved via the Premier DOA procedure. Request for Quotation RFQs are managed in Maximo by the Contracts & Procurement team. Contract Management Contract information is managed against approved values and budgets in Maximo. Materials Management Maximo manages the inventory. It is intended that greater control is applied to the use of inventory, encouraging existing stock to be used in advance of purchasing new items. Maximo can generate the outbound shipping manifest and provide functionality to allow individual items to be tracked from requisition through to shipping items. Offshore locations can generate inbound manifests in Maximo. This gives a clearer tracking of stock. Reporting Maximo has reporting facilities available for all of the functional areas. A separate course on Reporting will be made available in the future. Advantages: This integrated solution has provided Procurement users with more accurate and timely information regarding materials and services procured and tracking of spend against contracts and budgets. What relevant to you, this integrated solution will provide Procurement users with more accurate and timely information regarding materials and services procured and tracking of spend against contracts and budgets, supplier and Purchase Orders.

9 Maximo – Key Processes

10 Maximo/Cognos Journey – Premier History
Background (Maximo implementation / development) Lack of confidence in Maximo related processes Incomplete data in Maximo e.g. Paid outside Good Quality / Fit for Purpose Reports now created Explanation of Report contents / purpose (What) Demos (How) Reports Drill Through PDF and Excel Way Forward (Future) Maximo +

11 Maximo Reporting – Asset Breakdown
Budget Code SYS System J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ A TAG - Miscellaneous J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ B TAG - Installation J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ D TAG - Riser & Well J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ E TAG - Vessel Structure J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ F TAG - Vessel Fittings J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ G TAG - Vessel Facilities J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ H TAG - SYS H J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ J TAG - Oil System J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ K TAG - Gas System J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ L TAG - Water Injection J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ M TAG - Utilities J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ N TAG - Electrical & Control J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ P TAG - Loss Prevention J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ R TAG - Subsea Systems J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ S TAG - Diving Facilities J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ T TAG - Drains/Disposal J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ V TAG - Accommodation J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ W TAG - HVAC Systems J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ X TAG - Propulsion J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ Y TAG - Main Diesel Engines J0201F-GB101C ZZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZ Z TAG - Boiler Systems

12 Maximo Reports – Platform Integrity Dashboard
Summary of all Work Order Types & Target Start Dates RAFs & DAFS opened and closed in last 6 months Backlog summary of Planned, Assure & Corrective WOs

13 Maximo Reports – Estimated Look Ahead
Planned Maintenance Schedule – next 3 years Identify busy periods of PM – enable efficient planning of workforce Can be filtered to focus on individual CRAFT types

14 Maximo Reports – RAFs and DAFs Report
Summary of all RAFs & DAFs in Maximo Focus on RAF and DAF creation and close dates / volume by SCE number 6 Month Plan showing how many RAFs and DAFs have upcoming target start date

15 Maximo Reports – Work Order Completion Compliance
Highlights WOs that have past priority completion due date Report driven by priority & each priority's allocated timescale 12 month trend of WOs missing their priority target date

16 Cognos Reporting – Key P-2-P Reports
Catalogue of Reports available to support business in the following areas: Contracts Commitments Suppliers Purchase orders Invoices Budgets Other Catalogue available for review

17 Maximo Transactions – Contract & Commitments

18 Maximo Data – Getting the basics right

19 Maximo Reporting – Demos
Contract Status (All live Contracts) Contract Purchasing (Detail per Contract) Commitments (ITD or YTD) Summary Drill through to POs and Invoices Supplier Summary & Detail PO Receipt Monitoring Dashboard Invoice Payment Dashboard (pay on time focus) Site (incl. drill through) Vendor (incl. Jump to POs and Invoices) Invoice Monitoring

20 Maximo Reports – Contract Status
Summary line per active contract

21 Maximo Reports – Contract Purchasing
Detailed breakdown per Contract

22 Maximo Reports – Commitments Summary
Summary and Grouping by Budget Code Year to Date YTD)

23 Maximo Reports – Commitments Detail
Breakdown by Purchase Order & Invoice

24 Maximo Reports – Commitments Summary
Summary and Grouping by Project Inception to Date (ITD)

25 Maximo Reports – Commitments Detail
Breakdown by Purchase Order & Invoice

26 Maximo Reports – Supplier Summary
Summary Line per Vendor

27 Maximo Reports – Supplier Detail
PO and Invoice Detail by Vendor (All and by PO)

28 Maximo Reports – PO Receipt Monitoring Dashboard
Measures progress of receiving goods/services v. PO

29 Maximo Reports – Recently Raised POs
View of budget coding for each PO Line

30 Maximo Reports – Invoice Payment Dashboard
Measures progress of invoicing by Site & Vendor

31 Maximo Reports – Invoice Payment Dashboard
Measures progress of invoicing by Site & Vendor (Good)

32 Maximo Reports – Invoice Payment Dashboard
Measures progress of invoicing by Site & Vendor (OK?)

33 Maximo Reports – Invoice Monitoring
Trail of where invoices are – identify problem items, bottlenecks etc.

34 Maximo/Cognos Reporting – Key Challenges
Key personnel brought in late e.g Finance & IS (Catch-up) Weak processes in key areas (Maximo Optimisation Project) Maximo/SUN/Unifier (remains challenging) Payment data Manual Corrections Different Processes / Timing Differences Maximo / COGNOS (Success) Frameworks (Understanding Data) Process re-engineering e.g. Commitments in MAX Reports (see the wood for the trees) Summary Tables (Performance)

35 Maximo Reporting – Process / Stakeholders
Users Finance Operations Contracts & Procurement

36 Maximo Reporting – The Way Forward
Expand usage of currently published Reports Improvements to Current Reports Create additional (new) reports Data Quality Improvements Maintenance Dates Materials (incl. Inventory) Further SUN payment data import Process Improvements Accounts Payable Contract & Material Management Budget Management

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