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CIMI Modelling Taskforce Workshop (Groningen) Dr Linda Bird 2 nd – 4 th December 2012.

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1 CIMI Modelling Taskforce Workshop (Groningen) Dr Linda Bird 2 nd – 4 th December 2012

2 Meeting Goals Finalise draft CIMI Laboratory Results Report mindmaps Update CIMI Laboratory Results Report ADL 1.5 o Drafts prepared by Tom & Ian Progress CIMI Implementation work o FHIR profile, UML profile, others Confirm terminology binding methodology & progress Lab bindings. Review reference model updates Discuss approach for representation of model example instances Planning for future work / Brainstorm, reflection and scaling

3 3-day Agenda Q1: 8:30 – 10:15; Q2: 10:30 – 12:00; Q3: 1:00 – 3:00; Q4: 3:15 – 5:00 Sunday 2 nd December –Q1: Introduction & Reference Model –Q2,: Lab Results modelling –Q3: Lab Results modelling –Q4: Lab Results modelling Monday 3 rd December –Q1: Lab Results modelling –Q2: Lab Results modelling –Q3: Implementation –Q4: Implementation Tuesday 4 th December –Q1: Terminology binding –Q2: Terminology binding –Q3: Miscellaneous (e.g. Example instances, Style guide) –Q4: Planning future work

4 Sunday 2 nd December Q1: Introduction and Reference Model Brief scene setting and review of goals CIMI model objectives (e.g. Use-case agnostic models versus goal- state interoperability... Or both?) Reference model updates Recap of Laboratory Test Result analysis, mindmaps & ADL completed so far Q2, Q3 & Q4: Modelling Comparative Analysis & Mindmap: –Laboratory Test Result When, Who, Where & How –Reference Range, Specimen, Anatomical Location, Test Procedure –Lab Report Composition, Lab Request

5 Monday 3 rd December Q1 & Q2: Modelling (continued) Comparative Analysis & Mindmap: –Lab Report Header, Patient Event –Lab Report Template (tying it all together) –Other models or outstanding issues identified during modelling Q3 & Q4: Implementation Review of ADL updates required Mapping CIMI Models to FHIR profile and extensions FHIR Connect-a-thon Tooling and repositories UML Profile Other implementation planning

6 Tuesday 4 th December Q1 & Q2: Terminology Binding Use cases, Requirements, Options and Proposals (using Heart Rate example) Terminology Binding for the Laboratory Results Models Q3 & Q4: Other Topics Representing example data Documentation of Style Guide Planning future work Other topics, as required

7 CIMI Architectural Overview

8 CIMI Modelling Layers Reference Model Modelling Patterns Schedule, Address, Material Observation, Action Clinical List Event Summary, Assessment Clinical Models Medication Item Blood PressureMedication List Discharge Summary Add Specialty Context Paediatric Medication Item Neonatal Blood Pressure Nephrologist Medication List Cardiology Discharge Summary CLUSTER ENTRYSECTION COMPOSITION Add Care Setting Context G.P. Dispensed Medication Item Home Blood Pressure Outpatient Clinic Current Medication List Inpatient Discharge Summary Add Implementation Purpose Context Dispensed Medications GUI Neonatal Blood Pressure in EHR Current Medication List in EHR Discharge Summary Doc or Message Add Use Case Context Dispensed Medication Item Standing Blood Pressure Current Medication List Medication Reconciliation Report

9 Modelling Layers Reference Model Modelling Patterns Mater- ial OrderReport Item Document Clinical Models Specimen Laboratory Report Item Laboratory Report Specialty Context Microbiolgy Report Item Microbiology Report CLUSTER (not standalone) ENTRY (Clinical statement – standalone - with context) SECTION (navigtn) COMPOS- ITION Care Setting Context Implemnt. Purpose Context EHRMessage Use Case Context Order Observ- ation Clinical Entry Event Summary Admin Entry Labora tory Order Laborat ory Result Spec- imen Test Result Refere nce Range Document Informaton Patient Event Observation Item Hemat ocrit Result Hemat ocrit Ref Rg Hemat lgyTest Result Hemat ology Ref Rg Decisin Supprt Hemat ocrit Order Complte Blood Count Admissin Hemat ology Order Hemat- ology Result Inpatient Admissin GUI

10 Laboratory Results Report Lab Report (Composition) Test Result Group/Item (Cluster) Lab Report Header (Entry) Patient Event (Entry) Lab Request (Entry) Lab Test Result (Entry) Reference Range (Cluster) 0..* 1..* 1 0..1 Specimen (Cluster) was requested in ADMIN ORDER OBS 0..* Specimen (Cluster) 0..*

11 Foundations 1.CIMI Reference Model 2.Archetype Object Model 3.CIMI Modelling Patterns 4.CIMI Style Guide Modelling Approach 1.Analyse clinical models submitted (with value sets) 2.Identify maximal set of data elements 3.Remove ‘out of scope’ data elements (Style Guide) 4.Select appropriate CIMI Modelling Patterns(Style Guide) 5.Define CIMI model (Mindmap, ADL, UML) 6.Add Terminology bindings o Meaning (nodes, node relationships) o Value sets (maximal set from submitted models) 7.Add Example Model Data Instances 8.Technical Validation o ADL, UML 9.Clinical Validation / Review 10.Confirm mappings from submitted models Overview

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