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The Shipping KPI System

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1 The Shipping KPI System
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2 Usage A voluntary industry initiative
Meeting future transparency requirements Used in relation to TMSA - evidence tracking Informing the public opinion Provide consistent external performance communication Indicating policy and regulatory implementation effects Internal improvement Fleet/industry benchmarking Performance based contracting

3 The Shipping KPI Standard - Concept
Environmental performance HR performance Safety performance Security performance Technical Performance Navigation Performance Operational Performance SPI PI Extended Balanced Score Card for internal improvement ~ 33 Corporate measurements 64 Aggregated indexes for external communication ~ 7 Processes Customer Learning HSE Others Financial KPI

4 Phase 2 - Participants
Bernhard Schulte Ship management Bill Lunn Group Director - Loss prevention, safety & quality Columbia Shipmanagement Dietrich Wulff Q.A. Manager Future Trans David Peano Fleet Manager DPA EMS Ship Management Ranjith Cheerath Marine, Safety & Quality Director Epic Asia Sanjay Mittal General Manager, DPA Epic Europe/Meridian Marine David Turner Manager Risk, Safety and Security Hoegh Fleet Services Alv Johan Erikstad Controller, Fleet Management Maersk Ship Management Terry Cornick Managing Director Marfin Management S.A.M. Alexandre Albertini Director NovoShip Alexey O. Khaydukov Quality Assurance Director NYK Shipmanagement Hemant Pathania Managing Director & COO Seaspan Ship Management Peter Curtis Vice President Thome Ship Management Bjorn Hojgaard V.Group Simon Pressly Chief Information Officer Wilhelmsen Ship Management John-Christen Jensen Vice President Ship management Face Of Shipping & NewsLink George Hoyt Founder Thenamaris Shipmanagement Nassos J Kaymenakis Marine, Vetting & Safety coordinator Interorient Steve Hardy Manager HSEQ MMS Japan T. Ajay Executive Officer

5 Is there a need for standardized KPIs?
The need for a Standard Workshop: Is there a need for standardized KPIs? Maybe do folding game here Really?

6 KPI Trust / KPI Assoc. Ltd.
The KPI System is in custody of the KPI Trust, its purpose is - ”to promote and facilitate performance and quality improvement of the maritime industry” InterManager founded KPI Association LTD in 2011 as a separate entity to manage, operate and distribute the “Shipping KPI System” KPI Association Ltd is incorporated in the Isle of Man as a Non-profit organization

7 Other Trade Ass. Or Stakeholders
Organization KPI Trust Trustees KPI Association Ltd Intermanager Chairman Other Trade Ass. Or Stakeholders Board of Directors

8 Validation and Adoption
Vessel Types (2011-Q3) Companies (2011-Q3)

9 Submitted vessels

10 Status Today Project Activities:
Currently funded by InterManager Members Active SW Development based on user feedback Fine-tuning of the definitions and formulas by the KPI Expert Group As of : 89 participating ship managers and owners KPI data of 1319 unique vessels submitted Visible Trends: Tanker companies represent biggest part Strong interest from ship owners

11 Outlook Where can you go from here? Study the KPIs
Register at Start benchmarking today Where might the KPI Standard lead us to? MoU with CDI (Chemical Distribution Institute) Oct 2012 MoU with “Managing Operational Performance in Shipping” NRC will fund aspects of the project for group of Norwegian companies, until June 2014. Other countries are considering similar types of support to the KPI project. Partnerships with SW suppliers and Maritime SW Consultants

12 Demo

13 Q & A

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