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QUIZ 2 POWERPOINTS. JUSTICE-4 What is the libertarian case for the free market? What is the Utilitarian case for the free market?

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2 JUSTICE-4 What is the libertarian case for the free market? What is the Utilitarian case for the free market?

3 JUSTICE-4 Sandel looks at the question of who should fight America’s wars. Can this be solved by the free market. He raises two objections 1)Are we truly free in a free market? 2)Is there a civic duty to the nation that cannot be sold on the market? Consider each in turn.

4 JUSTICE-4 What is your opinion... Should individuals be able to buy their way out of conscription as they could in the Civil War? On what grounds?

5 JUSTICE-4 Is a volunteer army really free? Do the unrepresentative number of Hispanic and Black recruits in today’s military cause any concern for the libertarian argument?

6 JUSTICE-4 Would a volunteer army be problematic in a socially just state?

7 JUSTICE-4 Do we have civic responsibilities? Give an example of two... Can a civic responsibility be sold on the free market? That is should we be allowed to pay others to do this work for us? On what grounds?

8 JUSTICE-4 Is military service a civic responsibility?

9 JUSTICE-4 We should make warfare a business and hire a mercenary army from overseas to fight for America. What are the pros and cons of this argument?

10 JUSTICE-4 Why does Sandel not finish his argument on this issue?

11 JUSTICE-4 Is it ethical to contract another woman to bear a couple’s child? The libertarian would argue The utilitarian would argue

12 JUSTICE-4 Parallel to the army questions, the objections are 1)Are surrogate mother’s truly free? 2) Do parents have responsibilities to children that cannot be bought and sold on a market

13 JUSTICE-4 If we can give babies up for adoption (because the mother does not have the means of support), why should we not have a baby market so she can earn money from a wealthy couple—and perhaps be better placed to look after herself and other children? Why should we not have a baby making industry? How is using a surrogate mother different to the ethics of inverto fertilization?

14 JUSTICE-4 Sandel concludes with the questions “Are free markets truly free? Can everything be put on sale?” What is justice? What is virtue? Are you convinced that the free market ideology is vulnerable to these questions? Can you give examples from our privatized educational system of similar concerns?

15 STRIKE-2 Strike discusses four aims of education he believes to be important in a democratic society. First, Human Capital Development. Why is this important for the individual and for society? What are his criticisms of the current approach to this aim in contemporary schooling?

16 STRIKE-2 Strike is a strong supporter of education for the examined life and discusses the example of Socrates in ancient Athens. Socrates claimed he was working for the good of society—indeed that he was sent to the city by the God Apollo. What was this mission and why is it still valuable today? Strike focuses more on the individual than social good. Why does he claim that the school has a duty to such teach critical skills to students? What dangers do teachers face if they embrace this task?

17 STRIKE-2 Strike considers several notions of democracy in his discussion of civic education. How does he characterize the purpose of democratic deliberation?

18 STRIKE-2 What is human flourishing, and why does Strike believe it should be an aim of public schooling?

19 STRIKE-2 Strike claims that ____ is a common denominator of the four educational aims he discusses.

20 STRIKE-2 What, according to Strike, is the relationship between an individual’s developing interest in some activity and their social participation in the practice?

21 LECTURE 2.1 What is the principle of Double effect? How is this used to justify collateral damage in targeted missile strikes against terrorists? How does the principle operate in the twin problems of assisted suicide and the DNR directive?

22 LECTURE 2.1 Who was Phillipa Foot and why did she focus on the principle of double effect when debating government policy on abortion rights?

23 LECTURE 2.1 The Trolley Problem demonstrates that respondents are adamant in their views but struggle for reasons to justify their judgments. What is the significance of this finding?

24 LECTURE 2.2 Consider the following cases offered by Peter Singer. (i) A child is drowning in a pool. You can save her, but it will ruin your $2000 Armani suit. (ii) Children are starving in Africa. For $2000 you can buy a second Armani suit of save 50 lives. Why do we respond differently to the two scenarios above?

25 LECTURE 2.2 What is the relationship between reason and the passions in Hume’s analysis of moral judgment?

26 LECTURE 2.2 How does Marc Houser’s Kantian view of the moral sense draw upon Chomsky’s theory of language acquisition? How is this different from Greene’s camera image of moral intuition?

27 LECTURE 2.2 Milgram dropped letters around town to see how many would be mailed back to him. What did he find? What did he find when he left letter addressed to the Nazi party? What is the significance of these different results?

28 LECTURE 2.2 David Pizarro used the two names, Tyrone Payton and Chip Ellsworth III, to identify the fat man on the bridge in the Trolley problem. He then got different responses from liberals and conservatives on how they would act in the scenario. What did the find? Why is this problematic for our commonsense beliefs about moral judgment?

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