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Robust & Reliable Industrial Power Solutions Corporate Presentation

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1 Robust & Reliable Industrial Power Solutions Corporate Presentation
Triveni Turbine Ltd. Corporate Presentation Q2/H1 FY14

2 Snapshot

3 Fact sheet Triveni Turbine Ltd. GE Triveni Ltd. (TTL) 50% + One share
Location: A 50,000 factory area in beautiful city of Bengaluru TTL listed in NSE & BSE, two major stock exchanges in India Triveni Turbine Ltd. (TTL) 50% + One share GE Triveni Ltd. (JV with GE)

4 Fact sheet Delivering STG Packages Market Share Annual Revenues
Delivering STG packages up to 30 MW. Installations base of over 2500 turbines globally. Market Share Key global player in steam turbine market with market leadership position in India, having approx. 58% market share. Annual Revenues Annual Revenues for FY 13 at ` 6.57 billion (USD 120 million). Global Presence Significant presence in South East Asia, Europe, South America, Middle East & Africa, with installations in over 55 countries.

5 Pan India Presence Manufacturing Facility Marketing and Service Centres NOIDA Allahabad Ahmedabad Raipur Kolkata Mumbai Nagpur Pune Latur Hyderabad Kolhapur Vijaywada Bengaluru TTL’s pan Indian presence offers a strong value proposition to the customers Key Differentiator

6 Reduce Power Consumption
Efficient Products Back Pressure Steam Turbines Product Product Increase Efficiency Reduce Power Consumption Straight Back Pressure Type Condensing Steam Turbines Product Product Triveni Turbines Straight Condensing Type Condensing Type with Controlled Extraction Condensing Type with Un-Controlled Extraction Condensing Type with Injection Engineered to order Cost Efficient Power Generation Capacity Up to 30 MW Steam Inlet Temperature Up to 545°C Steam Inlet Pressure Up to 120 Bar (a)

7 Efficient Products Steam turbine and its control system
Standard Scope Includes Product Steam turbine and its control system Control oil system Lubricating oil system Condensing system (as applicable) Gear box Alternator Electrical metering/control/protection system Instrument control system

8 Manufacturing Excellence
Precision Quality State-of-the-art Manufacturing facility ISO 9001 QMS ISO EMS certified Technology Manufacturing facility is equipped with: An array of 4 axis and 5 axis Vertical Machining Centres and Horizontal Machining Centres for machining of blades Mill-turn centre for machining of rotors CNC gantry and CNC VTL for casing machining to high accuracies Latest software applications like Integrated CAD/CAM for seamless manufacturing of turbine parts, Zeiss Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) for precision measurements of critical components Assembly-cum-test beds for assembling steam turbines from start to finish and recording the test results on a wireless Data Acquisition and Display System High Speed Vacuum Balancing Machine for balancing rotors CNC Coordinate Measurement Machine Turbine no load steam test facility Manufacturing Excellence

9 Manufacturing Excellence

10 Quality First An ISO 9001 14001 company
Products meet International standards such as API, ASME, AGMA, IEC, NEMA etc. A network of approved suppliers and dedicated sub-contractors complying with stringent quality norms. Quality Checks performed before dispatch Ultrasonic Test Radiography Hydro Test Profile Measurement ZygloTest Dynamic Balancing Alignment Check Full speed factory test Sound Level Measurement Vibration Measurement Governor Response

11 Innovative Designs delivering
Research & Development Developed and commercialised 22 basic new models of high pressure, cost effective and highly efficient steam turbines in the past 10 years. Introduced 12 new product variants of turbines in Developed 10 new models of turbines in Deploy Latest computer aided design and engineering software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Aero and Thermal Design, Modelling, Rotor Dynamics and Lifting analysis of turbo-machinery components. Innovative product development concepts such as design to cost, QFD, FMEA techniques, DOE techniques. Innovative Designs delivering Higher Performance Continuous efficiency improvement Optimising cost and performance Continuous Product Development Cutting Edge Technology In-house design team supported by consultants and domain experts Association with globally Acclaimed turbo-machinery design houses based in the USA

12 Intellectual Property Rights
TTL has totally filed 103 unique IP filings as on October, 2013. Involvement of IP team is right from product conceptualisation stage to the final design stage thus establishing a comprehensive security system to safeguard the valuable IPRs. The Company won the prestigious National Intellectual Property Award 2013 in the category of "Top Organisation in Design" for its outstanding contribution to intellectual property in the country. TTL has been awarded certificate of “Commendation for Significant Achievement” in the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence This recognition has been achieved by TTL for the third time in the consecutive years.

13 Unparallel Service 360° After -Sales Service Aftermarket Services are integrated under Customer Care Cell (CCC) which provides solutions for all after-sales requirements from erection and commissioning (E&C) to maintenance and spare parts to efficiency improvement. Full speed vacuum balancing tunnel for balancing turbines, compressors/alternators – can undertake balancing for turbo machines up to 200 MW depending on specifications. Overhauling & troubleshooting. Refurbishment & Residual Life Assessment of all makes of turbines, compressors etc. Customization & upgradation of old turbines for both industrial and utility segments in India and Asia Pacific market. Currently offering refurbishment solutions for higher MW turbines for all makes. 13 service centres 180 service professionals Over 900 turbines Serviced annually 24X7 customer care support

14 Diverse Applications & Industry Segments
Co-generation Captive Power Plant Combined Heat & Power CCP / Waste Heat Recovery Incineration Biomass Sugar Palm Oil Distillery Pulp & Paper Food Processing Textiles Steel & Metal Carbon Black Cement Chemicals & Fertilizers Oil & Gas and Petrochemical District Heating & Cooling Municipal Solid waste

15 Power Generation Market
Market Characteristics Annual Market Purchase decision based on high level of technology, efficiency & low life cycle cost Price sensitive market Premium on shorter deliveries Strong servicing capabilities and lifetime relationship with the customer is expected Robust designs, typically suited for the Indian market are in demand. The five year average annual domestic demand for steam turbines upto 30 MW is about 1200 MW. On account of economic uncertainty and delay in order finalisation, the demand for FY 13 is estimated at around 670 MW. Replacement Market Demand Drivers Kyoto protocol Power Rate Power Shortage Manufacturing Growth Industrial Growth

16 Power Generation Market Potential
Gap between power requirement and generation getting wide Growing renewable energy market Huge potential for Biomass based power generation. Costly fuel source to influence replacement of DG to TG sets; thrust on co-generation. Focus on waste heat to energy and non-conventional energy sources like solar etc. Current industrial power consumption –generation gap to be bridged – focus on captive power generation. Additional power requirement in the country – incentive for surplus generation and allowing open access sale of power at remunerative prices.

17 Financial Performance
All financials are for April-March period for respective financial year

18 Exports Strategy STP Strategy Segmenting Industries Positioning
TTL Value Proposition Targeting Countries European Market Equaliser – World class manufacturing infrastructure Differentiator – Engineered–to-order product Value based pricing Segment Focus - Waste Heat and District Heating African Market Experience of high temperature & pressure ( kg/cm2) cycle Competitive Delivery Segment Focus – Sugar Co-generation/ Biomass South & Central American Market Experience of high temperature & pressure ( kg/cm2) cycle Competitive Delivery Segment Focus – Sugar Co-generation South East Asian Market Competitive Delivery & flexible product design Price differentiation compared to Japanese product

19 Exports FY13 Export Order Book (` million) 84% Growth 33% Growth

20 Exports FY13 Export Sales (` million) Order execution - Growth of 100%
98% Growth 33% Growth Order execution - Growth of 100% Exports contribution to revenue - 27 %

21 Aftermarket Services FY13
Aftermarket Sales (` million) 19% Growth 8% Growth Aftermarket contribution to revenue - 19%

22 Key Balance Sheet Details
Financial Performance (Figures in ` million) Performance Review Key Balance Sheet Details Q2 FY 14 July - Sept 2013 H1 FY 14 Apr - Sept 2013 Q2 FY 13 July - Sept 2012 H1 FY 13 Apr - Sept 2012 Net sales 1,229 2,335 1,797 2,912 EBITDA 259 489 454 756 EBITDA Margin 21.1% 20.9% 25.3% 26.0% Depreciation & Amortisation 32 64 31 61 PBIT 227 425 423 695 PBIT Margin 18.5% 18.2% 23.5% 23.9% Interest 1 4 8 22 PBT 226 421 415 673 PBT Margin 18.4% 18.0% 23.1% PAT 153 284 281 455 PAT Margin 12.4% 12.2% 15.6% Q2 FY 14 As on 30th Sept 2013 FY 13 As on 31st March 2013 Share Capital - Equity - Preference 330 - 28 Net Worth 1698 1442 Total Debt 65 8 Cash & Bank Balance equivalent 12 285 Net Debt 53 (277)

23 Financial Performance
The overall performance for the quarter and half year under review has been lower than the corresponding periods of last year and significantly lower than the estimates for the current year. aggregating to over ` 1 billion, resulting in a total inflow for the first seven months at ` 2.4 billion. The first half of the current financial year saw an overall demand of 263 MW in the domestic market, which is a decline of ~32 % over the same period last year. With the market remaining uncertain, in the short term, the company anticipates similar slow down in the deliveries, which may have an impact on the overall turnover and profitability of the company in the coming quarters of the current year. The order booking in the export market in the first six months has been quite below our estimates mainly due to macro economic reasons and is not related to company's business strategy. On the booking front also, many of the enquiries under finalisation got postponed due to uncertainties and this has resulted in much lower order booking during the current six months in comparison to the previous year. The closing order book as on 30th Sept 2013 has been at ` 4.48 billion. Triveni is currently have presence in over 55 countries and during the past six months, it has made in-roads into over 15 new countries, the result of which in terms of order booking is expected in the coming quarters. Many of the orders which were not closed at the end of the Q2 FY14, concluded in October 2013 The company's performance in after market for the six months under review has been better than Q1 with a growth of 17%.

24 Joint Venture with General Electric (GE)
Triveni Turbine Ltd. formed a 50:50 Joint Venture with GE on 15th April GE Triveni Ltd. (GETL) headquartered in Bengaluru, a subsidiary of TTL, will design, supply, sell and service advanced technology steam turbines in India in the range above MW for power generation applications in India and globally. The JV is currently responding to the enquiries both in the domestic market and to a diverse international market ranging from Canada to Indonesia. GE Triveni's first order for 35 MW has been commissioned and the performance has been as per the specifications. GETL to get technology and on-going R&D support from GE and TTL and will use TTL’s Bengaluru facility for turbine manufacturing. GETL, during the first six months of the current financial year secured two orders totalling to 76 MW, which is a significant share of the total order booking in the above 30 MW segment for the current first half. The operations of the joint venture with GE are in line with our expectation. All key managerial personnel are on board and the technology transfer is progressing as per schedule. GETL is currently executing four turbines, a part of which will be despatched during the current year itself and it is in an advanced stage of getting its first overseas order. The marketing teams of both GE and Triveni are working closely on the opportunities in their respective markets.

25 Contact for Investor Relations
CN Narayanan Triveni Turbine Ltd. Tel Fax : Gavin Desa/ Ashwin Chhugani Citigate Dewe Rogerson Tel: /1250 / DISCLAIMER : Some of the statements in this presentation that are not historical facts are forward looking statements. These forward-looking statements include our financial and growth projections as well as statements concerning our plans, strategies, intentions and beliefs concerning our business and the markets in which we operate. These statements are based on information currently available to us, and we assume no obligation to update these statements as circumstances change. There are risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events to differ materially from these forward-looking statements. These risks include, but are not limited to, the level of market demand for our services, the highly-competitive market for the types of services that we offer, market conditions that could cause our customers to reduce their spending for our services, our ability to create, acquire and build new businesses and to grow our existing businesses, our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel, currency fluctuations and market conditions in India and elsewhere around the world, and other risks not specifically mentioned herein but those that are common to industry. Further, this presentation may make references to reports and publications available in the public domain. Triveni Turbine Ltd. makes no representation as to their accuracy or that the company subscribes to those views / findings.

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