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Q2 – Breakout Groups Implementers. Audience Who is an implementer? – People who code and/or configure to the standards and implementation guides to establish.

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1 Q2 – Breakout Groups Implementers

2 Audience Who is an implementer? – People who code and/or configure to the standards and implementation guides to establish technical/engineering interoperability Who take the standards and develops the source code Who configure to make it fit in a particular instance Who uses the interoperability capabilities – Users/providers establishing organizational relationships to enable interoperability: business, finance, legal, terminology, etc. Focus on the red, but reach out to the others as they will be the most vocal.

3 Scope Community – How to organize these implementers? Membership committee focuses on user groups. How does this relate? Take advantage of efforts in Membership Committees – Focus conference of implementers to discuss issues/challenges and develop action plans – (DSTU) comment page enhancements to span all initiatives. Get workgroups to focus on this.

4 Scope Implementation Services – Implementation Guides – WG should spend time on this with or without external associations Different audiences Examples – Helpdesk – Testing Tools/Method Incorporate testers in the development of implementation guidance. License our testing methods – we own the IP, not AEGIS/etc., HL7 resource – Education

5 Scope Establishing implementers forum/group to create a community. Implementers membership. – International, US, or chapters, regionally – e.g., local chapter as a pilot, vendors only? Others? – By initiative – e.g., FHIR, C-CDA, V2, etc. try a couple variants in first 12 months – Self-organizing? Survey to identify highest opportunity – Sense is that implementations are not working, what can we do to address that – existing implementation guides, make them work. Next level of specificity. – Frame it as: we make our best efforts to make the standards – necessary but not sufficient. Engage the implementation community to close the feedback loop on what works, does not work, and address the gaps. – Get issues on the table and on a to-do list to fix. – This is a commitment to the journey.

6 Current Activities Community – Membership Committee looking at User Groups Align with existing association – AID (RIMBA) – an implementers user group – IHIC? – Transient: ONC question platform funneled to HL7 FHIR Connectathon DSTU Comments Testing – Aegis platform – External: SHARP Implementation Guidance – C-CDA + C-CDA Template Examples – LOI/LRI/eDOS – Immunization – Etc. – Number of IG projects vs. everything else – Increase the ratio Helpdesk – In pilot/roll-out Mechanisms – See other breakout group

7 One Year Action Plan - General StepStartCompleteResponsibility Establish Implementers Board Project Team 8/14/2014Sep 2014 Inventory current activities 8/14/2014Nov 2014 Market Survey/Analysis Sep 2014Jan 2015 Update Action PlanMay 2015

8 One Year Action Plan - Community StepStartCompleteResponsibility Create Plan HIMSS ProgramSep/Oct 2014??? Work with Membership Committee First community meeting(s) Oct 2015 Implementer Benefits Package Membership Committee Implementer Communication Package (by type)

9 One Year Action Plan – Implementation Services: Guidance, Helpdesk, Testing, Education StepStartCompleteResponsibility Create Vision, Plan, Targets to tie together through PSS creation of IG, Helpdesk, Testing Update PSS/Process with TSC to incorporate Testing knowledge into IG Sep 2014Jan 2015 Improve standard vs implementation guidance services balance Sep 2014Jan 2015 / May 2015

10 Action Plan Notes Community – Implementers should be on the task force – Get room at HIMSS, schedule different topics through the event. Implementer – User community – Initial one for free to do information gathering. Market Survey – Present results at HIMSS meeting Testing – When including testing perspective into IG development consider it a path along the lines of including testing knowledge, include test methods, ultimately to testing tools into the project. Implementer Package – $xxx base fee and additional benefits/services


12 Resource Estimates - General ItemYear 1Comments Market Analysis160 hrs over 3- 4 months Implementer TF MeetingsBi-weekly Inventory ActivitiesminimalAsk TF, AID, affiliates, FMG, etc. to contribute

13 Resource Estimates - Community ItemYear 1Comments Program Event PlanningVarious TF callsTF work on draft and then work with HQ HIMSS roomA number of calls Need a room for at least half day (perhaps one day), perhaps off-site Create communications/outreach 120 hrs over 3-6 months Facilitators (volunteers, not HQ staff) Creating materials, coordinate/run the meeting(s) SponsorshipsA number of calls Pay for room staff, Room Management1 dayOn-site day

14 Resource Estimates – Implementation Services ItemYear 1Comments Improve PSS with TSC to begin incorporating testing concepts into IG development Improve standard vs implementation guidance services balance Implementer Benefits PackageMembership Committee

15 ROI ItemYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Total Com: Implemente r Member Revenue LossNear Break- Even Slightly over Com: Conference Revenues LossBreak Even IS: Testing Revenues Loss IS: Education See Education plan Market Analysis will indicate potential.

16 Benefits Rationale Must be specific and tangible Types that would need to be made specific – Indirect impact on revenues – Positioning HL7 as a standards body – Improved product quality

17 Metrics Projection - Milestones MetricQ 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Cumulative General Plan established HIMSS Event Market Analysis/ Updated Project Plan Implementer Membership Package

18 Metrics Projection MetricY 1Y 2Y 3Y 4Cumulative Implementer Member CountsTBD Increase % IGuides vs. Std (projects and published) TBD # projects with Testing included TBD # IG Tools and ResourcesTBD # Encounter/Activities/Commun ication Touchpoints TBD

19 Requested Board Action Motion to create the Implementers Board Project Team, specifically – to evaluate and prepare a plan for the “HIMSS” activity – establish an overall plan and budget – Hans, Austin – Abstain: 0; Against: 0; In Favor: Unanimous Motion to approve a new membership category in principle for an “implementer member” – Tabled until plan evolves.

20 Meeting Notes Substantial synergy between help desk, testing, implementation guides that we need to take advantage of. Implementation Board Project Team – Look at this as a start-up. – Representation Us + Those working with implementers at executive level. (1) Actual/active implementers: software developer/vendors (1), consultants (1), providers (1), testing (1 CGIT Rep?) Source: IHE-HL7 workgroup, CGIT workgroup (AEGIS, NIST), We recommend specific candidates and ask the Board for endorsement. Request Board members for suggestions. Calvin to inform TSC. Austin with CGIT. Hans to contact Chris, Todd, Keith. – Meet every week. Calvin and Hans to tag-team running the meeting. – Hans to send a Doodle. – Candidates in next two weeks. – Next week same slot for now

21 – HIMSS meeting? Cannot get a room for free. Room would be off-site, nothing expected on-site. Booth Not many implementers present typically. Opportunities: – Announce that we are getting involved. – Small focus group to get ideas? In the booth? Showcase presentation space? Neither private, but not necessary. – One of the standards for Cert Edition as a use case/exemplar. Melanie to check on potentials. – Scope?

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