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EARS Quiz Night 2010 By Steve Venner (W6TAN). Welcome to the EARS quiz night !!! A mixture of questions: historical, theoretical, operational, geographical,

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1 EARS Quiz Night 2010 By Steve Venner (W6TAN)

2 Welcome to the EARS quiz night !!! A mixture of questions: historical, theoretical, operational, geographical, factual, … Some multiple choice – others straight answers. Some easy, some tricky, some to trick you! But all in fun. 35 questions – in about minutes. EARS Quiz Night

3 First steps… Form a team. Choose your team captain. Choose your team name.

4 EARS Quiz Night Before we begin – A few ‘rules’: No shouting out the answers. No asking questions once the quiz has started. Read / listen to the question. Answer the question as asked. Points for bonus questions No web-browsing with cell phones / PDAs etc. Turn off cell phones – please!!! Any questions ???

5 EARS Quiz Night Are you ready ???

6 EARS Quiz Night Question 1: What does the acronym PARC stand for in the following URL (WEB address)?

7 EARS Quiz Night Question 2: If the US has the ARRL, the UK has the RSGB and Finland has the SRAL… Which country is associated with the ORARI? a)Iran b)Indonesia c)Iraq d)Iceland

8 EARS Quiz Night Question 3: 3-in-one: 1.What is this component ? 2.What is its value ? 3.What is its tolerance ?

9 EARS Quiz Night Question 4: Who were the first people to observe and record the presence of sun-spots ? a)Sumerians b)Incas c)Octogenarians d)Chinese

10 EARS Quiz Night Question 5: A type of oscillator, using a hybrid of design techniques of both Armstrong & Colpitts types exists, and has been dubbed the ‘Armpitt’ oscillator. a)True b)False +=

11 EARS Quiz Night Question 6: The land area of which DXCC entities border on, or touch, the geographic North Pole? a)Canada - VE, entity code 001 b)European Russia – UA, entity code 054 c)Asiatic Russia – UA, entity code 015 d)Greenland – OX, entity code 237 e)All of the above f)None.

12 EARS Quiz Night Question 7: The late Rajiv Gandhi (7 th Prime Minister of India) owned the call-sign VU2RG. His widow is Sonia Gandhi… What is her call-sign? a)VU2SON b)VU2SG c)VU2EAM d)VU2RG Bonus questions: 1.Where was she born? 2.Who currently owns VU2RG?

13 EARS Quiz Night Question 8: In the following circuit, what is the total resistance between points A & B? Bonus question: If 5 Volts DC is applied to the circuit, what is the current flowing through R3?

14 EARS Quiz Night Question 9: The original Q codes were created, circa 1909, by the British government for maritime use. What query did QRG represent? a)What is your true bearing b)Where are you bound for c)What line do you belong to d)What ship or coast station is that Bonus question: As used in ham radio - QRG is now a query about what operating parameter ?

15 EARS Quiz Night Question 10: From the Technician class question pool: Under what conditions are amateur stations allowed to communicate with stations operating in other radio services? a)When other radio services make contact with amateur stations. b)When authorized by the FCC. c)When communicating with stations in the Family Radio Service. d)When commercial broadcast stations are off the air.

16 EARS Quiz Night Question 11: This is the binary representation of a ‘famous’ call sign in ASCII What is the call sign?

17 EARS Quiz Night Question 12: The following discrete circuit is equivalent to which logic gate: a)2-input AND gate b)2-input NAND gate c)2-input OR gate d)2-input NOR gate e)2-input Exclusive NOR gate

18 EARS Quiz Night Question 13: In contesting, what technique of operating does the term 'S&P' refer to? a)Tuning a band looking for QSO's. b) Finding a frequency and holding it as long as possible c) Changing the antennas (Switch & Polarity) - vert to horiz d) None of the above

19 EARS Quiz Night Question 14: What DXCC entity separates Kure Island (KH7K) from Hawaii (KH6)? a)Midway Atoll b)Pearl & Hermes Atoll c)Lisianski Island d)Laysan Island

20 EARS Quiz Night Question 15: In what year, was the first telegraph message sent? a)1842 b)1844 c)1848 d)1852 Bonus question: Who sent it?

21 EARS Quiz Night Question 16: This famed Soviet explorer held the call-sign: RAEM. What was his name? a)Kris Krenkel b)Ernst Krenkel c)Boris Zemlya d)Vladimir Spitzenberg

22 EARS Quiz Night Question 17: If four capacitors are connected in parallel, two of which are 10µF, and two are 1µF, what is the total capacitance ? a)455pF b)455nF c)11uF d)22uF

23 EARS Quiz Night Question 18: If you insert a simple SWR meter in your coaxial feed line, and it indicates an SWR of 4:1, the SWR meter is indicating your antenna efficiency... a)True b)False

24 EARS Quiz Night Question 19: From the General class question pool: What is the maximum transmitting power a General class licensee may use when operating between 7025 and 7125 kHz? a)200 watts PEP output b)1500 watts PEP output c)1000 watts PEP output d)2000 watts PEP output

25 EARS Quiz Night Question 20: Which satellite monitors the Sun from a stationary position between the Earth & Sun? a.Ulysses b.ECHO c.Cassini d.SOHO Bonus question: What is the name of that stationary position?

26 EARS Quiz Night Question 21: In the circuit on the right, what is the approximate power dissipated in R2, given that the hfe of T1 is 100. a)22.0µW b)113.6µw c)1.1mW d)2.2mA

27 EARS Quiz Night Question 22: Which DXCC entity extends the furthest North? a)JX b)JW c)TF d)KL7

28 EARS Quiz Night Question 23: What is/was required to qualify for the Elser-Mathes Cup? a.Be at the very top of the DXCC Honor Roll b.Set a new CW receiving speed record c.Have made the first trans-Pacific amateur 2-way QSO d.Have the first amateur 2-way QSO between the Earth and Mars Bonus question: How many times has it been awarded?

29 EARS Quiz Night Question 24: What are the outputs Q1, Q2 & Q3 on the logic circuit below, given that the inputs are A=1, B=0, C=1 & D=0? a)Q1=0, Q2=0, Q3=0 b)Q1=0, Q2=0, Q3=1 c)Q1=0, Q2=1, Q3=0 d)Q1=0, Q2=1, Q3=1 e)Q1=1, Q2=0, Q3=0 f)Q1=1, Q2=0, Q3=1 g)Q1=1, Q2=1, Q3=0 h)Q1=1, Q2=1, Q3=1

30 EARS Quiz Night Question 25: The informal ‘Q’ code QLF refers to what type of signal deficiency? a.Splatter b.Chirp c.Poor CW style d.Hum or Buzz

31 EARS Quiz Night Question 26: What is the approximate resonant frequency (f c ) of the tuned circuit: a)159KHz b)1.59MHz c)15.9MHz d)159MHZ Bonus question: Given that the circuit has a Q of 100, what is the -3db bandwidth.

32 EARS Quiz Night Question 27: From the Extra class question pool: How is Forward Error Correction implemented? a)By the receiving station repeating each block of three data characters. b)By transmitting a special algorithm to the receiving station along with the data characters. c)By transmitting extra data that may be used to detect and correct transmission errors. d)By varying the frequency shift of the transmitted signal according to a predefined algorithm.

33 EARS Quiz Night Question 28: On June 27 th 2009, PI9CAM at the Dwingeloo radio telescope in the Netherlands made a successful EME contact to Australia on 23cm. What was the minimum power used during the contact? a)30 µWatts b)3 mWatts c)3 Watts d)3 KWatts Bonus question: The gain of the 23cm antenna was 46.2dBd, what was the ERP?

34 EARS Quiz Night Question 29: What is the name of the Op-Amp circuit? a)A non-inverting amplifier b)An inverting Amplifier c)A voltage follower d)A unity gain buffer amplifier Bonus question: If R A is 1KΩ, and R B is 10KΩ – What is the output voltage if the input voltage is 1V?

35 EARS Quiz Night Question 30: The Echophone line of radios was produced by which manufacturer? a)Eicho b)Hallicrafters c)Gonset d)Hammerlund

36 EARS Quiz Night Question 31: Who wrote a play, with a title which contains 2 of the names in the International Phonetic Alphabet? a.William Shakespeare. b.Neal Simon. c.Oscar Wilde. d.Robert Frost. Bonus questions: 1. Name the play. 2. Name the British rock-band who had a song with the same name.

37 EARS Quiz Night Question 32: Which Pacific Island is home to 3 DXCC entities? Bonus question: List the 3 entities (1 point for each)

38 EARS Quiz Night Question 33: How long must we wait for a Sunspot to reappear after disappearing around the limb of the Sun? a.88 minutes b.2 days c.13.5 days d.27 days e.11 Years

39 EARS Quiz Night Question 34: In bygone days, all Soviet hams would ask you to QSL to: a.The Kremlin b.The Politburo c.Box 88, Moscow d.Siberia

40 EARS Quiz Night Question 35: The organizational meeting of EARS was held on March 12, 1973, in Room 60 of the Escondido High School. Who was the first club president? Bonus question: What was his/her call-sign?

41 EARS Quiz Night The end… almost!

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